Greg Germann: Career Highlights and Latest Roles

Greg Germann is an American actor with a diverse career in television, film, and theater. Born on February 26, 1958, in Houston, Texas, Germann was raised in a creatively stimulating environment near Golden, Colorado. The son of an award-winning children’s playwright and theater professor, his exposure to the performing arts from an early age played a significant role in shaping his acting career.

Best known for his portrayal of Richard Fish on the acclaimed television series “Ally McBeal,” for which he received considerable recognition including a Screen Actors Guild Award, Germann has proven himself to be a versatile actor. His role as Fish showcased his ability to deliver quirky, comedic performances that resonated with audiences and critics alike.

Beyond “Ally McBeal,” Germann’s range can be seen through his various roles on the big and small screen. Significant among them is his role as Tom Koracick in the popular medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy,” and as the character Hades in Season Five of the fantasy series “Once Upon a Time.” Despite the variety of characters he has embodied over the years, Germann brings an unmistakable presence to each performance, establishing him as a consistent and engaging actor in the industry.

Early Life and Education

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Greg Germann’s early years marked the beginning of his journey into the performing arts, significantly influenced by his family’s creative background and their relocation from Texas to Colorado.


Born on February 26, 1958, in Houston, Texas, Germann was welcomed into a family with a deep appreciation for the arts. His father, Edward A. Germann, was a reputable playwright and professor, and his mother, Marlene Marian, managed the household. The Germann family later moved to Lookout Mountain, just outside of Golden, Colorado, a setting that provided a rich cultural backdrop for Greg’s childhood.

Acting Beginnings

Germann developed an early interest in acting while residing in Colorado. It was here, amid the mountainous landscapes and his father’s involvement in the theater, that he started to explore the world of performance. Exposed to his father’s theatrical work, Greg was able to nurture his growing passion by observing and participating in the creative process of playwriting and production.


Following his escalating interest in acting, Germann pursued formal education in the field. He attended the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, where he further honed his skills and prepared for a professional career in the performing arts. This period solidified the foundation for what would become a successful journey in both theater and screen acting.


Greg Germann has established a diverse career that spans television, film, and the stage. His talent has made a significant mark in various mediums of the performing arts, notably gaining recognition as a series regular on popular television shows, featuring in multiple films, and contributing to the theater scene in both acting and behind-the-scenes roles.

Television Success

Germann’s most notable television breakthrough came with his portrayal of Richard Fish on the series “Ally McBeal,” which aired from 1997 to 2002. For his role, he earned numerous accolades and became a household name. He joined “Grey’s Anatomy” as Dr. Tom Koracick, showcasing his versatility and range as an actor. Throughout his career, Germann has worked as a series regular on several other TV series and has made guest appearances on various shows bringing to life a wide array of characters.

  • Notable TV Roles:
    • “Ally McBeal” as Richard Fish
    • “Grey’s Anatomy” as Dr. Tom Koracick

Film Appearances

In addition to his television accomplishments, Germann has been part of various films. Balancing both TV and movie roles, he has taken on various characters that add depth and breadth to his already impressive resume.

  • Selected Films:
    • “Down to Earth”
    • “Sweet November”
    • “Child’s Play 2”

Theater Contributions

Germann’s roots are in theater, which played a pivotal role in his formative years. He performed with renowned theater companies such as Circle Repertory Company and the Ensemble Studio Theatre in both Off-Broadway and Broadway productions. His work in the theater has not only highlighted his acting abilities but also his commitment to the foundations of the performing arts. Germann’s stage work in cities like New York and Boston underscores his versatility and his grounding in theater.

  • Theater Involvements:
    • Circle Repertory Company
    • Ensemble Studio Theatre

Writing and Directing

Beyond acting, Germann has explored other facets of storytelling by taking on roles as a writer and director. His work in these areas further showcases his understanding of the performing arts industry and his drive to contribute creatively beyond on-screen and on-stage performances.

  • Writing and Directing Work:
    • Penned plays for theater
    • Taken directorial roles in various projects

Notable Characters and Roles

Greg Germann has portrayed a range of memorable characters on television, each with a distinctive presence in their respective series. His roles often bring a mix of wit, gravitas, and complexity to the shows in which he appears.

Richard Fish

Richard Fish is one of Greg Germann’s most iconic characters, featured in the legal dramedy “Ally McBeal”. Fish is known for his quirky Fishisms and unorthodox approach to the law, making Germann a standout in the series.

Dr. Tom Koracick

In “Grey’s Anatomy”, Germann took on the role of Dr. Tom Koracick, a brilliant but brash neurosurgeon. He enters the series as a mentor to Jackson Avery, leaving a significant mark on the main characters, including Meredith, Teddy, and Owen.

Television Series

Germann’s diverse television appearances:

  • “Ned & Stacey”: as Eric “Rico” Morrow
  • “Once Upon a Time”: depicted Hades, god of the underworld
  • Featured in single episodes of acclaimed series such as “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm”
  • Starred in episodes across different genres, evidencing his versatile acting skills

Personal Life

Greg Germann, an American actor, is noted for his balanced family life and interests that extend beyond acting. He is a father and a family man who takes pleasure in various activities, including writing for children and gardening.


Greg Germann married Martha Champlin in 2013. The couple’s relationship is characterized by their strong bond evident through public appearances where they often hold hands. Germann’s dedication to his family is a significant aspect of his personal life.

Interests and Activities

  • Children’s Playwright: In addition to acting, Greg Germann has a creative side as a playwright, with a special interest in crafting plays for children
  • Gardening: Beyond the entertainment industry, Germann nurtures a passion for gardening, which is reflected in his involvement with “Pete’s Garden,” a gardening project that aims to foster community and sustainability

Awards and Recognition

Greg Germann has garnered recognition in the entertainment industry through his contributions to television and his skillful acting on Broadway. His accolades include significant industry awards and critical praise for his performances.

Industry Accomplishments

Germann’s most notable achievement in the television industry is his Screen Actors Guild award. He earned this prestigious award for his:

Role Production Award Year
Richard Fish Ally McBeal Screen Actors Guild 1999

In addition, he has been nominated for his performance in Ally McBeal by the Screen Actors Guild in the category of Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble.

Critical Acclaim

Germann’s training as a Theater Major positioned him to deliver compelling performances that often receive critical acclaim. His portrayal of Richard Fish in Ally McBeal especially stands out, earning him a nomination for the Screen Actors Guild Award not once, but four times for his ensemble work. His Broadway appearances and other theatrical performances have also been met with positive responses, showcasing his versatility and depth as an actor.

Influence and Legacy

Greg Germann has contributed significantly to the arts through his work in television and film as well as through mentoring up-and-coming actors. His roles have left a lasting impression on audiences and the industry.


Germann, recognized for his prolific acting career, has also dedicated part of his professional life to guiding new talent in the entertainment industry. His experiences, particularly those gained from his time working on acclaimed projects like “Ally McBeal,” have equipped him to provide valuable insights to rookies in the acting world.

Contribution to the Arts

As an actor, Germann’s influence extends across popular culture and the performing arts. His standout role in “Ally McBeal” not only won him critical acclaim including a Screen Actors Guild award but also set a standard for future legal comedies. His work in theater, fostered since his days at Lookout Mountain, underscores his longstanding commitment to the arts. Through various mediums, including his performance in “The Person I Once Was”, Germann has demonstrated a consistent ability to bring unique characters to life, thus enriching the artistic tapestry of his era.

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