Anna Strout – Net Worth, Career Ups And Downs

Real Name:Anna Strout
Birthday:May 13, 1983
Net Worth:$1.5 million
Height:163 cm
Occupation:Business Manager, Former Set Production Manager,
Humanitarian, Wife of Jesse Eisenberg

Anna Strout is an American assistant producer. She is famous for her collaboration on various blockbuster movies. And her husband, Jesse Eisenberg, helped her land those roles. While she has a decent career on her own, most people recognize her as the love and wife of Jesse. After all, he is a much more famous actor. So, how much is Anna Strout’s fortune?

Born in Portland, Oregon, Anna moved to New York City as a child. People often ask what does she do? And where is she nowadays? Well, let’s take a look at her life and career. As of September 2020, Anna Strout’s fortune is more than $1.5 million. She worked as an independent music professional and assistant producer in the entertainment industry.

Career Ups and Downs

Born in the mid-80s in the Portland area of Oregon, she holds an American nationality. As a young kid, she moved to New York City with her parents, Toby and Bob Arnove. She settled in there. Her mother served as the executive director of the domestic violence shelter Middle Way House. Based in Bloomington, Indiana, the shelter helped hundreds of women. Her mother died in 2017.

Her father wrote Revolution in Nicaragua in 1986 and Talent Abounds in 2009. As a child, Anna spent more time with her mother. She helped her in the shelter with abused and mistreated people. Some might say she grew up as a philanthropist at a young age.

Anna worked as an independent music professional and assistant producer. But her career took off when she started dating Jesse Eisenberg. Some might say they are together forever. The couple keeps things private about their relationship.

What we know is that they met in 2002. They dated for 10 years before splitting up in 2012. But that split lasted briefly. After a few years, they got back together in 2015. At the time, Eisenberg spent four months volunteering at the domestic violence shelter in Bloomington. Anna helped her mother there at the same time.

At the time of their initial meeting in 2002, Anna worked under senior film producer, Lisa Bruce. She and Jesse interacted during the shooting of The Emperor’s Club.

In April 2017, Anna gave birth to a baby boy, Banner Eisenberg. After childbirth, she focuses more on the life of a mother than an assistant movie producer.

Before giving birth to Banner, Anna worked on Don’t Say a Word as a set production assistant and then as the assistant business manager for The Digital Man/Digital World documentary. The latter is a documentary on Ken Olsen, the computer pioneer who created the Digital Equipment Corporation.

Her biggest project to date remains Fire and Ice: The Winter War of Finland and Russia. Jesse helped her land the role as talent coordinator for the movie documentary.

After getting back with Jesse, the two made their official debut as a couple at a basketball game in January 2016. At the time, they announced Anna’s pregnancy. In 2017, the two got married.

Nowadays, Anna spends her days at the shelter. There, she helps people in need. One of the biggest campaigns was the Middle Way House. Jesse participated in the campaign that raised nearly $1 million. It helped pay off the shelter’s mortgage. Anna frequently volunteers and helps organize campaigns. In 2019, the Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies (HumanDHS) community, awarded her the Beacon of Dignity Award. 


Net Worth

Anna Strout enjoys success in her own right. But most fans attribute her popularity and prominence to the relationship with Jesse Eisenberg. Her popularity skyrocketed after the marriage to Jesse. After all, he is a multiple award-winning screen actor.

As of September 2020, Anna Strout’s fortune is more than $1.5 million. Some of her jobs include the movie Don’t Say A Word in 2001 as a production assistant. Then, she worked as a miscellaneous crew for The Emperor’s Club in 2002. But her most successful projects are Digital Man/Digital Word and Fire and Ice documentary.

She earns a decent amount of money from her profession. According to estimates, assistant producers in the US earn between $36,000 and $48,000 per year. But that is peanuts compared to the salary of Jesse. He earns millions for his roles in movies.

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