Sol Xochitl: Get to Know Mike Tyson’s Former Stripper Girlfriend

Sol Xochitl emerged into the public eye through her relationship with former professional boxer Mike Tyson. Originating from Mexico, she is recognized not only for her association with Tyson but also as the mother of their two children. Her life’s narrative intertwines with both elements of personal tragedy and her role as a mother, which came into sharp focus following the death of her daughter, Exodus Tyson, in 2009.

As a former dancer, Sol Xochitl met Tyson in Phoenix, Arizona, during a period where Tyson was coping with financial and legal adversities. Their relationship led to the birth of two children—Miguel and Exodus Tyson. Despite the family’s attempts to find normalcy, they faced the devastating loss of Exodus at a young age, an event that profoundly affected both parents.

Post her separation from Tyson, details about Sol Xochitl’s life have been relatively scarce as she has maintained a low public profile. Regardless, she continues to draw occasional media attention due to her past connection with the renowned boxer and the motherhood experiences they shared.

Early Life and Background

Sol Xochitl, notable for her previous relationship with former professional boxer Mike Tyson, was born in 1975. Her early years were shaped by her cultural heritage and the values instilled during her upbringing.

Ethnicity and Nationality

Ethnicity: Mixed (Mexican-American) Nationality: Mexican, American Sol Xochitl was born to Mexican parents, inheriting a mixed ethnicity that reflects both Mexican and American cultural influences. She holds nationality in Mexico and has American ties through her life and family connections in the United States.

Childhood and Education

During her childhood, Sol Xochitl was raised in an environment that celebrated music, which played a significant role in her developing years. Details about her educational background have not been widely publicized, indicating a preference for maintaining privacy concerning her personal history.

Family and Personal Life

Sol Xochitl, once connected to the limelight through her high-profile relationship with Mike Tyson, has experienced both the intensity of public exposure and the deep private moments of family life, ranging from bonds of marriage and parenthood to the heart-wrenching touch of tragedy.

Marriage and Relationships

Sol Xochitl entered the public eye through her relationship with Mike Tyson, a former professional boxer. Their relationship began in the 2000s, and although the details are not widely documented, it is understood that they were never married. The specifics of their love story remain relatively private, as Sol has maintained a degree of privacy concerning her personal life. Before Xochitl, Tyson had previous relationships with several other women, including Lakiha Spicer and Kimberly Scarborough.

Children and Parenthood

As a mother of two, Sol Xochitl shares children with Mike Tyson, including a son, Miguel Leon Tyson, and a daughter, Exodus Tyson. While much about their family life is kept out of the public domain, it is clear that parenthood has been a significant part of her life.

Family Tragedy

Tragedy struck when Sol Xochitl’s late daughter, Exodus Tyson, passed away at just four years old in a devastating accident in 2009. This loss brought a profound sadness and marked a period of mourning for the family, with the weight of the loss still felt years later. The tragedy has underscored the significance of family and the privacy surrounding personal matters amidst a life once touched by fame.

Professional Career

Sol Xochitl’s professional career is distinct from the realm of boxing. The information available does not detail a professional career in boxing or entertainment for Sol Xochitl herself, so this section will focus on the professional career of Mike Tyson, to whom she has a personal connection.

Boxing Achievements

Mike Tyson is renowned for his accomplishments in the boxing ring during his active professional career. His aggressive style and formidable punching power made him the youngest heavyweight champion in history at the age of 20. Tyson’s record includes notable victories over a range of competitors and several championship titles.

  • Youngest heavyweight champion at age 20
  • Wins: 50 (44 by knockout)
  • Losses: 6

Retirement and Comebacks

Tyson initially retired from professional boxing after a match against Kevin McBride in 2005. However, his departure from the sport was not permanent. Tyson made a return to the ring in exhibition bouts that attracted significant media attention, showcasing that his legacy continued to resonate with boxing enthusiasts and the sports community at large.

  • First Retirement: 2005, after the match with Kevin McBride
  • Comebacks: Exhibition matches in the 2020s

Media and Entertainment

Following his retirement, Tyson ventured into media and entertainment. He appeared in films and television shows, adding to his fame beyond the boxing world. Tyson’s life and career have also been the subject of documentaries that explore his rise, fall, and redemption within the sport and his personal life.

  • Documentary Features: Tyson’s life and career
  • Music: Tyson has been referenced in music and has made appearances in music videos

Financial Matters

In the context of Sol Xochitl’s relationship with Mike Tyson, financial considerations have played a significant part. Their circumstances have been influenced by wealth fluctuations and involvement in various endeavors after the peak of Tyson’s boxing career.

Wealth and Bankruptcy

Sol Xochitl, during her time with Mike Tyson, did not have the same financial benefits that typically come with a celebrity relationship. Mike Tyson, at the height of his career, accumulated substantial wealth, but later faced financial troubles. Despite earning over $300 million throughout his boxing career, Tyson declared bankruptcy in 2003, reporting debts of $23 million. His financial recovery involved paying off debts through various means, including autograph signing sessions.

