Steve Sohmer: Life Partner of Soap Opera Star

Steve Sohmer is a multifaceted individual with a diverse career that spans across literature, television, and academia. Born on June 26, 1941, in Savannah, Georgia, he has made his mark as a Shakespearean scholar, author, television writer, producer, and executive in both network television and the movie industry. With a doctorate specializing in Shakespearean studies from Oxford University, Sohmer has a solid academic foundation that informs his work, particularly in his writing and scholarly pursuits.

In the literary world, Sohmer’s debut novel, “The Way It Was,” was published in 1966, establishing his place in the annals of fiction. Beyond fiction, he has also authored nonfiction books, leveraging his expertise in Shakespearean literature. His career in the entertainment industry is marked by his versatility, taking on roles as a television writer and a producer for notable projects. Notably, his contributions to the entertainment industry have seen him work on television shows such as “Twice in a Lifetime,” and “OP Center,” as well as being involved with motion pictures.

Aside from his professional accomplishments, Sohmer’s personal life has captured public interest, particularly his family life with his wife, Deidre Hall, a celebrated soap opera star. The couple’s decision to hire a surrogate to carry their child received media attention and highlighted the power of surrogacy in helping couples realize their dreams of parenthood. Throughout his varied professional life, Steve Sohmer has demonstrated a commitment to excellence whether it be in the depth of his scholarly work or the creativity of his contributions to the world of entertainment.

Early Life and Education

Steve Sohmer was born on June 26, 1941, in Savannah, Georgia. His early passion for literature and notable intellect set the foundation for his impressive academic and scholarly pursuits, particularly in the realm of Shakespearean literature.

Academic Achievements

Steve Sohmer commenced his higher education at Oxford University, one of the most prestigious institutions of higher learning. He distinguished himself academically, earning recognition for his scholarly work and demonstrating a strong commitment to his field of study.

Shakespearean Scholarship

Sohmer’s dedication to academia shone through his focus on Shakespearean scholarship. His understanding and interpretation of Shakespeare’s works garnered him respect in the academic community. Sohmer’s deep dive into Shakespearean texts at Oxford provided him with a robust foundation that would inform his future writing and professional endeavors.

Literary Career

Steve Sohmer’s literary career is marked by his duality as an author of fiction, particularly novels, and as a scholar with works focused on Shakespearean literature. His expertise in both domains has led to a diverse collection of published material.


  • The Way It Was: This title was Steve Sohmer’s debut novel, published in 1966 by Simon & Schuster. Renowned for its narrative, the book garnered attention and was selected by The New York Times as one of the year’s best
  • Favorite Son: A step into the political thriller genre, Favorite Son became a Literary Guild Main Selection and was translated into 15 languages, establishing Sohmer’s international appeal

Nonfiction Works

Sohmer’s foray into nonfiction prominently features his Shakespearean expertise. His scholarly works are as follows:

  • Shakespeare’s Mystery Play: An analysis diving into the intricacies of one of Shakespeare’s plays
  • Shakespeare for the Wiser Sort: Another testament to his deep understanding of Shakespeare’s works
  • Reading Shakespeare’s Mind: An exploration into the thought process behind Shakespeare’s literary genius

These contributions to nonfiction and Shakespearean scholarship highlight the breadth of Steve Sohmer’s knowledge and his ability to engage readers across genres.

Television and Film Industry

Steve Sohmer has had a significant impact on the television and film industry, with extensive experience in high-ranking positions within major networks and production companies. His influence is particularly notable in his work with network television and as a motion picture executive.

Network Television

Steve Sohmer’s tenure at CBS involved a series of key positions that showcased his skills as an Executive Vice President and as a producer. He played a pivotal role in producing an array of specials and series that left a mark on the industry. During his time with CBS, Sohmer was instrumental in overseeing programming for CBS Entertainment, CBS News, and CBS Sports. Notable series Sohmer was associated with include “Dallas”, “The Dukes of Hazzard”, and “The Incredible Hulk”. Furthermore, his expertise extended to NBC, where he served as a television writer and contributed to popular shows.

  • CBS Television Network
    • Specials
    • Dallas
    • The Dukes of Hazzard
    • The Incredible Hulk
  • NBC
    • Television writing roles
    • Series production

Motion Picture Executive

Beyond network television, Steve Sohmer held valuable roles as an executive in the motion picture industry, demonstrating his versatility across media formats. His career also involved working with PAX TV, enhancing the network’s programming slate. Moreover, he took on the role of producer in projects such as “Mancuso, F.B.I.”, which starred Robert Loggia, and “Twice in a Lifetime”, further solidifying his reputation in the field.

  • PAX TV
    • Expansion of programming
  • Motion Picture Productions
    • “Mancuso, F.B.I.” with Robert Loggia
    • “Twice in a Lifetime” (Producer role)

Media and Marketing Experience

Steve Sohmer’s tenure in the media industry is marked by significant roles in marketing and promotion, demonstrating a keen ability to enhance network visibility and engage audiences through strategic campaigns.

