How can glasses help to steal my valentine’s heart?

Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, it’s coming around soon on February 14th. Internationally recognised as the most romantic day of the year, it presents an ideal opportunity to show your loved ones how much they mean to you – whether they already know it or not!

When it comes to special events, it always helps to be prepared. That’s a universally accepted truth. So, in this article we will explore how your eyewear choices can have a subtle impact on your love life. Something as specific as showing that you take their eye health into consideration is a simple and healthy way to show that they are on your mind.

1. Book a romantic trip

Making memories with your loved one is priceless, so spending a little cash for Valentine’s Day can go a long way to make the moments really special. However, as always, booking the trip is only one part of the planning. Whether you want to whisk your loved one away for a long weekend or you’re planning an adventure-for-two, essentials are essentials. So, you’ll need to think about your plans and consider the appropriate eyewear choices.

Will it be active? Will it be sunny? Wherever it is, you want to be stylish as well as appropriately dressed so that you look and feel good when you capture the memories with photos.

“Not all glasses are made equal. Different brands and manufacturers know this, which is why you see so many options available beyond the general look of the frames. If you’re planning a very active trip, you should consider a polarised lens to help with outdoor visibility, or perhaps a wrap-around style by active eyewear brands like Oakley.”– Wut Win, Dispensing Optician at Feel Good Contacts.

Perhaps you want to go glasses-free for a night. Make sure you pack your contact lenses, along with travel essentials like solutions, cases and eye drops for emergencies.

2. Spoil and pamper

Valentine’s Day spa packages are very popular. No wonder, either. They are a great way to relax in a calming, serene and tactile environment where clothes are generally on the skimpier side.

On a budget, you can recreate the spa atmosphere with candles, fragrances, luxury skincare and eye treatments at home.

One thing to bear in mind whether you’re at the spa or at home: water, steam, oil and perfume aren’t great for contact lenses. So, make sure you grab a pair of glasses for during and after the treatments. This step is crucial to protect your eyes and keep the mood more R&R and less ER. Be sure to make it a stylish pair as bath robes are notoriously difficult to accessorise.

3. Dress up for love

You don’t need a partner to plan a date night. You can just dress up for the love of it! Celebrate yourself and block out all of the shade with your finest eyewear pieces. If you do have a partner to share the glory, you can let them know just how lucky they are when you go that little bit extra.

New cat eye styles or transparent coloured acetate frames have a great romantic feeling. Add them to your outfit whether you’re hitting the town or staying in. A fierce eyewear look will make it easier to see the love all around you.

4. Start “peacocking”

Sometimes making a small change to your appearance is all you need to grab that special someone’s attention. Chances are, you were already on their radar. But giving them something to comment on can be a conversation starter that can lead to another conversation, then to more conversations, then to a date.

To nurture a budding romance, why not try a style that’s a little different to something you would normally choose? Look at some showstopper styles for prescription glasses or sunglasses. There’s nothing to lose.

5. Spread the love among friends and family

Valentine’s Day can be expensive, and if you’re lucky enough to have lots of people in your life to love it can be difficult to stretch the costs to all. That doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to let your loved ones know how much they mean to you. Lots of brands use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to launch a sale or offer a discount. Thank goodness for great marketers!

This Valentine’s Day, take advantage of all refer-a-friend programmes from your favourite retailers like Feel Good Contacts or share a Valentine-themed discount code. These are a great way to give your pals money off the things they want or need from the retailers you use all the time. There’s usually a discount in it for you to sweeten the deal even more.

If there’s anything worth celebrating in this world, love is a good one. Take the time to show your appreciation to the people that mean the most to you. To say “I see you, and I appreciate you”, it always helps when you have perfect vision to enhance the sentiment.

Written by Steven

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