Christopher Reinking Stuart: Meet the Tall Son of Ann Reinking

Christopher Reinking Stuart garners attention not merely for his family lineage but for his own personal journey and endeavors. Born in 1990 to Broadway star and Tony award-winning choreographer Ann Reinking and her former husband James Stuart, Christopher steps into a legacy interwoven with the arts. The world of dance, performance, and choreography was emblematic of his mother, Ann Reinking, an esteemed figure recognized for her work on stage and her association with renowned choreographer Bob Fosse.

Despite this heritage, little is publicized about Christopher’s own career or personal life, maintaining a private existence distinctly separate from the illustrious spotlight cast upon his mother. With Ann Reinking’s passing in December 2020, the memory of her vibrant contributions to theater endures, and interest in her son, as part of her legacy, has piqued.

As of 2023, Christopher Reinking Stuart’s age is 33. The details of his current undertakings and any possible artistic pursuits are not broadly chronicled. This low profile contrasts with the prominence of his mother’s career, which had been firmly rooted in the fabric of Broadway, marked by both her mesmerizing performances and her role in reviving and directing the musical “Chicago.”

Early Life and Background

Christopher Reinking Stuart is known predominantly for being the son of acclaimed Broadway personality Ann Reinking. His early life was shaped by his mother’s legacy in the performing arts and his family’s connections to the vibrant theatre scene.

Family Roots

Ann Reinking, an illustrious Tony award-winning choreographer, and actress, is the mother of Christopher Reinking Stuart. She was a prominent figure in the New York City Broadway community, celebrated for her versatility and contributions to the dance world. Her influence undoubtedly set the stage for Christopher’s early cultural environment. The identity of Christopher’s father is referenced as James Stuart, noted as a businessman in some accounts.

Childhood and Education

Raised in the light of his mother’s stardom, Christopher spent his formative years between major cities such as New York City, Chicago, and potentially Seattle, given his mother’s connections and work in these vibrant theatrical hubs. While specific details about his education are not public, it is conceivable that his adolescence was touched by elements of performance arts education, whether through formal schooling or the rich artistic milieu provided by his family’s heritage. His age and details about whether he attended high school in one of these cities, and how these experiences might have shaped his path, are not well-documented in public sources.

Career Highlights

This section explores Christopher Reinking Stuart’s notable milestones and contributions in the performing arts, focusing on his Broadway career, acclaimed performances, choreography, and influence in film and television.

Broadway Breakthrough

Christopher Reinking Stuart made an impressive entry into Broadway, following in the footsteps of his mother, the legendary dancer and choreographer Ann Reinking. His first significant engagement was a role in the ensemble of “A Chorus Line,” where he showcased his adept dance skills.

Notable Performances

Stuart’s Broadway performances include celebrated revivals of “Chicago” and iconic productions such as “Sweet Charity” and “Dancin’,” where he worked alongside influential figures like Bob Fosse. His dynamic performances earned him recognition as a versatile and expressive dancer.

Choreographic Achievements

As a choreographer, Stuart’s work has been influenced by his mother’s legacy, evident in his involvement with revivals of “Fosse” and “All That Jazz.” His innovative choreography has helped to reimagine these classics for new audiences, earning him admiration from critics and peers alike.

Screen Appearances

Beyond the stage, Stuart has expanded his career into screen, appearing in film adaptations of musical theater, such as “Annie” and “Movie Movie.” His television appearances have showcased his broad talents, bringing him into homes across the nation, reflecting his mother’s impact on the screen and stage.

Associations and Collaborations

Christopher Reinking Stuart is known to have a strong heritage in performing arts, deeply influenced by associations and collaborations within the Broadway community and the overarching world of dance and theater.

Influential Partnerships

Reinking Stuart’s artistic lineage is deeply intertwined with the work of his mother, Ann Reinking, a prominent figure in the dance and theater industry. Ann Reinking was a celebrated interpreter of Bob Fosse’s choreography and a significant partner in preserving his legacy, as depicted in the TV series Fosse/Verdon, where Margaret Qualley portrayed Reinking. Fosse’s partnership with performer Gwen Verdon is legendary, and Reinking not only worked closely with them but was also an influential figure in the dance community because of these associations.