Promotion Campaigns

At ABC, Steve Sohmer served as the Executive Vice President of marketing, advertising, and promotion. He orchestrated comprehensive promotion campaigns that successfully raised awareness of the network’s new comedy lineup. His impact was noteworthy despite a relatively brief stint of seven months in this role. Previously, Sohmer lent his expertise to NBC and CBS, contributing to their marketing rejuvenations.

Sohmer’s experience extends to his time with Columbia Pictures, where he applied his skills in media promotion to the film industry. His efforts in developing and executing marketing strategies helped to strengthen the studio’s brand and audience engagement.

Before his roles with major networks and studios, Sohmer was affiliated with The Minneapolis Star and Tribune Company. There, he was integral in creating slide and film sales presentations, showcasing his ability to leverage different media formats for effective communication and promotion.

Throughout his career, Steve Sohmer has consistently applied a blend of creativity and strategic thinking to his roles, leaving a lasting impression on the media and entertainment industry’s approach to marketing and promotion. His experience with running a media promotion firm further solidified his reputation as a seasoned professional in the field.

Personal Life

In the realm of his personal life, Steve Sohmer is recognized for his marriage to celebrated actress Deidre Hall and their decision to start a family through surrogacy.


Steve Sohmer has fathered children through a surrogate arrangement. At the age of 48, Deidre Hall and Steve Sohmer chose to hire a surrogate to carry their child, leading to the birth of their offspring.

Notable Relationships

Deidre Hall: Steve Sohmer was married to Deidre Hall, a prominent American actress known for her role as Dr. Marlena Evans on “Days of Our Lives.” Their relationship gained attention due to their choice of expanding their family through surrogacy. The surrogate mother donated her egg, which was then fertilized by Sohmer’s sperm. This chapter in their lives highlighted the couple’s journey into parenthood and showcased a deep cooperation with the surrogate who became a significant part of their story.


Steve Sohmer’s literary contributions span fiction and academia. His works have earned recognition, with fiction novels like “The Way It Was” being acknowledged by The New York Times. His bibliography reflects a diverse range of interests from political thrillers to Shakespearean scholarship.

Fiction Works

  • The Way It Was: Sohmer’s debut novel, published in 1966 and noted by The New York Times
  • Favorite Son: A political thriller that dives into the genre of mystery and conspiracy, showing parallels to some works of Tom Clancy. It was adapted into a miniseries by NBC

Academic Publications

  • Shakespearean Scholarly Works: As a recognized Shakespearean scholar, Sohmer has contributed to academic discourse with publications exploring the nuances of Shakespeare’s plays and their relevance to contemporary themes

Public Recognition and Achievements

Steve Sohmer has garnered attention through both his scholarly contributions to Shakespeare studies and his engagement with the media industry. His work has been recognized formally in academic circles as well as broadly through media coverage.


Steve Sohmer’s awards and formal accolades primarily stem from his contributions to television production and literature. Notable among these is his role in the production of the Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony, where his efforts were aimed at infusing the event with dazzle and showmanship. Specific awards, however, are not detailed in the available data.

Media Coverage

Steve Sohmer’s media presence includes coverage by prominent outlets like The New York Times, which has reported on his activities within the television industry. His recognition extends to his written works, both academic and fictional, which have also been the subject of discussion in various media circles.

  • Television Industry: As a notable television writer and producer, he has been featured in articles related to his executive roles and insights into the entertainment sector
  • Literature and Scholarship: His books, which delve into Shakespeare’s plays, have been acknowledged in academia and have received coverage for their contributions to literary scholarship. The titles such as “Shakespeare’s Mystery Play” and “Reading Shakespeare’s Mind” suggest a deep engagement with the Bard’s works

Influence and Legacy

Steve Sohmer’s tenure in entertainment and academia has left indelible marks in both sectors. His work has been featured in various forms of media, resonating with a wide audience and garnering literary acknowledgment.

Cultural Impact

Steve Sohmer has navigated the realms of television and literature, influencing the cultural landscape with his dual expertise. Within the entertainment industry, he was known for his innovative approach to television production, particularly for his role in reviving the grandeur of televised awards shows. His witty repartee and understanding of showmanship brought a unique flair to events such as the Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony.

In literature, Sohmer’s fiction writing has contributed to New York Times bestseller lists, an achievement that signifies his reach and impact within the art of storytelling. His novels have not only entertained readers but also added to the diversity of the literary scene, bridging the gap between popular fiction and detailed storytelling.

Scholarly Contributions

As a Shakespearean scholar, Steve Sohmer has offered significant insights into the world of Elizabethan drama. His academic endeavors and publications shed new light on Shakespeare’s works, contributing to the scholarly discourse. Through his lectures and literary critiques, he has enriched the understanding of Shakespeare’s masterpieces in both historical and modern contexts. His scholarly work remains a reference point for academics and enthusiasts seeking a deeper comprehension of England’s renowned bard.

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