Bad Bunny Bio – Reggaeton Taking Over

Real Name:Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio
Birthday:March 10, 1994
Net Worth:$8 million
Height:180 cm
Occupation:Rapper, Singer & Songwriter

Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio is one of the up and coming rap singers. His stage name is Bad Bunny and he is a Puerto Rican rapper and reggaeton singer. In the past several years, Latino music is among the most popular in the world. It is no surprise that Bad Bunny net worth is more than $8 million. He is among the most successful artists in the genre.

You can classify his music as a Latin trap and reggaeton, but he also includes rock, bachata, and soul in his songs. His signature deep and slurred vocal style is another reason many love him. And of course, his eclectic fashion sense.

He worked with artists like J Balvin, Ozuma, Daddy Yankee, and others. Bad Bunny released his breakthrough single Soy Peor in late 2016. Following that single he collaborated with Cardi B and J Balin on the single I Like It and with Drake on Mia.

Career Ups and Downs

Bad Bunny started as a bagger at Supermercados Econo in Vega Baja. You can see, that has nothing to do with music. But he used his earnings to start a music career. He released music as an independent artist on SoundCloud. This was in 2016 and his song Diles caught the attention of Dj Luian. He signed Bad Bunny to his record label. He released his breakthrough single Soy Peor in the same year.

That song reached Number 22 on the Hot Latin Songs chart. The next summer, he signed a booking deal with Cardenas Marketing Network for several Latin American Countries. Late in 2017, he started the first Spanish-language show Trap Kingz on Beats 1.

In 2018, he collaborated with Cardi B and J Balin on the song I Like It. From there, his career really took off. He released his debut album on Christmas Eve in 2018. He also left DJ Luian’s record label. He revealed on Instagram that he produced the music by himself and he was not allowed to make an album.

In 2018, Bad Bunny joined Rimas Entertainment. For this record label, he released the album X 100pre. Experts described it as “universal acclaim”. The album contains different musical genres, including pop punk, stadium rock, and Dominican dembow.

In March 2019, Bad Bunny performed for the first time in a Puerto Rico major entertainment venue. He sold out his concert at the Jose Miguel Agrelot Coliseum in San Juan.

By the summer of 2019, he released an eight-song collaborative album with J Balvin. The record was a surprise release. The two started working after meeting a concert in Puerto Rico. The album Oasis peaked at number nine on the Billboard Hot 100.

By 2020, Bad Bunny was already a star. He sold-out concerts and released hits. Bad Bunny net worth by 2020 is more than $8 million. And in February 2020, he was a guest performer during the Super Bowl LIV halftime show. From here on out, he can go only up.

Musical Style

You can describe Bad Bunny as a Latin trap and reggaeton artist. He sings and raps with a conversational tone. He employs a low and slurry tone combined with viscous melodies. In an interview, he explained that his musical inspirations were Daddy Yankee, Marc Anthony, and Vico C.

While he is a trap artist, he also includes soul, pop, and R&B in his songs. He once said that if he wants to release a rock or bachata album, he can do it. Bad Bunny says he wants to unite people, countries, and audience and join musical tastes. He once experimented with garage-pop punk.

Bad Bunny’s lyrics range from humor and pathos to heartbreak and anger. Sometimes, you can notice both in the same song.

And in his videos and live appearances, you can notice his gender-variant behavior. He appears with well-manicured and long fingernails. You can see him enjoying time with buddies at one scene and polish his nails in the next scene.

Bad Bunny has an eclectic fashion style. He says his interest in skateboarding reflects in his style. The reggaeton artist often wears skateboard shorts.

Net Worth

Bad Bunny earns most of his money from tours. Yes, he releases new songs and albums, but concerts and tours bring the most money. His 2018 La Nueva Religion Tour earned more than $16 million. He sold out all the dates.

He toured all the way through North America, earning more between $400,000 and $600,000 per stop. He even played at New York’s United Palace.

So far, he has 31 entries on the Hot Latin Songs chart since 2016. The steady stream of singles helps him earn millions. It is no surprise Bad Bunny net worth is more than $8 million. He is one of the biggest Latin stars in recent memory.

Personal Life

Bad Bunny revealed his latest girlfriend during the Covid-19 quarantine. He and Gabriela Berlingeri made it Instagram Official. He showed his girlfriend on many videos, photos, and IG stories.

The couple lives together in Puerto Rico.

In the beginning, Bad Bunny avoided crowds after a concert. He disappeared from social media overwhelming with his sudden rise to fame. Now, he enjoys social media. He has more than 26 million followers on his Instagram account.

Bad Bunny is also a loud and vocal supporter of Puerto Rico. He was openly critical of the lack of humanitarian aid in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

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