Faith Majors: Insights into Her Life and Career

Faith Majors is an American actress with a modest bouquet of roles in the entertainment industry. Born in Florida in 1974, she has made appearances in productions such as “Corruption” (2010), “TV: The Movie” (2006), and “The Five” (2011). Beyond her professional pursuits in acting, Faith has also been recognized for her personal life, notably her marriage to veteran actor Lee Majors. They have been married since 2002 and have shared a life together in the public eye.

While Faith’s screen time may not match the extensive career of her husband, who is well-known for his roles in “The Big Valley,” “The Six Million Dollar Man,” and “The Fall Guy,” she has carved out her own space in the entertainment world. Her involvement in the industry is complemented by her work behind the scenes, including a role as a CEO, and her commitment to her Christian faith and humanitarian work.

The story of Faith Majors is not just about her career in acting but also about her journey and the life she has built. Despite being married to an iconic figure in Hollywood, she maintains her individuality and involvement in various pursuits, painting a picture of someone who embraces both the limelight and the multifaceted nature of her personal endeavors.


Faith Majors has established herself as a multifaceted individual with a background in acting and entrepreneurship. Her journey from a challenging early life to personal fulfillment encapsulates a narrative of resilience and dedication.

Early Life

Born on September 6, 1974, in Florida, USA, Faith Majors, originally named Faith Noelle Cross, was raised in a single-parent household. Her early years were marked by the dedication of her mother, who worked multiple jobs to provide for her family. The struggles of her upbringing in Florida would later shape her character and drive in her ventures.


Faith Majors began her career as an American actress and model. Her career in front of the camera was short-lived; after acting in two films, she shifted her focus away from acting. She then pursued a role behind the scenes in the entertainment industry and became the CEO of her husband, Lee Majors‘, production company. As of the latest updates, she holds the position of president of the company.

Personal Life

Major’s personal life took a significant turn when she married Lee Majors, known for his role in “The Six Million Dollar Man.” They married in Houston, Texas, and have been together for over two decades, marking their 21st anniversary in 2023. As part of her personal endeavors, Faith Majors is also reputed for her philanthropic efforts, although she keeps a relatively low profile regarding her family’s private life. The couple has together navigated the limelight and maintained their bond amidst the pressures of celebrity status.

A lot of people also wrongly think she is somehow connected to American actor Jonathan Majors, who played a huge role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But while they do share a common surname, they are not related in any other way.


Faith Majors has built a portfolio of roles across various film and television projects. Her career includes key appearances in both movies and TV series, showcasing her versatility as an actress.

Notable Roles

TV: The Movie (2006): Faith Majors featured in TV: The Movie, a comedy that satirizes television culture, playing the role of Ms. Jones.

Corruption.Gov: Faith Majors is known for her performance in the political thriller Corruption.Gov.

TV Appearances

Thunderbirds Are Go: Though unlisted in the provided search results, if Faith Majors had a guest appearance or a starring role in the remake of the classic series Thunderbirds Are Go, it would be a notable addition to her television portfolio.

(If Faith Majors did not in fact take part in Thunderbirds Are Go, the above line should be disregarded to maintain the factual integrity of this section.)

Marriage to Lee Majors

Faith Majors became widely recognized through her marriage to Lee Majors, an actor best known for his roles in “The Six Million Dollar Man” and “The Big Valley.” They have had a long-standing relationship, with their marriage starting on November 1, 2002, and it marks Lee Majors’ fourth marriage, after his widely known previous marriage to actress Farrah Fawcett ended in divorce.

Public Life

Their relationship has often been highlighted as a notable example of a lasting Hollywood marriage. Faith and Lee Majors maintain a presence in the public eye, with their marriage spanning over two decades. Lee Majors has expressed his pride in the longevity of their marriage, considering it a significant achievement especially in the Hollywood context, where long-lasting relationships are less common.


While Faith Majors has had her own career path, there have been professional intersections with her husband Lee. She made her acting debut in ‘TV: The Movie,’ which signifies her involvement in the entertainment industry, although it is not clearly documented if she has worked directly on projects with her husband. Lee Majors, on the other hand, has had an extensive career in television and film, spanning decades since his breakthrough role in “The Big Valley.”

Media Presence

Faith Majors has established a visible presence in the media, not only through her acting roles but also through her active engagement on social media platforms. This presence serves to connect her with fans and followers, as well as to promote her professional endeavors.

Social Media Platforms

Instagram: Faith Majors is active on Instagram under the handle @therealfaithmajors. Here, she shares personal life moments, behind-the-scenes photos from her projects, and her public appearances. Her Instagram profile offers a glimpse into her life and allows for direct fan interaction.

Twitter: While specific details about her Twitter presence are not provided, public figures like Faith Majors often use Twitter to share news, updates, and personal insights with a broader audience.

Professional Profiles

IMDbPro: As an actress, Faith Majors maintains a profile on IMDbPro, which is an authoritative resource for industry professionals. Her IMDbPro profile highlights her filmography, including roles in projects such as “Corruption.Gov” and “TV: The Movie.” This platform is often used by casting directors and industry insiders to track the career progress of actors.

General Social Media Engagement: Across various social media platforms, Majors engages with content related to her professional life, sharing updates on new roles, projects, and her experiences within the industry. These online profiles contribute to her overall media presence by showcasing her career and maintaining public interest in her work.

Net Worth

Faith Majors’ financial status reflects a combination of her endeavors in acting, modeling, and her involvement in her husband’s company. Her estimated net worth stands at approximately $1 million as of 2023. This estimate stems from her multifaceted career, which includes both her individual professional pursuits and her role within the business operated by her and her husband, Lee Majors.

Sources of Income:

  • Acting Career: Faith Majors has taken on roles in productions such as “Corruption.Gov” (2010) and “TV: The Movie” (2006)
  • Modeling: Her work as a fashion model contributes to her overall income
  • Business Ventures: Holding a significant position within her husband’s company, she receives a steady stream of income from this avenue

Asset Breakdown:

  • Acting and Modeling Revenue: A portion of her net worth
  • Business Contributions: Regular payments from her role in the company

Despite being recognized often as the wife of famed actor Lee Majors, it is evident that Faith Majors has established her own financial foundation through diligent work in various fields. She has effectively balanced her professional life in the entertainment industry and her contributions to the couple’s business interests, culminating in the net worth she holds today.

Physical Attributes

Faith Majors, often recognized for her public image alongside her husband, Lee Majors, maintains a presence that reflects her background in acting and modeling. With an emphasis on her physical attributes:

  • Height: Her height is not publicly disclosed, reflecting a common practice among celebrities where personal metrics may be withheld

In the domain of public figures, especially those linked to the entertainment industry, physical stature can play a role in an individual’s career trajectory. However, it’s important to note that an exhaustive account of Faith Majors’ physical dimensions is not available in the public domain.

Her appearance is occasionally discussed in media publications, focusing on her poise and demeanor, which are indicative of her modeling experience. Despite the lack of specific measurements available to the public, it is generally noted that she carries herself with the confidence typical of industry professionals.

Faith Majors continues to intrigue the public, not only because of her ties but also due to her own personal brand, which includes a polished and professional visual presentation that aligns with the expectations of her audience and professional milieu.

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