Dem Franchize Boyz: The Impactful Legacy in Hip-Hop

Dem Franchize Boyz was an American hip hop group from Atlanta, known for their unique sound and energetic performances. The group, signed to E1 Music, consisted of four talented members: Parlae (Maurice Gleaton), Pimpin’ (Jamal Willingham), Jizzal Man (Bernard Leverette), and Buddie (Gerald Tiller). With their catchy beats and memorable lyrics, Dem Franchize Boyz quickly gained a loyal fan base and left a lasting mark on the hip hop scene.

The group’s discography comprises three studio albums and six singles. Their debut album, titled “Dem Franchize Boyz”, was released in September 2004 but did not achieve significant commercial success. However, it was their second album that brought them into the mainstream, thanks to popular tracks like “I Think They Like Me” and “Ridin’ Rims.” These hits showcased the group’s ability to create an infectious blend of hip hop and Southern crunk, captivating audiences and solidifying their presence in the music industry.

Origins and Formation

Dem Franchize Boyz was a hip hop group formed in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2002. The group consisted of four talented members: Parlae (Maurice Gleaton), Jizzal Man (Bernard Leverette), Pimpin’ (Jamal Willingham), and Buddie (Gerald Tiller). They all met and became friends while in high school and college, and their passion for music brought them together.

In the early 2000s, Atlanta’s music scene was growing, and Dem Franchize Boyz were determined to make a mark with their unique sound. Their group name was derived from the idea of being a franchise and a business, emphasizing the various roles each member would play within the group.

The year 2004 marked a turning point for Dem Franchize Boyz when they released their debut album. It featured their first major hit “White Tee,” which gained recognition across the United States. This success paved the way for them to sign with E1 Music and further establish their presence in the hip hop industry.

As pioneers of the “snap music” subgenre, a signature style native to the west side of Atlanta, Dem Franchize Boyz managed to differentiate themselves from other hip-hop groups. Their innovative sound and catchy beats allowed them to collaborate with various artists, including a notable collaboration with hard rock group Korn on the remix “Coming Undone Wit It.”

Throughout their career, Dem Franchize Boyz remained true to their Atlanta roots and continued to make an impact in the hip-hop community.

Music Style

Dem Franchize Boyz was an American hip hop group hailing from Atlanta, known for their distinctive style and contributions to the genre. They were primarily associated with Snap Music, a subgenre of hip hop that gained popularity in the 2000s. Snap Music is characterized by its minimalist production, incorporating finger snapping, and a distinct 808 bass drum sound. The group’s sound was a defining element of the Westside of Atlanta’s hip hop scene.

The four members of Dem Franchize Boyz, Parlae, Pimpin’, Jizzal Man, and Buddie, brought their individual styles to create a unique synergy in their music. Their tracks were often characterized by swaggering, tough, confrontational, and hedonistic elements, reflecting the spirit of the streets they came from. Breaking with tradition, they also showed a willingness to experiment and collaborate with artists across genres.

One notable collaboration involved hard rock group Korn on the remix “Coming Undone Wit It.” This unlikely alliance exemplified Dem Franchize Boyz’s ability to push boundaries and traverse musical styles. Their music resonated with fans who appreciated the group’s irreverent and rollicking approach to hip hop.

Throughout their career, Dem Franchize Boyz released several albums and singles that showcased their distinctive take on hip hop and Snap Music. Tracks like “I Think They Like Me,” featuring Jermaine Dupri, Da Brat, and Bow Wow, showcased the group’s ability to create catchy hooks while staying true to their roots.

Major Releases and Achievements

Dem Franchize Boyz, a southern hip-hop group, made their mark in the music industry with several major releases and notable achievements. The group, consisting of Parlae, Pimpin, Jizzal Man, and Buddie, first gained attention with their self-titled debut album Dem Franchize Boyz released in September 2004 under Universal Records. Their hit single “White Tee” from this album enjoyed significant airtime on BET.

