Brad Bratcher – The Anonymous IT Consultant and Ex-Husband of Jenna von Oy

When we talk about Hollywood couples, we often talk about celebrities getting married to one another. But not every Hollywood celebrity wants to marry another celebrity. Many actresses, actors, singers, musicians, artists, and so on, want to have a normal life. And that often includes a normal husband, one that is not on TV all the time. For example, a guy like Brad Bratcher.

He entered the limelight the moment he got married to Jenna von Oy, a celebrated sitcom actress. They were dating for a while before getting married. Sadly, they have divorced recently. But people are still interested in his life. How much do we know about him? Let’s talk about it.

Who is his celebrity ex-wife?

Before we can talk about Brad, we have to talk about his former wife, American actress Jenna von Oy. Born Jennifer Jean von Oy, in May 1977, she is an actress, singer, and author. Jennifer von Oy is mostly famous for playing the role of Dorothy Six LeMeure in the NBC sitcom Blossom and Stevie Van Lowe in the UPN sitcom The Parkers.

Born in Danbury, Connecticut, her parents are Gloria Von Oy and Frank Von Oy. The American actress attended Newtown High School as a young girl.

And like many other celebrities, she began her acting career early on, as a child actress. Jenna began as an actress in regional stage productions and commercials.

It wasn’t until 1986, when she was nine years old, that she made her acting debut. It came in an episode of ABC Weekend Special, followed by guest roles in Tales from the Darkside and Kate & Allie.

Then, in 1990, she got her first big break, portraying Six Lemeure in the series Blossom. Following the end of that series in 1995, she decided to continue her education. Jenna attended film school at the University of Southern California, where she was an active member of the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority for two years. Eventually, she dropped out and returned to acting.

In 1999, Jennifer got her second big break, portraying Stevie van Lowe, Kim Parker’s sidekick in The Parkers. During her run in the series, she also provided the voice of Trinket St. Blaire in the animated series Pepper Ann.

The Parkers ended in 2004, and after that, she got a few small roles in Marsha Potter Gets a Life, Cold Case, Family Guy, and more.

In June 2000, she attempted to start a singing career as well. Jenna recorded a demo compact disc, and her debut album titled Breathing Room was released in September 2007.

Quick Bio

Now back to Jenna’s former husband, Brad Bratcher. He is a 6-footer, born in the United States in May 1969. Born into a Caucasian household, he has never shared anything about his family, siblings, early life, or early educational background.

Looking at his professional LinkedIn profile, we can see he attended Memphis Harding Academy as a young child, before enrolling in college. He is an alumnus of David Lipscomb University, where he studied marketing, communication, and media.

During his time there, he was chairman of the Quest Freshman Orientation Steering Committee.

Career journey

Nowadays, Brad works as an IT Consultant and computer data consultant. He has had a successful career in the field. We can learn more about his journey in the IT sector from his professional LinkedIn profile.

One of his early positions was with Nextel Communications, working as a Nextel Wireless Affiliate. He launched an entrepreneurial venture, introducing Nextel’s push-to-talk technology, targeting small-to-midsize businesses. He was responsible for identifying, recruiting, and developing account managers.

From there, he worked for Dell, first as an enterprise solutions specialist, a position he held from August 2006 to February 2014.

He planned and designed solutions for companies that range from 100 to 1,000 users, working with clients, discussing, and identifying their technological shortcomings or upcoming projects.

In May 2017, he returned to Dell EMC, this time as a data protection specialist. His task was to develop and deliver customer presentations introducing the Del EMC portfolio for disaster recovery. He collaborated with inside and technical solution representatives, covering approximately 5,000 accounts.

Since October 2021, he works at Vanderbilt University, as an employee relations specialist.

Marriage to Jenna

Jenna got married to computer data consultant Brad Bratcher in Newton, Connecticut in October 2010. The couple has since divorced.

Their relationship began in 2008 when they met for the first time in a Nashville wine bar. In one interview, the American actress admitted that her mother used to prevent her from meeting Brad. The pair, did, however, begin dating.

They dated for a while, before getting engaged on New Year’s Eve in 2009. And then, several months later, in October 2010, they got married in a little ceremony.

They had a happy relationship for a full decade, before filing for a divorce in 2020. Von Oy and her partner resided in Nashville with their two daughters and five dogs. Since the divorce, she remained in Nashville, working as the associate editor and lead Nashville writer for the publication Style Blueprint.

The couple have two daughters, Gray Audrey Bratcher, the older daughter, born in May 2012, and Marlowe Monroe Bratcher, born in November 2014.

Life after marriage

Brad and Jenna divorced in 2020, citing irreconcilable differences, a phrase that sounds strange every time you hear it. Yet, it is a common phrase that covers issues leading to divorce in celebrity marriages.

Brad and the American actress and author used the term for their divorce as well.

As we said before, following the divorce, in 2021, Brad found a new job, working at Vanderbilt University as an employee relations specialist.

Is he on social media?

Brad is not someone you will find on social media. He doesn’t like to post or share info about his personal life. Yes, he does have a profile on LinkedIn, but that is a professional profile. You cannot exactly say he is on social media.

On the other hand, his former wife, celebrity actress Jenna von Oy, has 51k followers on Instagram. Her bio there reads, “Actress/Author of Situation Momedy series, mom, creativity lover, avid reader, challenge seeker, novice chef, a fan of coloring outside the lines”.

It is Jenna who frequently posts stunning photos of their daughters Gray Audrey Bratcher and Marlowe Monroe Bratcher on social media.

Net Worth

Brad has worked his entire life in the IT sector. We know that the computer technology sector is one of the highest-paid industries in the world. According to some results, he has a net worth of more than $500,000.

Per statistics, the average salary for a computer consultant, something that Brad specializes in, ranges between $67,000 and $131,000 per year. Given his experience, he is probably paid at the upper limit.

On the other hand, his former wife, an American actress and country singer, has a net worth of more than $2 million. She made most of her money by appearing in television series and movies. Her two biggest roles are the TV series Blossom and The Parkers.

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