Janet Condra: What Do We Know about the Ex of Larry Bird?

Janet Condra, primarily known for her brief marriage to basketball legend Larry Bird, has remained a subject of curiosity for many fans of the sport. Though their union was short-lived, it did result in the birth of their daughter, Corrie Bird. Born and raised in the same area as Bird, the couple’s tale is one of high school sweethearts whose relationship would later dissolve as Bird’s career took flight.

The marriage between Janet and Larry took place in 1975, but by 1976, the couple had already separated and divorced. Additionally, beyond her connection to Larry Bird, little else is known about Janet’s life, including her early years and personal interests, as she has maintained a private life away from the public eye.

In contrast, their daughter Corrie Bird has attracted public attention due to her connection with her famous father. While details about Janet Condra remain limited, her unique connection to basketball royalty ensures that curiosity about her life and relationship with Larry Bird endures.

Early Life

Janet Condra was born in July 1956, in Indiana, United States of America. Coming from a humble background, she is notably known for being the ex-wife of basketball legend Larry Bird. Details about her family, including her parents and siblings, remain undisclosed.

During her upbringing, Janet attended Springs Valley High School located in Indiana. It was in this high school where she first crossed paths with Larry Bird. Both shared a passion for basketball, though it was Larry who would eventually become a household name in professional basketball.

Despite limited information about Janet’s personal life, it is fair to assume that she spent her high school years building lifelong friendships and honing interests in the tight-knit Springs Valley community.

Her connection to the Bird family, however, sheds some light on her life. Larry Bird’s family includes his siblings, Eddie, Jeff, Mike, and Mark Bird, and his mother, Georgia Kerns Bird. As Janet was part of the Bird family for a short period, it is reasonable to conclude that these in-laws formed a significant part of her life during her marriage to the NBA star.

Marriage to Larry Bird

Janet Condra and Larry Bird, a well-known NBA player, have known each other since high school and eventually became sweethearts. After maintaining their relationship through school years, the couple decided to tie the knot. Their wedding took place on November 8, 1975, in an intimate ceremony attended by close friends and family.

Unfortunately, their marriage did not last long, as they separated less than a year later. Despite their attempt to reconcile and give their relationship a second chance, the couple ultimately did not find success in doing so and remained divorced.

During their time together, Janet Condra and Larry Bird had a daughter named Corrie Bird, born on August 4, 1977. As the years went by, Corrie’s relationship with her father remained strained, and they had limited communication.

Life with Larry Bird

Janet Condra and Larry Bird, also known as “Larry Legend”, met while they were both in high school and became sweethearts. They decided to get married in 1975, just a few years before Bird’s impressive NBA career took off. Janet has been an important part of Bird’s life at the beginning of his professional journey.

Following their marriage, Bird was drafted into the NBA in 1978, chosen by the Boston Celtics. He was an instant success, earning the Rookie of the Year award. Over the course of his career, Bird achieved three NBA titles, three MVPs, and became one of the most iconic players in NBA history.

Although Janet Condra and Larry Bird’s relationship seemed promising at first, their marriage lasted for less than a year. The couple separated and later got back together in an attempt to reconcile but were ultimately unsuccessful. Despite their brief marriage, Condra remained a part of Bird’s life, as they share a daughter together.

During Bird’s tenure with the Boston Celtics, he achieved great heights, including famous moments like the 1987 Pacers game, where he stole the inbound pass, leading to a thrilling victory against the Indiana Pacers. However, Janet’s life remained mostly away from the spotlight, focusing on raising their daughter and keeping a low profile.

Bird’s post-NBA career included coaching and executive positions with the Indiana Pacers, further solidifying his impact on the basketball world. Yet, Janet Condra’s name rarely surfaced in the media when discussing Bird’s achievements. Today, she remains an elusive figure, known primarily for her brief marriage to the legendary Larry Bird.

Their Children

Janet Condra and Larry Bird share a daughter, Corrie Bird, who was born on August 14, 1977, in Brazil, Indiana, United States. Corrie is the only child from Janet and Larry’s marriage. In May 2008, Corrie married Trent Batson and as of now, she seems to maintain a private life.

After the divorce, Larry Bird went on to remarry Dinnah Mattingly in 1989. Together, Larry and Dinnah adopted two children, Connor Bird and Mariah Bird. Although these are not Janet’s biological children, they are Corrie’s step-siblings.

The father-daughter relationship between Larry and Corrie is not widely discussed, as both maintain a low-key life away from the public eye. However, it is clear that Janet and Larry’s separation did affect their relationship to some extent.

Despite these challenges, all four of Larry Bird’s children, including his daughter Corrie and stepkids Connor and Mariah, have grown up and pursued their own paths, respecting the privacy of their family.

Divorce from Larry Bird

Janet Condra, Larry Bird’s first wife, experienced a brief marriage with the basketball legend. The couple met during their high school years, becoming sweethearts and maintaining their relationship even after school ended. They eventually tied the knot in 1975, beginning their life together as husband and wife.

Unfortunately, the marriage did not last long, as Janet and Larry separated in less than a year. Despite their decision to separate, they attempted to reconcile and salvage their relationship. However, their efforts proved unsuccessful, and they eventually finalized their divorce in 1976. The cause behind their divorce is not explicitly mentioned, but it can be assumed that irreconcilable differences played a role.

