Maximilien Stern: Celebrity Son of Julia Lemigova

Maximilien Stern was the son of Julia Lemigova and her former partner Édouard Stern. Julia Lemigova is recognized for her past title as Miss USSR 1990 and her subsequent ventures as a businesswoman and television personality. Notably, she appeared on the reality show “Real Housewives of Miami.” Her former partner, Édouard Stern, was a prominent French banker. Maximilien’s life, however, was tragically short-lived as he passed away during infancy.

The circumstances surrounding Maximilien’s death are solemn. It is reported that he died from shaken baby syndrome, a serious brain injury resulting from forcefully shaking an infant. The incident that led to his demise allegedly occurred while he was being looked after by a nanny. The death of Maximilien Stern is a sensitive subject and has drawn attention due to the prominence of his parents.

Early Life and Background

Maximilien Stern’s life, albeit brief, was rooted in an international backdrop, being born to a Russian former model and a French banker. His early life was marked by both privilege and tragedy.

Birth and Family

Maximilien Stern was born in October 1999 to Julia Lemigova, a former Miss USSR of 1990, and Édouard Stern, a prominent French banker. His family was an embodiment of a cross-cultural union with his mother hailing from Russia, a nation that had recently transitioned from the Soviet Union, and his father originating from France.

Education and Early Influences

Although Maximilien’s life was tragically cut short at only five and a half months old, the influences that might have shaped his upbringing stem from his parents’ backgrounds. His mother’s Russian heritage and his father’s affluence as a banker could have been significant in shaping his education and early life experiences, had he had the chance to grow up within this dynamic family environment.


Max Stern’s career trajectory cannot be chronicled in the traditional sense. His life, tragically cut short in infancy, prevents a discussion of professional beginnings, ascendance to success, or contributions in a career context.

Professional Beginnings

Maximilien Stern did not have the opportunity to experience professional beginnings. Due to his untimely passing as a newborn, any potential future in professional endeavors remains unknown.

Ascendancy to Success

The notion of ascendancy to success is inapplicable for Maximilien Stern. He was never afforded the chance to cultivate a career, accumulate achievements, or establish a net worth.

Innovations and Contributions

In Maximilien Stern’s case, there are no innovations and contributions to discuss, as he passed away early in life, precluding any potential impact he might have had in any professional sphere.

Personal Life

Maximilien Stern’s personal life was tragically brief. He was the son of Julia Lemigova, a former Russian model and Miss USSR 1990, and a French banker, Édouard Stern. His untimely death as an infant under distressing circumstances curtailed the development of his personal relationships and interests.


Maximilien was born into a notable family. Julia Lemigova, his mother, later became the spouse of former tennis star Martina Navratilova. Although Maximilien did not have the opportunity to form many personal relationships, his family history ties him to well-known personalities in sports and modeling. He had two half-siblings, Victoria and Emma, daughters of Julia Lemigova from a different relationship.

Interests and Hobbies

Information about Maximilien Stern’s hobbies and interests is not available due to his passing as an infant. Therefore, he did not have the chance to develop discernible interests or hobbies that could be documented or shared.

Public Image

Maximilien Stern may be recognized by the public primarily through the celebrity status of his mother, Julia Lemigova, a reality television personality on “Real Housewives of Miami.” His media appearances, public perception, and his family’s involvement in philanthropy highlight key aspects of his image.

Media Appearances

Julia Lemigova, Maximilien Stern’s mother, has been featured on the Peacock network’s reality series, “Real Housewives of Miami” (RHOM), which has indirectly placed Stern into the public eye. While Stern himself may not have actively sought out media attention, his association with a reality star broadens his visibility. The show’s viewership and the followers of RHOM on platforms like Instagram have contributed to a sustained interest in Lemigova’s family, including her son Maximilien.

She would later become the life partner of tennis star Martina Navratilova.

Public Perception

The Stern family’s public perception is intrinsically linked to Julia Lemigova’s portrayal on RHOM. As a recognizable figure on the show, Lemigova’s role as a mother and her interactions with her children contribute to the greater narrative surrounding her family. The family’s lifestyle, as portrayed on television and social media, offers the audience a glimpse into their world, shaping public perception.


While Max Stern’s own legacy is inherently connected to the accomplishments of his family, specifically the notoriety of his mother, it is difficult to attribute a distinct legacy to him due to his short life. Nonetheless, Julia Lemigova’s enduring presence in Russian culture and international circles, combined with her achievements in modeling, business, and TV, contribute to the broader family legacy within which Maximilien is remembered.

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