The Best TV Shows to Watch that are Based on Books

If you want to make a TV show, it would be a smart idea to opt for something that comes out of a book. Books are so well-written that you can make brilliant shows out of them, you just need to be sure that you stay true to the books though. If you are looking for a library of shows that are based on books, you could always head to Netflix where you can find a bunch. 

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Today, we will be telling you about some of the best shows that are based on books, so make sure that you read all the way to the end. Some of these shows might seem familiar because you might have heard about their book-counterpart beforehand. So without any further ado, let’s get right into the list. 


Out of all the recent shows, we thought it would be best if we started off with Bridgerton because of how popular the show was and still is. The show is based on the books written by the famous author Julia Quinn. The initial season revolves around the story of the first book The Duke and I. The story is about Daphne Bridgerton who is the eldest daughter in the family as she walks into the whole “marriage market” in Regency London. She has seven siblings and she is close to each one of them. 

One of the amazing things about the show is the brilliant costume work and the amazing sets that show an older version of London. The second season is based on the second book The Viscount Who Loved Me and the future seasons will be based on the books that follow!

The Boys

If you told us that you didn’t know about The Boys, we would have a hard time believing you. It is the kind of show that took Amazon Prime Video by storm as soon as it was released. The show is based on the very graphic comics by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. The show gives you a more realistic approach on what superheroes would actually be like, ruthless and hungry for fame. 

Do know that the show is really gruesome and if you think that is something that you can handle, then you should definitely give it a shot. Remember that one of the most iconic characters in the show is Homelander, now why is that? You would have to watch the show yourself to find out!

Game of Thrones

How could we have missed this brilliant show? Considered to be one of the best TV shows of all time, just a little bit behind Breaking Bad is Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones is based on the best-selling book by George R. R, Martin called “A Song of Ice and Fire”

Some of the most noticeable things about Game of Thrones are realistic dragons, iconic betrayals by characters such as Littlefinger, battles such as the legendary Battle of the Bastards, and some elements that scar you for life such as the Red Wedding. 

People who have read the books might have already known what was coming but for people who only watched the show, they were in for a treat! We still remember what an exhilarating experience it was when every season of the show dropped. Game of Thrones is definitely the kind of show that you just cannot miss. 

The Haunting of Hill House

When it comes to horror shows, you know that Mike Flanagan is the best. Mike really rose to fame when he created much loved The Haunting of Hill House which is based on the book of the same name by Shirley Jackson. The show is about a family that moves into Hill House and how they experience supernatural events in the house. 

Each episode is dedicated to each family member, exploring their story and what affiliation they have with the mysterious “Red Room” in the house. The show also teaches you the importance of family in a rather weird way and also emphasizes the kind of bond that siblings have for each other. If you’re in for a good scare and want to watch something that is wholesome at the same time, then you should definitely watch The Haunting of Hill House. 

Ending Note

Whoever came up with the idea of making shows out of books must have been a genius. There are also some other adaptations such as A Series of Unfortunate Events that have been inspired by books and once they were released, they took the entire world by storm, especially the people who were fans of the books.

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