Dayanara Torres Delgado: What Happened to the Former Miss Universe?

Dayanara Torres Delgado, born on October 28, 1974, is a multi-talented Puerto Rican personality who has made a significant impact in various fields. Best known for winning the prestigious Miss Universe title in 1993, Torres has also made her mark as an actress, singer, model, and writer.

Discovered at the young age of 17 while walking through Plaza de Toa Alta in her hometown, Torres embarked on her beauty pageant journey by representing Toa Alta in the annual Miss Puerto Rico pageant. Her victory in the national contest paved the way for a successful international career, both as a beauty queen and in entertainment.

While her achievements as Miss Universe undeniably set the stage for her career, Torres has since taken on multiple roles and projects, further expanding her professional reach. Among her personal life events, she was previously married to famed Latin singer Marc Anthony but is no longer married. Today, Torres continues to inspire others with her resilience and unyielding dedication to her craft.

Early Life

Dayanara Torres Delgado was born on October 28, 1974, in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She was raised in the small town of Toa Alta, where she grew up as a young beauty queen. Her family comprised of her father Jose Torres Lopez, her mother Luiz Delgado, and her older brothers Joey and Jose. Her father passed away in 2017, showing Torres’ ability to maintain her family’s privacy despite being in the public eye.

Torres was discovered at the age of 17 when she was spotted walking through the Plaza de Toa Alta in her hometown. Her impressive beauty secured her an invitation to represent Toa Alta in the annual Miss Puerto Rico pageant, where her talent and elegance led her to victory. Winning the Miss Puerto Rico title paved the way for Torres to represent her country in the global Miss Universe 1993 contest, which she also subsequently won.

Before her win in the Miss Universe pageant, Dayanara had already participated in the Miss International 1992 contest, adding to her growing list of impressive pageantry achievements. From these humble beginnings in Toa Alta, Puerto Rico, Dayanara Torres’ career as a beauty queen, actress, singer, model, and writer blossomed, and she went on to captivate audiences across the globe.


Modelling Career

Dayanara Torres Delgado, born on October 28, 1974, started her career in modeling at a young age. She was discovered at 17 while walking through the Plaza de Toa Alta in her hometown and was invited to represent Toa Alta in the annual Miss Puerto Rico pageant. Dayanara won the Miss Puerto Rico title and went on to represent her country at the 1993 Miss Universe contest. Despite some controversy surrounding her age, she won the Miss Universe crown after turning 18 several months earlier.

Acting Career

After winning the Miss Universe title, Dayanara ventured into acting. She appeared in several Filipino films and television shows, during her reign. One of her noteworthy roles was alongside Filipino actor Aga Muhlach in the Tagalog language film Basta’t Kasama Kita. Her acting career continued in the United States with appearances in popular shows like “The Young and The Restless” and “Watch Over Me”. She also starred in the film “Nail: The Story of Joey Nardone”.

Music Career

In addition to her acting and modeling work, Dayanara showed her talent in music. She collaborated with renowned and fellow Puerto Rican singer Peabo Bryson for a duet titled “La Flor y Tu Amor” and later pursued a solo career in the Latin music industry. Dayanara released two salsa and merengue albums, showcasing her versatility as an artist.

Personal Life

Relationship with Marc Anthony

Dayanara Torres met singer Marc Anthony during her time in the Philippines. Their relationship began in the late 1990s, and the couple eventually got married in 2000. However, their marriage faced challenges, and they separated in 2002. Marc Anthony and Dayanara Torres later reconciled, but ultimately decided to file for divorce in 2004.


From her marriage to Marc Anthony, Dayanara Torres has two children. Their first son, Cristian Anthony Muniz, was born in 2001, while their second son, Ryan Anthony Muñiz, was born in 2003. Dayanara has always been a dedicated mother, often sharing her love for her children on social media and in interviews.

Health Issues

In 2019, Dayanara Torres revealed that she had been diagnosed with skin cancer, specifically melanoma. She used her platform to raise awareness about the importance of early detection and regular skin checks. Through her openness about her health struggles, Dayanara has inspired many others to prioritize their well-being and seek medical advice when needed


Dayanara Torres Delgado, the Puerto Rican actress, singer, and former Miss Universe 1993, has shown a strong commitment to philanthropic activities throughout her career. One notable organization she has supported is the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). As a celebrity advocate, she has used her platform to raise awareness and generate support for the issues affecting children around the world.

Through her involvement with UNICEF, Dayanara has participated in various campaigns and events aimed at promoting children’s rights, education, health, and overall well-being. As a spokesperson for the organization, she has engaged with both national and international audiences, sharing her insights and experiences to increase visibility for UNICEF’s initiatives and bring attention to the urgent need for action on behalf of vulnerable children.

In addition to her work with UNICEF, Dayanara Torres Delgado has also been involved in other philanthropic endeavors. As a public figure and role model, she has participated in charitable events and fundraisers benefiting different causes, such as disaster relief efforts for her home country, Puerto Rico, and the fight against cancer.

By leveraging her fame and influence, Dayanara demonstrates an unwavering dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of children and other vulnerable populations. Her ongoing philanthropic activities serve as an inspiring example for others to follow, highlighting the power of individuals to effect meaningful change in the world.

Contributions in Media

IMDbPro Contribute

Dayanara Torres has made significant contributions to the media industry, both in front of and behind the camera. As a member of IMDbPro, she actively contributes to the platform, sharing her work and expertise in film and television. She participates in the IMDbPro “edit page” feature, ensuring that her profile and filmography are accurate and up-to-date.

Self-Help Book

Alongside her acting and modeling career, Dayanara Torres is also a published author. She had written a self-help book aimed to inspire and empower others to overcome obstacles and find success. Her unique perspective as Miss Universe and her experience in the entertainment industry has allowed her to provide valuable insights on self-improvement, resilience, and determination in her biography.

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