Anthony Dion Fay: Insight into the Man Barbara Stanwyck Adopted as a Young Boy

Anthony Dion Fay was born on February 5, 1932, and his life took a remarkable turn when he was adopted by Barbara Stanwyck, a renowned actress of Hollywood’s Golden Age. Despite the promises of a better life that often come with being part of a celebrity household, Fay’s upbringing was marred by difficulties. His adoptive father, Frank Fay, was a Broadway actor whose success did not carry over to film, and his relationship with Stanwyck was tumultuous, complicated by allegations of physical abuse.

Fay’s early life was overshadowed by the complex dynamics within his family, which included estrangement and allegations of abuse. The promise of familial stability and care that adoption typically signifies was elusive for him, as the fame and pressures of his parents’ careers created a turbulent environment. His story is a poignant example of the challenges that can exist even in households that, to the public eye, seem to have every advantage.

Early Life and Background

This section delves into the formative years of Anthony Dion Fay, providing insights into his experiences as an orphan and his adoption, which introduced him to the tumultuous world of Hollywood.


Anthony Dion Fay was born on February 5, 1932, in Los Angeles, California, originally named John Charles Greene at birth. He entered the world facing immediate adversity—abandoned by his biological mother, he began life as an orphan.


His adoptive parents were Hollywood stars, with Barbara Stanwyck, a venerable and versatile actress, and Frank Fay, a vaudeville and film actor, taking him under their wing. Both had well-established careers in the entertainment industry, with Stanwyck being known for her strong, resilient characters.


The adoption occurred when Anthony was still an infant, marking a significant change in his life. Barbara Stanwyck and Frank Fay legally adopted him, bestowing upon him a new name and a promising future. However, the stability and warmth of a family that Anthony sought were overshadowed by the challenges and estrangement he later faced within his adoptive family.

Career Achievements

Anthony Dion Fay’s mother, Barbara Stanwyck, was a legendary figure in the entertainment industry with numerous achievements spanning Hollywood, Broadway, and television. This section delves into her illustrious career.

Hollywood Success

Barbara Stanwyck established herself as a formidable actress in Hollywood during a career that spanned over six decades. She starred in a variety of films, demonstrating her range and talent. Stanwyck’s prominent Hollywood achievements include:

  • Nominations for the Academy Award for Best Actress for her roles in films such as Stella Dallas (1937)
  • Starring in the critically acclaimed film Double Indemnity (1944), which cemented her status as a leading actress in the film noir genre
  • Her role in Ball of Fire (1941), which showcased her dynamic screen presence

Broadway Stardom

Before her rise in Hollywood, Barbara Stanwyck first found success on Broadway. Her stage work laid the foundation for her later screen accomplishments. Key points from her Broadway career include:

  • Her performances in Broadway productions that allowed her to transition into the film industry due to her growing popularity
  • Broadway roles that highlighted her versatility, contributing significantly to her subsequent casting in major Hollywood films

Television Roles

In addition to film and Broadway, Barbara Stanwyck’s career included significant achievements in television. Noteworthy television career highlights are as follows:

  • “The Barbara Stanwyck Show”, which was a successful anthology television series, featuring Stanwyck in a variety of roles
  • A starring role in the popular television Western “The Big Valley”, where she played the matriarch Victoria Barkley, a character that became iconic in the genre
  • Her television work earned her an Emmy Award, further proving her adaptability and continued relevance in the evolving entertainment landscape

Personal Struggles

Anthony Dion Fay’s life was overshadowed by a series of personal challenges that affected his relationship with his family, his health, and his encounters with the law.

Marriage and Divorce

Anthony Dion Fay’s personal life experienced turbulence starting from his parents’ high-profile marriage and subsequent divorce. Barbara Stanwyck and Frank Fay’s divorce in 1935 added to the instability of his family life.

Health Challenges

Fay faced significant health challenges later in life, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and heart failure. These conditions often result from long-term health issues and can lead to congestive heart failure, which further complicates a person’s well-being.

Legal Difficulties

His life was also marked by legal issues. He was arrested on several occasions, which highlighted ongoing conflicts with the law. This pattern of legal troubles contributed to an increasingly estranged relationship with his family and other personal struggles.

Significant Relationships

The relationships of Anthony Dion Fay highlight a complex web of familial ties and professional interactions within the Hollywood sphere. Notably, the dynamics with his adoptive parents Barbara Stanwyck and Frank Fay, and their eventual estrangement, profoundly shaped his life narrative.

Romantic Partners

Details about Anthony Dion Fay’s romantic partners are not widely documented or confirmed. Public records or credible sources reflecting on his intimate relationships are scarce, leaving this aspect of his life relatively private and out of the public eye.

Professional Collaborators

Anthony Dion Fay was the son of two prominent Hollywood figures, but there is limited information about his own professional endeavors or collaborators within the industry. His adoptive mother, Barbara Stanwyck, had an illustrious career in Hollywood, and his adoptive father, Frank Fay, was a successful actor on Broadway. However, Anthony Dion Fay’s career path and professional relationships, if any, have not been a focus in public records as much as his familial relationships have. The available information does not establish significant professional partnerships that can be highlighted.

Later Life and Passing

In his later years, Anthony Dion Fay largely retreated from the public eye, dealing with health issues, until his death in 2006 left a nuanced legacy connected to his famous mother, Barbara Stanwyck.


Anthony Dion Fay’s retirement was largely spent away from the limelight. Details about his activities during these years are scarce. He had not forged a public identity separate from that of his mother, and there are no substantial records of his life post-retirement.

Declining Health

In the time leading up to his death, Fay’s health was in decline. Specifics about his health conditions have not been disclosed, offering little information about the nature of his ailments or the struggles he may have faced during this period.

Death and Legacy

Anthony Fay passed away on May 17, 2006, in Van Nuys, Los Angeles County, California. The cause of death has not been made public, and there seems to be no detailed information about a funeral service.

His legacy is inherently tied to that of his adoptive mother, Barbara Stanwyck. While he did not leave behind a personal legacy highlighted by notable achievements or public deeds, his connection to Stanwyck continues to draw attention to his life story. Fay’s ashes were reportedly scattered in Lone Pine, a site of significance chosen posthumously, suggesting a possible personal or family connection to the area.

Cultural Impact and Recognition

Anthony Dion Fay, though not as widely recognized as his adoptive mother Barbara Stanwyck, has an intriguing connection to Hollywood history. His lineage and life story indirectly impacted the film industry through the legacy and recognition of his mother.

Awards and Honors

Barbara Stanwyck, Anthony Fay’s mother, was honored several times throughout her career, contributing to her legacy in Hollywood. Here are notable awards and honors:

  • Honorary Oscar: In 1982, Stanwyck was awarded an Honorary Academy Award for her creativity and unique contribution to the art of screen acting
  • Hollywood Walk of Fame: She has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, a testament to her influence and standing in Hollywood

Influence on Hollywood

Having a strong realistic screen presence, Stanwyck’s career spanned over 60 years and influenced countless actors and filmmakers in Hollywood. Her approach to acting and her versatility set a high standard for performances in cinema and television:

  • Strong Realistic Screen Presence: Known for her authentic portrayals, Stanwyck’s work inspired a generation of actors to embrace a more naturalistic style of acting
  • Legacy: Her successful career serves as a benchmark for actors, demonstrating the enduring power of a versatile skill set in Hollywood

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