Ben Hogestyn: Exploring the Career of an Up-and-Coming Actor

Ben Hogestyn is an actor known for his work on television. His credits include appearances on well-known TV series such as “General Hospital,” where he played the character Lucas Jones from 2005 to 2006, and “The Bold and the Beautiful,” portraying the character Harry Jackson in 2006. His performance on “Ghost Whisperer” as Young Cliff Sturges in 2008 further highlights his presence on the small screen.

Beyond his acting career, Hogestyn has garnered attention for his personal life, particularly his marriage to actress Danica Stewart. The couple’s union became a point of interest, in part, because of their involvement in the entertainment industry and ties to popular television soap operas. Stewart is known for her role as Maxie Jones on “General Hospital,” among other parts.

Despite the visibility that comes from his professional achievements and personal life, Hogestyn maintains a connection to a legacy of acting through his family. He is the stepson of Drake Hogestyn, notable for his role on “Days of Our Lives,” which adds a multigenerational aspect to his engagement with the acting community.

Early Life and Family

Ben Hogestyn is an actor known not only for his familial connections in the entertainment industry but also for his own endeavors in the field. He is the stepson of Drake Hogestyn, a celebrated actor best recognized for his portrayal of John Black on the soap opera Days of Our Lives.

Ben was raised in an artistic environment, with his stepfather’s influence likely playing a significant role in his decision to pursue acting. He has appeared on television in a variety of roles, including parts in “Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide” and soap operas like “General Hospital” and “The Bold and the Beautiful.”

Besides his stepfather’s fame, little is published about the details of Ben’s early years and the rest of his family. However, it is understood that Drake Hogestyn, after marrying in 1986, has four children: three daughters—Witney, Alexandra, and Rachel—and his son, Ben. This close-knit family has a history in the arts, and they seem to share strong familial bonds.

Throughout Ben’s acting career, the Hogestyn name has retained a connection to the world of soap operas, a legacy continued from his stepfather to him. Balancing the dual influence of his biological family and his connection through Drake Hogestyn, Ben has carved a space for himself in the acting industry, nurturing his craft and contributing to the family trade.

Acting Career Overview

Ben Hogestyn, an actor known for his work in soap operas, began his career under his birth name. He is the son of Victoria Post and the stepson of esteemed ‘Days of Our Lives’ actor Drake Hogestyn. Ben’s early roles were not directly linked to the fame of his family name, allowing him to carve his own path in the acting world.

His work includes appearances in:

  • General Hospital (1963): Portraying the character Lucas Jones from 2005 to 2006, Ben became a familiar face on this longstanding series
  • The Bold and the Beautiful (1987): As Harry Jackson, he contributed to another staple production in the soap opera genre
  • Venus (2006): In this short film, he took on the role of Timon, showcasing his versatility beyond television soap operas

Through these roles, Ben Hogestyn has maintained a presence in the entertainment industry, particularly within the specialized niche of soap operas. Despite a more limited on-screen presence since, his contributions to the genre are noted. His family connections have undoubtedly shaped his career, yet his personal achievements stand on their own merit within the soap opera community.

Breakthrough in Soap Operas

Ben Hogestyn is recognized for his contribution to some of the most popular soap operas on television. He gained significant roles in series that range from family dramas to supernatural tales, marking his presence in the genre.

Days of Our Lives

Though Ben Hogestyn is closely related to Days of Our Lives through his father, Drake Hogestyn, who is a star of the show, there is no public record of Ben having a role in this particular soap opera.

General Hospital

In General Hospital, Ben Hogestyn stepped into the established role of Lucas Jones from 2005 to 2006. His character faced pivotal moments on-screen, navigating personal challenges and coming to terms with his identity.

The Bold and the Beautiful

His role on The Bold and the Beautiful as Harry Jackson, although brief from August to November 2006, showcased his ability to join long-running TV series and contribute to their ongoing narratives.


While Ben Hogestyn did not appear in Passions, the connection comes through his marriage to actress Danica Stewart, who was on the series. Stewart’s history on Passions adds to the shared soap opera background within their family.

Notable Roles

Ben Hogestyn has earned recognition for various performances on television, particularly in daytime soap operas and guest roles. His portrayals often resonate with audiences for their depth and relatability.

Lucas Jones in ‘General Hospital’

In the long-running soap opera “General Hospital,” Ben Hogestyn stepped into the role of Lucas Jones in 2005. As Lucas, he was part of storylines that explored themes of family and identity. The character’s involvement with other prominent figures on the show, such as Maxie Jones, tied him into the dramatic intertwining narratives that “General Hospital” is known for.

Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide

Hogestyn appeared on the teen sitcom “Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide,” which provided humorous insights into the challenges of middle school life. His character contributed to the light-hearted and often educational narratives that defined the show’s appeal to a younger demographic.

Guest Roles on Television

Throughout his career, Hogestyn has taken on a variety of guest roles across different television genres:

  • Drama Series: Roles in shows like “Ghost Whisperer,” where he likely contributed to suspenseful and otherworldly story lines
  • Comedies and Sitcoms: Performances possibly involving comedic timing and character-driven humor
  • Independent Projects: Work on films such as “Buds for Life,” which may have showcased his versatility in playing different character types

In each appearance, Hogestyn brought unique qualities to his characters, whether in the lead roles or as part of an ensemble cast.

Other Media Appearances

In addition to his work in soap operas, Ben Hogestyn has also appeared in various other media projects. These ventures demonstrate his range as an actor encompassing both television and film.


  • Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide featured Hogestyn as Jock Goldman between 2004 and 2005. His character played a significant role in the series, which provided guidance for middle school students in a comedic format.
  • In 2008, he appeared on the TV series Ghost Whisperer, taking on the character of Young Cliff Sturges in an episode.


  • Hogestyn’s film career includes a notable role in Buds for Life where he portrayed the character Freddy in 2004.

Hogestyn’s television roles often saw him playing characters that fit into the young, vibrant demographic that resonates with a high school to college-age audience.

Select Filmography:

Year Title Role
2004 American Dreams Ethan
2004 Buds for Life Freddy
2005 Just for Kicks Cole

Each appearance contributed to Hogestyn’s portfolio, showcasing his versatility as an actor beyond his recognizable roles in daytime television dramas. His ability to transition between various genres and formats in acting highlights a dynamic career in the entertainment industry.

Personal Life

Ben Hogestyn is recognized not just for his professional endeavors in acting but also for his familial connections and personal milestones. As the son of the famous actor Drake Hogestyn—best known for his role on “Days of Our Lives”—Ben has a noteworthy lineage in the entertainment industry.

Family Background:

  • Father: Drake Hogestyn
  • Mother: Victoria Post
  • Siblings: Three sisters, Whitney, Alexandra, and Rachael

In his personal life, Ben Hogestyn has taken a significant step in establishing his own family. He entered marital life by tying the knot with actress Danica Stewart. Details about their wedding, such as the date and venue, have been publicly celebrated, indicating the joyous occasion was well-received by family, friends, and fans alike.

The wedding of Ben Hogestyn and Danica Stewart was a moment of celebration for the happy couple, who are both actors with roots in soap operas. Danica Stewart is known for her roles in “Passions” and as Maxie in “General Hospital,” creating a shared connection in their professional lives that presumably enriches their personal relationship.

Marriage Highlights:

  • Bride and Groom: Ben Hogestyn and Danica Stewart
  • Shared Profession: Both are actors
  • Public Celebration: Highlighted by the groom’s father on social media

Their union has added another branch to the Hogestyn family tree, broadening the scope of the Hogestyn legacy in the acting community. As a couple, Ben and Danica exemplify a partnership fortified by common interests and backgrounds, embodying the essence of a happy couple in their new life together.

Public Image and Social Media Presence

Ben Hogestyn has crafted a public image that aligns well with his professional pursuits. He comes across as confident and displays a knowledgeable demeanor, reflective of his experience in the entertainment industry. While specific details about his social media presence, such as activity on Twitter, are not extensively documented in the public domain, individuals in the public eye typically utilize these platforms to engage with fans and share personal insights or professional news.

A social media presence is often an extension of a public figure’s image. For actors like Hogestyn, it can become a curated space that showcases their personality as well as professional achievements. It’s common for celebrities to present a polished image that resonates with their audience, and Hogestyn is likely no exception.

When discussing social media platforms such as Twitter, they can be instrumental for actors to maintain visibility and interact directly with their audience. For Hogestyn’s supporters, any updates or insights shared by him could be a means to feel connected to his work and personal ethos. Given the nature of the industry, a strong and positive public image can enhance an actor’s reputation and open doors to new opportunities.

  • Presence and activity on social media platforms like Twitter:
    • Leverage for direct engagement
    • Updates on work and projects
    • Personal reflections and interactions

Ben Hogestyn’s use of social media, if it follows typical industry patterns, would reflect a balance between personal expression and professional brand management. Such a presence would further cement his reputation as both approachable and proficient in his field.

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