Jason Maltas: Learn More about his Internet Presence

Jason Maltas is an accomplished American construction professional with over two decades of experience in the industry. His interest in architecture was nurtured by his designer and builder parents, which led him to pursue real estate development ventures around Los Angeles since 2005. Maltas’ expertise and passion for construction have allowed him to work with world-renowned architects and designers throughout his career.

Born and raised in the United States, Jason earned his bachelor’s degree in business from Arizona State University in 1993. This educational background enabled him to combine his love for architecture and design with his keen business acumen to successfully navigate the competitive world of real estate development.

Jason Maltas gained significant public attention due to his marriage and subsequent divorce from Tracy Tutor, a top American real estate agent and cast member of the popular TV show Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. Despite their separation, the former couple continues to maintain a positive relationship as they co-parent their children.

Personal Life


Jason Maltas is a successful businessman and construction expert, but his exact age is not publicly available. Based on the personal information regarding his professional life, it’s likely that he is in his 40s or early 50s.


There isn’t much information available about Jason Maltas’s parents. However, it is known that he comes from a supportive family who encouraged him to pursue his career in construction and real estate.


Jason Maltas’s ethnicity is also not publicly disclosed. However, taking into account his surname and appearance, it’s possible that he has European ancestry. Nonetheless, it’s essential to remember that this is only an assumption, as his exact ethnic background remains undisclosed.

Family Life

Marriage and Divorce

Jason Maltas was previously married to Tracy Tutor, a top American female realtor. The couple faced challenges in their marriage and Tracy ultimately filed for divorce in early 2018, citing “irreconcilable differences.” Since then, Jason has reportedly moved on and married Amanda Harlan in May 2022.


During their marriage, Jason and Tracy had two daughters, Juliet and Scarlett. The couple now co-parents their children, ensuring that they provide a loving and supportive environment despite their separation.


Post-divorce, Jason Maltas and Tracy Tutor have focused on maintaining a healthy co-parenting relationship for the sake of their daughters, Juliet and Scarlett. The two manage to put their differences aside and prioritize the well-being of their children, ensuring that they stay involved in their lives and share important decisions related to their upbringing.


Jason Maltas is a well-educated individual with a strong foundation in his field of expertise. He attended Arizona State University, a highly esteemed educational institution renowned for its comprehensive programs and opportunities for students.

At Arizona State University, Jason pursued a degree in an undisclosed field, laying the foundation for his successful career. The university is known for fostering an environment that encourages personal and professional growth, molding its students into well-rounded individuals prepared for a variety of professional challenges.

While studying at Arizona State University, it is presumed that Jason was able to hone his skills and broaden his knowledge base, which he would later apply to his career endeavors. Arizona State University’s reputation and offerings likely played a pivotal role in shaping Jason’s professional trajectory.

As a product of a quality education from a respected institution like Arizona State University, Jason Maltas has been equipped with the necessary foundation to achieve success.


Real Estate

Jason Maltas gained public attention as the ex-husband of Tracy Tutor, a well-known real estate agent, and cast member on the show “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” on Bravo. Tracy has connections within the luxury real estate market in areas such as Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Brentwood, and Pacific Palisades. As a result, Jason has been exposed to the world of high-end real estate through his association with his ex-wife and her colleagues on the show, including heavyweights like Josh Altman and David Parnes.

Construction Work

Professionally, Jason Maltas is best known for his work in the construction industry. He earned a bachelor’s degree in business from Arizona State University in 1993 before embarking on his career in construction. Maltas held various positions with construction companies, including Chipley Construction and Trason Builders Inc.

Jason’s career took a significant turn when he joined Gordon Gibson Construction, a reputable company specializing in building luxury homes in upscale neighborhoods in West Hollywood and other affluent areas. He first held the position of Vice President at the company before being promoted to President. In this role, he has overseen various projects, such as the Cross Creek Development in the New Development segment and worked with notable figures in the industry, like Erik Anderson.

Under Jason’s leadership, Gordon Gibson Construction has built a strong reputation in the luxury real estate market, helping cement his professional standing and contribute to his net worth, which is reportedly over $20 million.

Social Media Presence

Jason Maltas is known for being a private individual, especially when it comes to his online presence. Despite being the former husband of top American real estate agent Tracy Tutor, he does not maintain visibility on various social media platforms.

Unlike many celebrities or public figures, Jason does not have an Instagram account. People who are interested in learning more about his life might find themselves disappointed in the lack of personal content available on the platform. The same goes for Twitter and Facebook – Jason has chosen not to create profiles on these platforms either.

In today’s digital age, it is rare to find someone who remains so removed from social media, but it seems that Jason Maltas prefers to keep his life and career private. While this can be frustrating for fans who want to know more about him, it demonstrates his commitment to maintaining a low-key presence and avoiding the spotlight that may come with being associated with a high-profile ex-wife like Tracy Tutor.

Current Status

Recent Activities

Jason Maltas, an American construction professional and founder of Trason Builders Inc., has been maintaining a relatively low profile since his divorce from top American real estate agent Tracy Tutor in 2017. After parting ways, Tracy Tutor has continued to appear on the hit reality show Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, featuring real estate agents James Harris and David Parnes. Season 10 and Season 11 of the series highlighted Tutor’s journey to find her footing as a single working mom, navigating the high-stakes, celeb-filled market of Los Angeles real estate.

Current Relationships

As of now, Jason Maltas appears to be single and is primarily focused on his career as a successful construction professional and business owner. His ex-wife, Tracy Tutor, has moved on and started dating personal trainer Erik Anderson in 2020. There is currently no publicly available information about Maltas’ dating life or if he has a new girlfriend. His recent activities suggest that Maltas is concentrating on his work and personal growth, post-divorce.

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