Post-Career Endeavors

After his career, Mike Tyson engaged in various endeavors to rebuild his finances. This included entertainment appearances, launching a cannabis business, and participating in exhibition matches. Tyson’s efforts in these areas have been part of a broader strategy to manage past debts and create new income streams following the reported bankruptcy. Tyson’s net worth was estimated around $10 million as of 2023. Sol Xochitl’s financial standing post-relationship remains largely private, with no public records indicating her net worth or specific involvement in business ventures.

Health and Lifestyles

Sol Xochitl’s approach to health and lifestyles has been influenced by personal experiences and challenges, particularly those related to family well-being and incidents that have necessitated a focus on health.

Wellness and Fitness

Sol Xochitl has not been publicly vocal about being a fitness freak or having an extensive fitness regime. However, the importance of wellness and fitness is often highlighted in the aftermath of health incidents, suggesting a possible appreciation for maintaining good health in times of stress.

Incidents and Health Challenges

In a tragic incident in Phoenix, Arizona, Sol Xochitl’s life was touched by the loss of her daughter Exodus, who suffered a catastrophic accident involving a treadmill. The accident occurred when Exodus was found with a treadmill cord tangled around her neck. She was promptly taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix, where she was put on life support. Despite the efforts to save her, Exodus unfortunately passed away at the young age of four. This devastating event would have underscored the importance of safety and vigilance in the home, especially concerning children and workout equipment.

In the context of Arizona, it is not uncommon for homes to have fitness equipment like treadmills, underscoring the need for health awareness and safe exercise practices. While there is no information indicating Xochitl’s use of alcohol or its impact on her lifestyle, it is generally acknowledged that alcohol consumption can have significant health implications.

Legal and Social Issues

In examining the life of Sol Xochitl, particularly relevant are her intersections with legal matters and her navigation through complex social issues. These facets are illuminated especially in the controversies surrounding her relationship with Mike Tyson and the tragic legal implications following her daughter’s death.


Sol Xochitl first came into the public eye through her relationship with Mike Tyson. Her work as a stripper at a strip club is where she met the boxing icon. While working in an industry fraught with social stigma, Xochitl managed to maintain a degree of privacy despite the controversies often associated with such professions.

Law Enforcement and Legal Actions

Tragedy struck when Sol Xochitl’s daughter, Exodus Tyson, passed away in 2009. The four-year-old was found with a noose around her neck, caught in a treadmill. The dire situation prompted a response from police and CPR efforts, but unfortunately, these attempts at resuscitation were unsuccessful. Following this heartbreaking incident, Xochitl received a wave of support from the public, including figures such as Oprah Winfrey. No legal actions suggesting negligence were taken against Xochitl; the event was deemed a tragic accident by law enforcement.

Public Statements

The public persona of Sol Xochitl is inextricably linked to her relationship with former professional boxer Mike Tyson. Descriptions of her character and aspects of her life are often framed within the context of this connection. Sol Xochitl, a former stripper and the mother of Mike Tyson’s children, has lived a life that only occasionally intersects with the public eye.

Sol Xochitl has seldom made public statements, and the record of her quotes is minimal. The information available on her primarily derives from her association with Tyson and the events surrounding their daughter, Exodus. In light of the tragedy involving Exodus Tyson:

On her character and lifestyle: She has been mentioned in passing as someone who was highly committed to fitness, even to the point of competitive jests with Tyson, noting that “Not Even Mike Would Beat Her” in her dedication to physical health.

Regarding relationships: Her discussions with Mike Tyson’s associates are said to have included inquiries for advice on maintaining the relationship, suggesting an interest in fostering a positive domestic environment.

The public dealings of Sol Xochitl predominantly portray her as a mother and former partner to a public figure. There is an absence of direct quotes that can be attributed to her on record, which maintains her privacy and highlights the limited nature of her engagement with the media.

Legacy and Remembrance

Sol Xochitl’s legacy is deeply intertwined with the memory of her daughter, Exodus Tyson, whose untimely passing left a profound impact on those around her.

Memorials and Tributes

Friends, family, and fans have honored Exodus Tyson’s memory through various memorials and tributes. These acts of remembrance have served not only as a way to celebrate her life but also to acknowledge the tragedy that befell Sol Xochitl and Mike Tyson. The memorials are reflections of the love that continues to surround Exodus posthumously.

Posthumous Recognition

Exodus’s legacy is also apparent in the increased awareness regarding home safety for children. Her passing brought attention to the potential hazards within a family home and underscored the importance of childproofing. In this way, her memory continues to influence and gate household safety discussions, perpetuating a legacy that outreaches the bounds of celebrity and speaks directly to the importance of vigilance in protecting the young.

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