In 2005, the group released their second studio album, On Top of Our Game, which featured the popular single “I Think They Like Me”. This song became a Top 15 hit on the Hot 100 and claimed the Number One spot on both the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs and Hot Rap Tracks charts. “I Think They Like Me” also received a Gold certification from the Recording Industry Association of America.

Another well-known single from the album, “Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It,” added to the group’s success and further solidified their presence in the hip-hop scene. Both “I Think They Like Me” and “Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It” contributed to the impressive performance of On Top of Our Game on the Billboard charts.

Continuing their musical journey, Dem Franchize Boyz released their third studio album, Our World, Our Way, in 2008. Although this album did not achieve the same level of success as their previous releases, it still demonstrated the group’s dedication to creating unique and engaging music.

Throughout their career, Dem Franchize Boyz have been known for their catchy singles and contributions to the R&B and hip-hop genres. Their dedication to producing quality music led to several chart-topping achievements and helped establish them as a noteworthy group in the industry.

Recognition and Influence

Dem Franchize Boyz gained significant recognition with their hit singles “I Think They Like Me” and “Lean wit It, Rock wit It”. These tracks showcased the group’s unique sound and style, making them a force in the hip hop scene. “I Think They Like Me” aimed to inspire others to persevere and strive for greatness, sending the message that hard work and determination can lead to success and recognition.

Atlanta-based producer Jermaine Dupri recognized the group’s potential early on, and in 2005, he signed them to his label, So So Def. The partnership was a major boost to the group’s career, providing them with invaluable resources and exposure. Under Dupri’s guidance, Dem Franchize Boyz continued to create “snap music,” a subgenre of hip hop that they had helped pioneer and would grow synonymous with the Westside of Atlanta.

Their contributions to the world of hip hop didn’t go unnoticed. AllMusic praised Dem Franchize Boyz for their originality and the mark they left on the genre. They were also recognized by BET, further cementing their status as influential artists in the music industry.

In addition to their memorable singles, Dem Franchize Boyz demonstrated their versatility by collaborating with other artists, most notably with hard rock group Korn on the remix “Coming Undone Wit It.” This unlikely alliance exemplified the group’s willingness to push boundaries and explore different musical styles.

In conclusion, the recognition and influence of Dem Franchize Boyz can be attributed to their unique sound, willingness to experiment, and the guidance of industry veterans like Jermaine Dupri. Their work left a lasting impact on the hip hop landscape, particularly in Atlanta, and their legacy can still be felt today.


Dem Franchize Boyz made a significant impact on the hip-hop scene with their albums and singles. They first signed with Universal Records in 2004, which led to the release of their self-titled debut album in September of that year. This album included the hit single “White Tee,” which gained substantial traction on BET.

Later on, Dem Franchize Boyz released more albums under different labels. Some of their other notable works include:

  • Albums:
    • Dem Franchize Boyz (2004, Universal Records)
    • On Top of Our Game (2006, Virgin/EMI Records)
    • Our World, Our Way (2008, Koch Records)
  • Singles:
    • “White Tee” (2004)
    • “I Think They Like Me” (2005)
    • “Lean wit It, Rock wit It” (2006)
    • “Ridin’ Rims” (2006)
    • “Talkin’ Out da Side of Ya Neck!” (2008)

E1, previously known as Koch Records, played a significant role in distributing their music. Under E1, Dem Franchize Boyz released Our World, Our Way in 2008. The group also worked with Arista, a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment, for some releases. Dem Franchize Boyz have collaborated with various artists from the industry, contributing to their distinctive sound and success.

Throughout their career, Dem Franchize Boyz have managed to stay relevant and produce memorable music for their fans. Their discography showcases a mix of catchy tunes, raw lyrics, and energetic performances, making them a notable group in the hip-hop landscape.

Collaborations and Features

Dem Franchize Boyz, a talented hip-hop group from Atlanta, has accomplished numerous collaborations and features throughout their career, working alongside renowned artists in the industry. Especially known for their hit singles “I Think They Like Me” and “Lean wit It, Rock wit It,” the group consisted of four members: Parlae (Maurice Gleaton), Pimpin’ (Jamal Willingham), Jizzal Man (Bernard Leverette), and Buddie (Gerald Tiller).

