Milica Krstić – Celebrity Wife of the NBA Player Mascot

Milica Krstić is a celebrity spouse. And she is happily married to one of the funniest people to be around in the NBA, Boban Marjanovic. He entered the NBA in 2015, and since then, he has mesmerized fans all over the world.

Boban is not only a sports personality, but a phenomenon and icon in the National Basketball Association. He might not be a star or someone who puts up large numbers, but his personality matches his size. And that is not something easy to achieve.

Today, we will look into the life of his beautiful wife, Milica.

Who is her famous husband?

Born in August 1988, Boban Marjanovic is a Serbian professional basketball player, currently signed with the Houston Rockets of the NBA. He has also played for the San Antonio Spurs, Detroit Pistons, Dallas Mavericks, Los Angeles Clippers, and Philadelphia 76ers.

Born and raised in the small city of Boljevac in eastern Serbia, he was tall from a young age. Fun fact: his family is of average height, with his father standing at 5 feet 9 inches. According to some reports, a pituitary gland condition caused his gigantism.

He began playing basketball for the young team in his city. By the age of 14, he grew to 6 feet 10 inches and transferred to the professional team in Serbia, Hemofarm. He remained there until 2010, at which point he signed with CSKA Moscow. Before making it to the NBA, he also played for Zalgiris, Radnicki Kragujevac, Mega Vizura, and Crvena Zvezda. He was named MVP of the Serbian league for the 2012-13 season.

During his time with Crvena Zvezda, Boban played in the EuroLeague, from where he was noticed and drafted by NBA teams. The San Antonio Spurs were the first to give him a chance, signing him to a $1.2 million contract in July 2015. During his time with the Spurs, he also spent time in the G League, with the affiliate Austin Spurs.

He was a restricted free agent in the summer of 2016 and signed a three-year deal with the Detroit Pistons. The Spurs declined to match the offer, and Marjanovic moved to the east coast, playing for Detroit.

After two years in Detroit, he was part of the trade that sent Blake Griffin to Detroit, and Boban, alongside Tobias Harris and Avery Bradley to the Los Angeles Clippers. One year later, he was traded, again with his buddy Tobias Harris, this time to the Philadelphia 76ers. Currently, he is signed to the Houston Rockets.

His biggest success in the NBA was making the Conference Finals with the Dallas Mavericks in 2022. As for his National team career, he won gold medals with the junior team at the 2007 FIBA Under-19 World Championship and the 2008 FIBA Europe Under-20 Championship.

With the senior team, he appeared at EuroBasket 2017, with the team winning the silver medal. They lost in the final to Slovenia, with Boban averaging 12.4 points and 4.8 rebounds in the tournament.

Quick Bio

Now let’s go back to Boban’s wife, Milica Krstić. The wife of the popular NBA sensation was born in December 1991, in her hometown Belgrade, which is the capital city of Serbia. She is two years younger than Boban, but that doesn’t matter much to them.

She earned headlines after marrying the current tallest NBA player in 2014. Yet, Milica loves to keep her personal life a secret. She rarely shares information with the media. There is no information about her siblings, parents, early life, educational background, and anything in between. All we know is her father’s name is Zoran Krstić.

She was exposed to the media following her marriage to Boban. The two met at a birth party in 2008 for the first time and began dating soon after. Six years later, they got married.


There is not much info about Milica Krstić Marjanovic and her profession. She doesn’t share any information about her job, family background, hobbies, education, or anything like that.

All we know is her birthplace, Belgrade, Serbia, and her birthdate. Anything in between is shrouded in mystery.

We can assume that she is a model. Looking at her social media profiles, namely Instagram, you can see she loves to pose. She has also appeared in two Serbian TV Shows, named Sindjelici and Emergency Center.

The first one is a Serbian comedy show, while the second one is the Serbian version of the popular American TV show ER.

Marriage to Boban

One of the most common questions about Mica and Boban is how they met. According to most reports, they met at a mutual friend’s birthday party back in 2008.

They quickly began dating, but it took them some time to get married. Milica and Boban got married in 2014 before he even set foot in the NBA.

Here is a fun fact. They organized two wedding ceremonies. Their first wedding was in Mexico, which was more of a private gathering. And then, they organized a second wedding in Milica’s hometown Belgrade.

Nine years into their marriage, the famous couple has not been part of any controversies. Together, they have two children, Vuk Marjanovic, born in 2011, and Petar Marjanovic, born in December 2015.

A Unique Couple

Milica and Boban are not the first couple with huge height differences in the NBA, or in sports in general. But they are definitely an interesting couple. Milica stands at 5 feet 3 inches and has a strong physique and natural curves. On the other hand, Boban stands at 7 feet 4 inches and ranks among the tallest players in the NBA of all time.

Fans remember Shaquille O’Neal, and his former wife Shaunie Henderson. Anytime they appeared in public, the picture went viral. To this day, it remains a meme.

Or, we can look at another giant in the NBA, Yao Ming. The former basketball player stands at 7 feet 6 inches, even taller than Boban. The Chinese Giant is married to Ye Li, a Chinese professional basketball player. She stands at 6 feet and 3 inches. Fun fact: she surpasses the average female height for female basketball players by 3 inches.

Is she on social media?

As we said before, judging by Milica Marjanovic’s profile on social media, we can assume she is a model. She loves taking pictures and showing amazing places on her Instagram feed. Fun fact: her name on social media is MrsBobi. Well, that is one nice username, Milica. She has more than 37k followers on social media, which is not a small number for a celebrity wife.

On the other hand, her famous husband, NBA player Boban Marjanovic, has almost 1 million followers on his Instagram profile. Boban is among the most-liked players in the National Basketball Association. And how can you not like him? Just check his social media profile. The guy is hilarious.

Net worth

There is no info on the net worth, salary, or even career of Milica Marjanovic. What we do know is the net worth of her husband.

According to some sources, Boban has a net worth of more than $8 million. His highest salary in the NBA was during the 2017-18 season when he earned $9.5 million from the Philadelphia 76ers.

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