Bridget Hedison: Looking at Her Hollywood Career

Bridget Hedison was a figure who carved her niche behind the scenes of the entertainment industry. Born on April 16, 1944, in Cape Town, South Africa, she spent her early years there before pursuing education in Paris and London. With a background that spanned continents, she brought a rich tapestry of cultural and linguistic passion to her work and personal life, with a noted proficiency in languages.

Her career in Hollywood saw her involved in various capacities, including as a producer and production manager. Her work included credits on productions such as “The Last Tattoo” (1994) and “After the Rain” (1999), showcasing her versatility and commitment to the craft of filmmaking. Bridget’s personal life was equally filled with enrichment; she was known for her skills as a cook and a gardener, embracing the creative aspects of these pursuits.

Bridget’s marriage to actor David Hedison, best known for his role in “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea,” introduced her to the limelight of acting circles, although she herself remained more private. The couple had two daughters, Alexandra Hedison and Serena Hedison, emphasizing a life that valued family alongside professional dedication. Bridget Hedison’s legacy is remembered by those who knew her for her brilliance in the many facets of her life, leaving an indelible impression on both her family and the film industry.

Personal Background

This section chronicles Bridget Hedison’s journey from her early life, through her connections forged by family and marriage, to her relationships that shaped her path.

Early Life and Education

Bridget Hedison was born on April 16, 1944, in Cape Town, South Africa. Her education and early experiences, although not widely documented, laid the groundwork for her future endeavors in the film and television industry.

Family Ties

Bridget Hedison was born into a family that would, in time, extend into the realms of Hollywood. While specifics about her immediate family in South Africa are limited, Bridget became part of an extended family well-known in the entertainment industry through her marriage.

Marriage and Relationships

Bridget Hedison’s marriage to David Hedison, an American actor known for his work in both film and television, including the classic TV series “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea,” signified her close ties to Hollywood. They had two daughters, Alexandra Hedison and Serena Hedison. Alexandra is a photographer, director, and actor, notably linked with actress Jodie Foster. Information about Serena is not as prominent in the public domain. The family’s connections created a dynamic network within the industry.

Professional Career

Bridget Hedison’s career in the entertainment industry was marked by her work in television and film, showcasing her versatility as a producer and her contributions to the theatrical world. Her professional endeavors spanned various cities including London and Los Angeles.

Television Appearances

  • The Colbys: Hedison was associated with the ABC prime-time soap opera Dynasty and worked as a production associate on its spin-off series “The Colbys” for 16 episodes in 1987
  • Dynasty: Beyond “The Colbys”, her role extended to working on the original series “Dynasty”, further demonstrating her skill within television production


  • The Last Tattoo (1994): She took the helm as a producer for this film, showcasing her ability to manage and produce large-scale projects
  • Other notable works include her production management role in After the Rain (1999) and Two Bits (1995) which featured acclaimed actors such as Rod Steiger and Tony Goldwyn

Theatrical Contributions

Hedison’s professional repertoire includes not just on-screen productions but also notable contributions to theatrical projects. Her widespread expertise allowed for a diverse career that extended beyond the confines of film and television, although specific theatrical works were not highlighted in the available data.

Significant Roles

Bridget Hedison’s mark on the entertainment industry includes noteworthy contributions to television and the iconic James Bond franchise. Through her roles as a producer, she offered significant additions to various productions that have left a lasting impact.

Notable TV Character

In the realm of television, David Hedison emerged as a prominent figure, especially for his role as Captain Lee Crane in the ABC series “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.” The series, focusing on the adventures of the submarine SSRN Seaview, aired from 1964 to 1968 and became known for its blend of science fiction and dramatic storytelling.

James Bond Franchise

David Hedison brought the character of Felix Leiter to life in the James Bond universe. Notably, he was the only actor to play the CIA operative in more than one Bond film during the Eon Productions series: first in “Live and Let Die” (1973), starring Roger Moore as James Bond, and again in “Licence to Kill” (1989), this time with Timothy Dalton as the iconic British spy. His character offered a dependable ally to James Bond throughout various missions and added a significant dynamic to the films’ narrative.

