Pokimane – One of the Best Female Streamers

Real Name:Imane Anys
Birthday:May 14, 1996
Net Worth:$500,000
Height:163 cm
Occupation:Video blogger

Pokimane, or Imane Anys, is a Moroccan Canadian internet personality. She is one best female streamers, using Twitch and YouTube to show her gaming experience. Imane mainly plays League of Legends and Fortnite and some other games. How much is Pokimane net worth?

Born in 1996, the young gamer earns money from YouTube and Twitch. She has more than 90 million views on YouTube, and even more on Twitch. Pokimane is a member of Offline TV, an online social entertainment group. Different sources cite the different values of Pokimane net worth. Some say she has $500,000 in her bank account, while others $3 million.


Pokimane is not your typical gamer. She studied chemical engineering at McMaster University. But during her time at the university, Anys decided to quit and pursue a streaming career full time. In 2017 alone, she gained more than 450,000 followers on Twitch. Her account earned a place within the 100 most followed streamers on the platform.

In 2017, the Shorty Awards named her Best Twitch Streamer of the year. The award praised her gameplay and commentary streams of League of Legends. This propelled her popularity on Twitch. As a popular streamer, she even had a cameo appearance in a LOL trailer for a new game mode.

Besides LOL, Pokimane also streams and comments Fornite. Imane streams Fortnite as part of her sponsorship with Twitch.

At the Electronic Entertainment Expo in 2018, Epic Games, the developers of Fortnite, arranged a pro-am event. During the event, they paired streamers with celebrities in a match of Fortnite Battle Royale Mode. In March 2019, she reduced her Fortnite streams. At the time, Anys said she “needs to think about what I like or dislike about the content I’ve been making”.

Pokimane laidback and enthusiastic personality is perfectly suited for the long-form streams. One of the reasons fans love her is her interaction. She frequently interacts with the audience. And more importantly, she streams real-world miscellaneous moments and podcasts.

Net Worth & Sources of Income

Because of her popularity on Twitch, the platform partnered with her. They selected her as one of the 15 ambassadors for the 2018 iteration of the TwitchCon event. Anys also appeared as a partner for the Twitch Creator Camp, a series of broadcasts and articles that help content creators build successful channels.

As of May 2020, she is the 7th most followed user on Twitch. There, she has more than 4.8 million followers. So far, Pokimane accumulated more than 94 million views on her streams. She gets more than 10,000 viewers per stream. Her peak is 73,000 viewers for a single stream.

As a Twitch streamer, she earns money through subscribers, donations, revenue, and bits. She gets more than 8,000 subscribers per month. They pay a minimum of $2.5 per subscriber. That is more than $20,000 per month from subscribers only. Twitch also increases the amount of money popular streamers get, so Pokimane might earn even more.

She also earns money through the Cheering feature, when a fan cheers with bits in the chat. And of course, fans can make direct donations to their streamers. They can use PayPal or cryptocurrencies for donations. Twitch streamers can also connect their account to third-party services to activate extra features such as donations.

Recently the young female star signed a multi-year deal to remain on Twitch. She is the biggest female star on the platform. Imane said that she had a couple more offers. Some were more lucrative. But she settled for less money to stay with Twitch.

Anys also earns money from her YouTube channel. She has two active channels, Pokimane and Poki ASMR. Her Pokimane channel includes clips of her gaming content, as well as blogs and podcasts. The latter channel is part of a broader community of autonomous sensory meridian response channels.

Some people consider ASMR sexual. But she says “ASMR is not a sexual thing. I wish people wouldn’t dismiss it as being sexual. In many of my videos I try to help fans fall asleep”.

Anys is a member of Offline TV. This is a collaborative YouTube channel made up of content creators. As Pokimane explains “it is not fun being a streamer and living alone”. So, they decided to come together and keep each other company. They also collaborate and do good work together.

Finally, she started a movie career. She is one of many internet personalities appearing in Free Guy. This movie will come to the theaters in December 2020.

With more than 500 million views on YouTube and more than 90,000 million views on Twitch, Anys is one of the most popular streamers. Pokimane net worth is more than $3 million. And she feels confident rejecting brands that do not suit her personality. Recently she disclosed she turned down a $3 million sponsorship deal because the sponsor wasn’t good for her.

Personal Life

You have to love Pokkimane. She has the personality of an angel and she is gorgeous at the same time. And to top it off, she is one of the best gamers. Think of Pokimane as a magnet. She draws people toward her content.

She is an open book to her fans. Yet, she keeps her love life away from the public. This is why fans constantly pair her with other streamers and online personalities. For example, some fans thought she dated gamers like Meteos and Scarra. But there is no confirmation.

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