Daria Rose Wilson: A Deeper Look into the Life of Brian Wilson’s Daughter

Daria Rose Wilson has achieved fame as the offspring of Brian Wilson, an iconic American musician and co-founder of the Beach Boys. This article aims to provide a comprehensive perspective into the life of Daria Rose Wilson, her familial background, early life, education, and interests, among other aspects.


Born on November 10, 1996, Daria Rose Wilson is one of the adopted children of Brian Wilson and his wife, Melinda Ledbetter. As of 2022, Daria is 26 years old. Her birthplace is the United States of America. Daria’s zodiac sign is Scorpio, and her nationality is American, with Caucasian ethnicity. She shares her family life with siblings Delanie Rae Wilson, Dylan Wilson, Dash Wilson, and Dakota Rose Wilson.

Parental Background

Daria’s father, Brian Wilson, is renowned in the music industry as an American musician, singer, songwriter, and record producer who co-founded the Beach Boys. The story of how her parents met is quite intriguing. Brian Wilson crossed paths with Melinda Ledbetter in 1986 while she was working at a car dealership.

At that time, Wilson was a patient under the 24-hour therapy program of Eugene Landy. Despite the challenges that their relationship encountered, including interference from Landy, they managed to reconnect in 1991 after Wilson separated from his psychiatrist. The couple married on February 6, 1995, and Ledbetter has been Wilson’s manager since 1999.

The Formation of Daria’s Family

The couple has adopted five children in total, with Daria Rose being the eldest (born 1996), followed by Delanie Rae Wilson (born 1998), Dylan Wilson (born 2004), Dash Wilson (born 2009), and Dakota Rose Wilson (born 2010). Brian Wilson’s previous marriage with Marilyn Wilson-Rutherford (m. 1964-1979) gave birth to other children who are Daria’s half-siblings.

Early Life

Growing up in a family surrounded by music, Daria Rose Wilson spent her early years in Los Angeles, California. As the middle child in the family, she shares a close bond with her older brother, Dylan, and her younger sister, Delanie. The Wilson family’s life is deeply intertwined with music, which has significantly influenced Daria’s interests and career choices.


In 2017, Daria began her educational journey at the Archer School for Girls in Los Angeles. She has also pursued classes in acting and music, demonstrating an early interest in her father’s field. Her acting skills were showcased in a short film in which she appeared alongside her father and siblings.

Career and Aspirations

Despite being in the early stages of her career, Daria has already stepped into the entertainment industry. She had a minor role in the movie ‘Love & Mercy’, a biographical film that explores her father’s life and music career. Furthermore, she featured in the music video for her father’s song “Run James Run” in 2019.

Interests and Hobbies

Beyond her professional pursuits, Daria is a vibrant individual with diverse interests. She loves spending quality time with her family, friends, and their pets, and she’s also a proficient piano player. As a tribute to her father’s favorite pastime, Daria enjoys surfing.

Social Media Presence

A look at Daria’s social media profiles on Instagram and TikTok reveals her active digital presence. She frequently posts videos of her playing the piano and singing, showcasing her musical talent to her followers. Her Instagram profile also features her latest styles, reflecting her keen interest in fashion.

Important Events in Daria’s Life

One of the significant events in Daria’s life was attending the premiere of her father’s documentary feature film ‘Brian Wilson: Long Promised Road’ in 2019. This film delves into the life and musical journey of her father.

Random Fun Facts

An interesting trivia about Daria Rose Wilson is that she is the only member in the Wilson family who has a middle name. Her mother chose her middle name, ‘Rose’, to honor her grandmother.

In conclusion, Daria Rose Wilson is a young woman carving out her own identity while being the daughter of a legendary musician. Her life is a blend of her deep-rooted love for music, acting aspirations, and diverse interests, promising an exciting journey ahead.

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