Health Advocacy

Bridget Hedison’s encounter with breast cancer highlights the critical importance of health advocacy in disease management and awareness. Her journey underscores the need for informed support and the pivotal role of patient and family education in managing cancer effectively.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Bridget Hedison’s diagnosis and battle with breast cancer brought attention to the significance of raising awareness. Awareness campaigns play a vital role in educating the public about early detection methods, treatment options, and the importance of regular medical screenings. Through community engagement and sharing personal narratives, advocates can effectively:

  • Disseminate information about breast self-examination techniques.
  • Promote the necessity for mammograms.

Cancer Journey

The cancer journey can be an arduous path to navigate for patients and their families. Bridget Hedison faced her illness with courage, being surrounded by loved ones during her management of the disease until she died on February 22, 2016. Effective management of cancer often includes:

  • Integrative care: Combining medical treatment with supportive services.
  • Family involvement: Ensuring the presence of a strong support system.

The involvement of health advocates, whether professionals or loved ones, is pivotal in providing the required support system for a patient’s cancer journey.

Public Image and Legacy

Bridget Hedison’s public image was shaped by her personality and the roles she undertook both on and off the screen. She gained respect from fans for her down-to-earth nature and compassionate spirit.

Reception by Fans

Fans of the television series “Dynasty” and “The L Word” recognized Bridget Hedison for her involvement in producing quality content. Her behind-the-scenes work earned admiration, contributing to cult followings of these shows. The community of fans subscribed to the idea that her legacy was more than just her association with fame, but also her contribution to beloved television series.

Cultural Influence

Hedison had an indirect cultural influence through her support of her family’s artistic endeavors. With her husband, David Hedison, being an actor known for his role as a CIA operative in “Licence to Kill”, and her daughters involved in the arts, Bridget’s impact extended to fostering a creative environment. She is also remembered for promoting strong female characters, especially portrayed in “The L Word”, which broke grounds in representing the LGBTQ+ community.

Philanthropic Efforts

Throughout her life, Bridget Hedison was known for her philanthropic efforts, particularly after her diagnosis with breast cancer. Her battle with the disease highlighted the importance of cancer research and support, encouraging donations and inspiring others to join the cause. Her legacy in charity work continues to resonate with those affected by similar challenges.

Notable Collaborations and Partnerships

Bridget Hedison’s career in the entertainment industry was marked by significant collaborations with esteemed industry professionals and high-profile celebrities. Her productive engagements, particularly as a producer, left an indelible mark on her projects.

Creative Alliances

Bridget Hedison worked primarily as a producer, undertaking multiple projects that brought her into collaboration with other notable professionals in the industry. Her role in these alliances often involved managing the complexities of production, coordinating staff, and maintaining project timelines. Notable productions where she played an integral role include The Last Tattoo and After the Rain. Both of these credits highlight her capacity to oversee intricate production demands while delivering content that resonated with audiences.

Work with Celebrities

Throughout her career, Bridget Hedison interacted with a variety of celebrities and actors. While information specific to her collaborations with Richard Basehart or Jodie Foster is not detailed in the search results, it is known that Hedison served as a production associate on popular television series including Dynasty. Given the prestige of such shows during her tenure, it is likely that she worked with several high-profile celebrities in Los Angeles, contributing to the successful outcomes of these collaborations.

Tributes and Memorials

The passing of Bridget Hedison prompted a wave of tributes and memorials, honoring her life and legacy as the beloved wife of actor David Hedison and mother to their children.

Awards and Honors

While posthumous awards and honors are typically reserved for significant lifetime achievements in one’s career or public service, there are no specific awards or public honors documented for Bridget Hedison that have been made public.

Memorial Services

Memorial services for Bridget Hedison were held in an intimate setting, surrounded by her family and close friends. The details of the services remain private, respecting the family’s wishes for solace and remembrance away from the public eye.

Posthumous Recognition

Bridget Hedison’s memory is cherished through various mentions and remembrances online. For instance, memorials created on platforms such as Find a Grave allow individuals to leave messages, flowers, and pay their respects virtually, ensuring that her memory continues to be honored by those who knew her and others who wish to express their condolences.

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