Artistic Networks

Christopher’s childhood environment was enriched by his mother’s extensive network within the arts. Ann Reinking’s collaborations spread to organizations such as the Joffrey Ballet, which she received scholarships to attend, and City Center Encores!, a program renowned for reviving classic Broadway musicals. She also had notable connections with Bebe Neuwirth, another distinguished name in Broadway, and the London stage, where Reinking’s legacy and connections would have provided Christopher with a fertile network of industry contacts and opportunities for artistic collaboration.

Personal Life

Christopher Reinking Stuart, the son of beloved Broadway actress Ann Reinking, has led a relatively private life that intersects with the performing arts and business worlds due to his family’s background.

Marriages and Relationships

Christopher’s mother, Ann Reinking, was known for her multiple relationships and marriages. She was once married to Larry Small, whom she divorced within the same year of their marriage in 1972. She then married investment banker Herbert Allen Jr., a relationship that lasted from 1982 to 1989. In 1989, Ann Reinking married businessman James Stuart, with whom she had her son, Christopher, before the couple divorced in 1991.

Ann Reinking later married Peter Talbert and remained with him until her passing. Christopher Reinking Stuart has managed to keep details of his own relationships and marital status away from the public eye.

Children and Family Ties

Christopher is the only son of Ann Reinking and her third husband, James Stuart. Through his mother’s side of the family, he has ties to the entertainment industry, particularly Broadway, where Ann Reinking was a star. Details about Christopher’s own children, if any, are not publicly disclosed, and information about his family life remains largely out of the spotlight.

Artistic Style and Influence

Christopher Reinking Stuart’s artistic influence is intertwined with the rich legacy of dance and choreography. His approach to these expressive forms is a testament to his heritage and upbringing in the theatrical world.

Dance Legacy

Christopher Reinking Stuart, inheriting his mother Ann Reinking’s passion for dance, is known to possess a unique blend of classic and modern dance techniques. His mother’s iconic role as Roxie Hart in “Chicago” and as Grace Farrell in “Annie” showcased a fusion of storytelling and jazz dance moves that likely had an impact on his own understanding of dance. Christopher’s dance style reflects this by emphasizing expressive movements and dynamic storytelling.

Choreographic Signature

In terms of choreography, Christopher’s signature may be observed as an amalgamation of the timeless grace and precision that Ann Reinking brought to Broadway. Ann was celebrated for her work in productions like “Goodtime Charley” and as a respected choreographer. Her approach invariably centered on character-driven performances, something that Christopher incorporates into his choreographic projects. By focusing on the actor’s talent and how movement can enhance narrative, Christopher’s work aims to capture the audience’s attention with finely-tuned, purposeful choreography.

Recognition and Awards

Christopher Reinking Stuart’s recognition in the world of performing arts is closely linked to the illustrious career of his mother, Ann Reinking, an acclaimed figure in American musical theater.


Ann Reinking, a legendary dancer, actress, and choreographer, received high praise throughout her career, culminating in prestigious awards for her contributions to Broadway. Most notably, she was awarded the Tony Award for Best Choreography for the 1996 revival of the musical “Chicago.” This honor is a testament to her innovative work and enduring impact on the art of dance and musical theater.

Legacy and Impact

Christopher Reinking Stuart has established a distinct presence in the realm of arts, influenced by his mother, Broadway star Ann Reinking. His contributions have added to the rich tapestry of theater culture and dance.

The Marfan Syndrome Advocacy

Christopher Reinking Stuart’s family has taken a pivotal role in advancing awareness and garnering support for Marfan Syndrome, a genetic disorder affecting connective tissue.

Awareness and Support Initiatives

The Marfan Foundation has been instrumental in leading initiatives to increase awareness of Marfan Syndrome and to provide support to those affected. The late Ann Reinking, an award-winning performer and Christopher’s mother, used her prominence to champion the cause. She was actively involved with The Marfan Foundation, working tirelessly to bring Marfan Syndrome to the forefront, ensuring the condition was recognized and understood.

Under her advocacy, the Foundation expanded its outreach, aiming to educate the public on the importance of early detection and proper treatment of the disease. Ann Reinking’s work included participating in events that honored her legacy and contributed to the foundation’s mission. For instance, she was commemorated during a virtual Heartworks gala, a testament to her enduring impact on the community associated with Marfan Syndrome.

Moreover, initiatives taken included creating platforms for individuals with Marfan to feel accepted and celebrated, thereby combating the negative body image often linked with the disorder’s symptoms. The Foundation’s continued efforts in education, research, and support have created a robust network, seeking to improve the overall quality of life for those living with Marfan Syndrome and to advance treatment options.

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