The Remarkable Journey of Patti Heid: A Blend of Art, Technology, and Personal Struggles

Patti Heid, an exceptional artist, has not only left her imprint in the world of art but has also dealt with personal struggles that add depth to her vibrant and dynamic persona. This article explores her journey, highlighting her artistic achievements, her integration of technology in art, and her trials in her personal life.

A Journey Through Colors and Memories

Born on July 14, 1952, in Appleton, Wisconsin, Patti Heid’s artistic journey began in her early childhood. Her first vivid memory was not a typical memory of a child but one that involved the world of colors and creativity. She was just a little girl when she first stepped into her father’s paint shop. Heid’s father had a passion for painting cars, and this passion undoubtedly influenced young Patti. She often found herself in the front seat of a brand new robin’s egg blue ’57 Thunderbird, visualizing color options while inhaling the smell of the freshly upholstered seat. This early exposure to color and creativity led her to win an art contest on the back of the CRISPY CRITTERS cereal box, confirming her potential as an artist at a young age.

Academic Pursuits and Venturing into Fine Arts

Heid’s academic journey was no less interesting. She completed her Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts from Mount Mary College, Milwaukee, in 1975. The college provided her with a platform to explore her love for art and to refine her skills. The rigorous airbrush exercises at the college humbled her, honing her trigger finger and introducing her to the world of photorealism. However, her use of airbrush led to several bouts of pneumonia, which eventually made her rethink her artistic methods.

The Evolution of Art: Embracing Technology

Instead of letting her health issues deter her artistic journey, Patti Heid chose to evolve. A friend, who was a computer mogul, gifted her a high tech computer system. This opened a new avenue for Heid. She could now transfer a significant portion of the imaging to her canvas digitally, reducing her exposure to harmful fumes. The introduction of technology in her art did not dilute her creativity. Instead, it enhanced it. Her art became a blend of organic and visual electronica. She created highly textured images that contrasted with the rapidly evolving, high tech world of technological advances and accelerated chaos.

The Artistic Process

Heid’s artistic process involves composing images on video, evolving to a UV coated digital image on canvas. This canvas then undergoes numerous layers of airbrushed acrylic to glorify the colors and personalize each painting. The paintings are further embellished with laborious hand stitching. She introduces beads, sequins, crystals, pearls, feathers, gold and silver bullion, and an unusual collection of mixed media on canvas to bring a subliminal essence of humanity to the paintings.

Art Exhibitions and Recognition

Over the years, Patti Heid has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions, gaining recognition for her unique style of art. She has exhibited her work at prestigious venues like the Walter Wickiser in New York, the Vorpal Gallery in San Francisco, and the Brendan Walter Gallery in Santa Monica, among others. Her work has also been displayed at the Woman Made Gallery in Chicago and the Patricia Correia Gallery in Santa Monica.

Personal Life and Struggles

While Patti Heid’s professional life has been filled with colors and creativity, her personal life has seen its share of struggles. She was previously married to comedian Cheech Marin. However, their marriage ended in a bitter divorce, with Heid filing a restraining order against Marin for alleged verbal and physical abuse. These personal struggles have undoubtedly left their mark on Heid, adding a layer of complexity to her persona.


Patti Heid’s life and career serve as a testament to her resilience and creativity. Her journey from a young girl fascinated by colors to a renowned artist who seamlessly blends technology and art is truly inspiring. Despite the struggles she has faced, Heid continues to create art that is a reflection of her experiences and her unique perspective on the world.

Despite the personal trials, Patti Heid continues to create inspiring art, proving that creativity often thrives in the face of adversity. Her work, a blend of traditional art techniques and modern technology, continues to captivate audiences, making her a truly remarkable figure in the world of art.

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