During their short marriage, Janet Condra and Larry Bird were blessed with a daughter named Corrie. Since the divorce, Condra has maintained a relatively private life, keeping her current relationship status away from public scrutiny. On the other hand, Larry Bird went on to marry Dinah Mattingly, with whom he shares two adopted children.

In summary, Janet Condra’s marriage to Larry Bird was brief and ended due to undisclosed reasons, possibly involving irreconcilable differences. The couple has a daughter named Corrie, and since their divorce, both have maintained separate lives, with Janet leading a private life and Larry continuing his personal and professional journey.

Post-Divorce Life

After her divorce from Larry Bird, Janet Condra maintained a low-profile existence. While detailed information about her career pursuits following the separation is scarce, it is known that she worked multiple jobs to provide for her family. For a time, Janet was employed as a mail carrier during her adult life.

Despite her brief marriage to the basketball legend, Janet gained significant attention as a celebrity ex-wife. However, her life post-divorce remains mostly private, with limited information available regarding her personal affairs. Consequently, Janet’s presence on social media platforms has been minimal, and it’s unclear if she has participated in any recent interviews.

In terms of family life, Janet is a mother, having given birth to her and Larry Bird’s child, named Corrie Bird. The couple’s daughter has also maintained a relatively low-profile lifestyle, much like her mother.

Throughout her post-divorce journey, Janet Condra has managed to stay out of the limelight, opting for a quiet and reserved existence. The facts available about her life emphasize her strength and resilience in moving forward through adversity. Janet’s ability to create a comfortable life for herself and her family demonstrates her determination, illustrating a confident and knowledgeable woman who has navigated her situation commendably.

Quick Bio of Larry Bird

Larry Bird is a basketball legend who became one of the most iconic figures in the sport’s history. Born on December 7, 1956, in West Baden Springs, Indiana, Bird’s journey to greatness began in the small town of French Lick. He excelled on the basketball court from an early age, leading his high school team to a state championship.

Bird continued to showcase his talent at Indiana State University, where he became a college basketball sensation. His collegiate career culminated in an epic showdown in the 1979 NCAA Championship game against a Michigan State team led by Magic Johnson, a rivalry that would define their professional careers.

Larry Bird was selected by the Boston Celtics with the sixth overall pick in the 1978 NBA Draft. Bird quickly made his mark in the NBA, winning three consecutive NBA championships from 1981 to 1983. He was known for his incredible scoring ability, court vision, and basketball IQ. Bird’s rivalry with Magic Johnson, who played for the Los Angeles Lakers, elevated the popularity of the NBA during the 1980s, and their battles in the NBA Finals are legendary.

Throughout his career, Bird was a 12-time NBA All-Star, a three-time NBA champion, and a three-time NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP). He was renowned for his shooting prowess and clutch performances, earning the nickname “Larry Legend.”

After retiring as a player in 1992, Larry Bird transitioned into coaching and management roles. He served as head coach for the Indiana Pacers and later as the team’s president of basketball operations. Bird’s impact on the game extended beyond his playing days, and he is considered one of the greatest basketball players in history.

Larry Bird’s legacy in the sport of basketball is undeniable, and he remains an enduring symbol of excellence, hard work, and dedication to the game.

Larry Bird’s Second Marriage

After his brief marriage to Janet Condra, Larry Bird found love again with Dinah Mattingly, his long-time partner and now second wife. The couple has been together for several decades, showcasing a strong and enduring relationship.

Dinah Mattingly, a dedicated step-mom, embraces her role in the family wholeheartedly. She has been a supporting figure in the lives of Bird’s children from his previous marriage, Corrie Bird and Connor Bird. Additionally, the loving couple adopted two children, Trent Theopolis Batson and Sebastian Grey Smith, further expanding their family and creating a nurturing environment for all their children.

Trent Theopolis Batson, one of the adopted children, has grown up under the guidance of Bird and Mattingly. Their support had a significant impact on his upbringing and ensured a bright future for him. Trent is now forging his own path while carrying the values and principles instilled by his parents.

Sebastian Grey Smith, the other adopted child in the family, has also experienced the unconditional love and support from Larry and Dinah. He has been nurtured and encouraged to pursue his interests and dreams, ensuring a strong foundation for his future success.

In conclusion, Larry Bird’s second marriage to Dinah Mattingly has brought stability, love, and a sense of unity to their family. The couple’s commitment to one another and their children showcases the strong bond they share. With the support of his loving wife and family, Larry Bird continues to be an influential figure, both on and off the basketball court.

Other Noteworthy Facts

Janet Condra, widely known as the ex-wife of basketball legend Larry Bird, has preferred to live a low-key life by staying out of the media spotlight. It is reported that her marriage with Larry Bird lasted only a year, from 1975 to 1976. Their wedding took place at The White Chapel in Indiana, USA. The couple shares a daughter, Corrie Diane Bird, born on August 14, 1977.

While her ex-husband, Larry Bird, went on to become a celebrated basketball player with an estimated net worth of $75 million (according to Celebrity Net Worth), Janet’s own net worth is reported to be around $500,000. However, details about her profession and income remain undisclosed.

Janet Condra’s daughter, Corrie Bird, attended the Rose Hulman Institute of Technology in Indiana. Corrie later worked as a coordinator at the AP&S Clinic and maintained a low-profile life like her mother.

Apart from her marriage to Larry Bird, Janet Condra’s early life and background are mostly shrouded in mystery. Her birthdate is believed to be in the mid-1960s, but no specific date or further information about her parents is available.

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