One noteworthy collaboration involves R&B artist Monica. In her single “Everytime Tha Beat Drop,” Dem Franchize Boyz showcased their distinctive style and contributed to the track’s success. This merging of talents allowed both Monica and Dem Franchize Boyz to reach new audiences.

In addition to Monica, Dem Franchize Boyz has collaborated with an impressive roster of artists, such as Da Brat, 3 6 Mafia, Trey Songz, Bun B, Bow-Wow, and Jermaine Dupri. Each of these partnerships highlights the group’s versatility and their ability to create memorable music across various genres.

An interesting blend of styles arose when Dem Franchize Boyz joined forces with rock band Korn. Together, they produced a mash-up of “Lean wit It, Rock wit It” and “Coming Undone,” resulting in the unique track “Coming Undone wit It.” This unexpected collaboration allowed both groups to explore new creative territories while displaying their respective strengths.

In conclusion, Dem Franchize Boyz’s collaborations and features demonstrate their adaptability and talent in the music industry. Their work with various artists, such as Monica, Da Brat, and Korn, has helped solidify their reputation as influential and dynamic contributors to the world of hip-hop.

Member Profiles

Dem Franchize Boyz was an American hip-hop group from Atlanta, consisting of four members who each brought their unique talents and personalities to the ensemble. These members were Parlae, Pimpin’, Jizzal Man, and Buddie.

Parlae, born Maurice Gleaton, played a significant part in the group’s success. His confident and knowledgeable presence resonated throughout their music, complementing the other members’ talents.

Buddie, whose real name was Gerald Tiller, contributed to the group’s dynamic through his own style. He was a key aspect of the group’s overall sound and energy, which led to the popularity of their hit singles. Unfortunately, Gerald “Buddie” Tiller passed away, marking an end to an era for the group.

Jizzal Man, born as Bernard Leverette, added a unique flavor to Dem Franchize Boyz’s music through his distinctive style and delivery. His contribution to the group’s success was indispensable, as it contributed to their distinct presence in the hip-hop scene.

Pimpin’, also known as Jamal Willingham, lent his own flair to the group’s music, bringing to the table his individual personality that blended well with the rest of the members. His impact on the group and its music cannot be understated.

In summary, Dem Franchize Boyz was a musically talented group made up of four members, each bringing their own style and personality to the table. Their collective success was a result of their strong chemistry, diverse backgrounds, and unique sound that resonated with fans worldwide.

News and Recent Events

In August 2019, the music world was saddened by the death of Gerald ‘Buddie’ Tiller, a member of the Atlanta hip-hop group Dem Franchize Boyz (DFB). Buddie’s passing was confirmed by mega-producer Jermaine Dupri, and the cause of his death was cancer. Dem Franchize Boyz, formed in 2004, gained fame for their hit singles “I Think They Like Me” and “Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It”.

The group was signed to E1 Music and consisted of four members: Parlae (Maurice Gleaton), Pimpin’ (Jamal Willingham), Jizzal Man (Bernard Leverette), and Buddie (Gerald Tiller). Before Buddie’s untimely death, the group made headlines in the news for various reasons.

In March 2017, fans of DFB were curious about what happened to the group since their last release. The Southern rap group, based in Atlanta, Georgia, had made themselves known with their eponymous debut album in 2004. The group saw their peak popularity in the mid-2000s, but they seemed to fade from the spotlight after those years.

Aside from Buddie’s passing and the group’s career trajectory, another piece of news related to DFB involved a controversial arrest. Maurice “Parlae” Gleaton, another member of the group, was one of eight people arrested in a drug raid at an Atlanta recording studio in the past.

The legacy of Dem Franchize Boyz continues to be remembered through their music and the contributions they made to the Atlanta hip-hop scene. Fans of DFB and the hip-hop community at large will continue to mourn the loss of Buddie and remember his impact on the genre.

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