Empaths and Relationships – Challenges and Benefits of Dating an Empath

An empath is a person who understands your pain and joy, and everything between. Empaths can feel your physical pain, emotions, and he has the intuition to know what is happening with you. They have big hearts that give too much and ask nothing in return. They will love you unconditionally. Sounds like a perfect relationship? So, what is the problem with empaths and relationships?

Why are so many empaths single? And what does it mean to be married to an empath? Most people cannot handle the complexity and depth of empaths. Their capacity for love is too deep and powerful. A relationship with empaths is full of challenges. Today, we will talk about empath psychology, and what makes them great and bad partners.

Are you a Relationship Empath?

Before we get to the empaths and relationships, let’s see whether you are a relationship empath? You need to answer the following questions:

  • Are you overly sensitive?
  • Are you afraid of losing your identity in intimate relationships?
  • Do you prefer taking your own car so you can leave whenever you want?
  • Do you tend to take your partner’s stress and physical pain symptoms?
  • When you travel with your partner, do you prefer adjoining rooms?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by noise, smells, and crowds?
  • Do you get drained by too much togetherness?
  • Do you prefer to spend time alone to recharge and refuel?

How many yes did you answer? If there are between one and three yes, you are at least part relationship empath. Four to six answers show strong emphatic tendencies. More than six is a certified relationship empath. Realizing and embracing your empathy is the first step to removing this obstacle to a happy marriage.

Challenges of Loving an Empath

Whether you are in a relationship with a male or female empaths, there are many challenges. They apply to female empaths and relationships and male.

Here are some.

They ask too many questions

Empaths can feel your pain, and sometimes, they can get naggy with their questions. You might not be ready to answer hard questions in life. This can lead to relationship breakdown at the very beginning.

They are too honest

Being honest is a good thing. But sometimes, it can be a bit too much. Empaths cannot hold anything back. Even when they know it will cause a problem, they will speak their mind.

They want empathic partners

One empath in a relationship can be too much. What about two empaths in a relationship? Well, some say empaths want another empath next to them. For average persons, it is hard to provide a meaningful relationship with many levels of complexity.

They are emotional

Intimacy is a given with empaths. They are not afraid to let you in their vulnerable and emotional world. For some people, it is hard to deal with all those emotions.

They follow a routine

Empaths like consistency and routine. If you are in a relationship with an empath, you need to call them every day. They want a routine to develop a deep and meaningful relationship. If you do not follow your promise, there will be a problem.

They go all in

There is no way around this, empaths are intense. You both jump on board and ride the plane, or you do not. They go all in, and they do not accept half-measured actions. They do not have a switch for on and off. Empaths know what they want and need, and go for it.

They are independent

This is another attribute that is both positive and negative. They will not wait for you to get your business together. They do not need you to solidify their place in the world.

Benefits of Dating an Empath

We talked about the challenges of dating an empath. But there are also many perks to it. If you find the right balance, you can have one of the best relationships in your life. And eventually, it will end up in a happy marriage.

Healing capacities

Empaths are healers. Healing comes naturally to them. They enjoy making others feel good. Empaths sense your pain and do everything to ease it.

Loyal partners

Speaking of empaths and relationships, you won’t find a more loyal partner. Once they trust you, they will do everything for you. Empaths give their heart and soul for the relationship.

They will make you happy

Empaths radiate happiness, and that is one of their best positive sides. They shine even more with joy when they are around happy people. And when they are with the person they love, they try to make them as happy as possible. The positive vibe is infectious.

Simply said, they love unconditionally. Empaths can experience deep and intense feelings, and they love as intense.

They are optimists

Optimism is essential to their nature and spirit. For empaths, optimism is a defense mechanism. They use it to defend against negativity from other people. Thus, they will use that optimism to cheer their partner.

They will inspire you

Empathy can do wonders. This force of nature makes people around them better persons. They try to inspire their partner.

They can solve problems easily

Empaths are creative problem solves. We link empathy to creativity and imagination. Because they can sense and feel everything, they are in tune with the world around them. Thus, they can approach every problem and solve it in a creative manner.

How Empaths Can Succeed in Relationship?

Relationships are a two-way street. That means you can make some small and subtle changes to improve your chances of finding love. It is a big challenge to be in a marriage with an empath. So, you can try to help others and make yourself a better partner.

Find someone who is opposite of you

We say opposites attract. Well, you can test that theory. Find someone who is the exact opposite of you, and likes that. If empaths date empaths, they will not see each other. Both need time to process their emotions.

For empaths, the best way is to find the opposite ideal. Date someone with high energy and who doesn’t spend a lot of time thinking about their feelings.

Take your time

Empaths need their “me time” to process their thoughts and emotions. You should not compromise on that. Find someone who will understand those needs. You need a partner who will give you time and space.

Do not judge

This is the harsh reality, not all people can feel as deeply as you can. Understand that, and do not judge people. Reserve your judgment, and both you and your partner will be happy. This might come as a challenge since empaths need to speak their mind. But try to work on your balance.

Find a sensitive partner

Some might say there is no difference between highly sensitive people and empaths. Wrong. There is a big difference. Highly sensitive people feel overwhelmed by their emotions. Empaths can help them process those emotions.

How to Love an Empath?

We are now in the last part of empaths and relationships. How to help an empath? What can you do when you meet a damaged empath? Here are some points on how to maneuver your relationships.

Value their time

We said before, empaths need their alone time. Try to balance the couple time and their alone time. Tell your partner he can have his space and time. Try to decompress yourself as well. When your partner has alone time, you can spend some time doing other things.

Make adjustments in physical space

When you are in a relationship with an empath, a breathing room is a must. Decide where you want to position that space. Establish some ground rules. Do they need a private area? For example, a separate bathroom? Or a separate wing in the room will suffice?

Do not take things personally

We said before, empaths will speak their mind. You should try and ignore some things. Do not take them personally, even when they are personal. It is the only way to relationship and communication harmony.

Make requests, not demands

This is a great technique. You can use it for everything in your life. The trick is to say something like “I love you and appreciate your support”. And then, follow it up with “I could your help with something”. Hug your partner, or kiss him while asking for help.


While empaths can be serious, they also love to play. Encourage his inner child and let him play.

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