16 and Missing: Uncovering the Story – New Crime Series?

In our quest for engaging cinematic experiences to enjoy from the comfort of our homes, we recently watched “16 and Missing” starring Ashley Scott. Available on Amazon, this thriller dives into the harrowing journey of a mother’s search for her abducted daughter.

The film, directed by Michael Feifer and produced by Stan Spry and Eric Woods, captivates with its suspenseful storyline. It’s grounded by strong performances, especially from lead actress Ashley Scott, who convincingly portrays the anguish and determination of a mother on a mission. The movie has been produced by MarVista, known for delivering a variety of lifetime thrillers that keep viewers on their toes.

While the plot is engaging, we found the movie’s handling of sensitive subjects like violence and sexual content to be balanced, without overly graphic representations. English subtitles are available, which come in handy for non-native speakers or those who prefer watching with text. The film also features versatile audio language options and a dialogue boost, ensuring clarity of speech throughout the intense scenes.

Bottom Line

“16 and Missing” is a film that could keep you glued to the screen, biting your nails as the story unfolds. It blends emotion with suspense, making for a solid thriller for fans of the genre.

Overview of 16 and Missing

In our recent viewing, “16 and Missing” proved to be a gripping thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Directed by Michael Feifer and featuring Ashley Scott in the lead role, the film has a strong cast that delivers compelling performances. We found the narrative particularly engaging, as it delves into the anxieties surrounding a teenage girl’s disappearance.

The production quality, courtesy of MarVista studio, supports the tense atmosphere throughout the movie. We appreciated the inclusion of English subtitles and the option for dialogue boost, as they made the film more accessible to a variety of viewers. However, some viewers might find the content advisory—which warns of violence, foul language, and sexual content—important to consider before watching.

We were taken with how the plot unfolds, though we believe the subject matter may not be suitable for all audiences. Its technical execution and storytelling were notable, keeping us invested till the very end. Despite lacking customer reviews on the provided Amazon URL, it’s clear that “16 and Missing” is a film with much to offer, especially for fans of the thriller genre.

Key Features

Having spent a decent amount of time with “16 and Missing,” it’s clear that the key features of this film are instrumental in delivering a captivating viewing experience. Let’s unpack what makes this film stand out in terms of performance, storyline, production, and those extra perks that make watching it a more enriching experience.

Stellar Cast Performance

In “16 and Missing,” the cast truly brings the narrative to life, showcasing an array of emotions that keep us engaged from beginning to end. Ashley Scott, alongside Lizze Broadway and Mark Hapka, deliver noteworthy performances. Their portrayal of the complex relationships within the storyline reminds us of the nuances within our own interpersonal dynamics. The chemistry among the actors is palpable, ensuring that every scene maintains its intended impact.

Captivating Storyline

This feature can’t be overlooked — the plot of “16 and Missing” is both intense and intriguing. As reviewers, we look for a story that pulls us in, and this film does not disappoint. The unfolding drama of a teenager’s disappearance is a familiar theme, yet it’s handled with a freshness that keeps us guessing. The narrative addresses contemporary issues, striking a chord with those who are familiar with the angst and dangers of the online world.

High-Quality Production

MarVista’s influence on “16 and Missing” is evident in the film’s production quality. The studio has taken care to ensure that the lighting, sound design, and set pieces create an immersive experience for viewers. It’s apparent that producers Stan Spry and Eric Woods, along with director Michael Feifer, prioritized a polished look and feel. This attention to production detail benefits the storytelling and provides a seamless viewing experience.

Special Features for Enhanced Viewing

The film comes with several special features aimed at enhancing the viewer’s experience. Subtitles are available in English [CC], which is a significant plus for those who might have hearing difficulties or prefer reading along. The inclusion of adjustable English Dialogue Boost settings, with both Medium and High options, is also thoughtful. This allows for customization of the audio experience to cater to individual preferences or accommodate different viewing environments.

In conclusion, “16 and Missing” is a well-rounded film. The strong performances, engaging plot, and high production values, combined with viewer-focused special features, make for a riveting movie night. Despite its heavy themes, the movie manages to hit the right notes, providing both entertainment and a reflective cinematic experience.

Pros and Cons

Having spent time with “16 and Missing,” we’ve gathered our thoughts on its highs and lows to guide you in making an informed decision.


  • Engaging Plot: We were hooked by the suspenseful storyline that keeps you guessing until the end.
  • Strong Performances: The actors deliver compelling performances, bringing depth to the characters and story.
  • Quality Production: From our observation, the film boasts high production values, with credible direction and cinematography.
  • Good Pacing: The pacing is brisk but coherent, ensuring that we remained engaged without feeling rushed.


  • Predictability: While engaging, some plot twists can seem familiar and somewhat predictable to an avid thriller fan.
  • Character Development: We found that the secondary characters could benefit from more development to enhance the story.
  • Limited Replay Value: Once the mystery is resolved, the incentive for re-watching can diminish given the nature of suspense films.

In our experience, “16 and Missing” provides an entertaining watch that may have some drawbacks but generally holds its ground as a persuasive thriller.

Content Advisory Awareness

After recently watching “16 and Missing,” we feel it’s important to highlight that parents should be aware of its themes. The film deals with the serious subject of a teenager running away and the subsequent dangers she encounters. The suspense can get intense and might be unsettling for some viewers, especially younger ones.

We noticed that while there’s no overtly graphic content, there are scenes of peril that suggest violence which could be distressing. The dialogue includes elements of emotional manipulation which may merit a discussion afterwards if watched with teens.

“16 and Missing” prompts reflections on online safety and the vulnerabilities of teenagers in the digital age. Although there’s no alarming content that would warrant strong caution, it’s a film that walks through the shadows of online interactions and their real-world consequences. Viewers seeking an engaging drama with a cautionary tale will find this film thought-provoking, but we recommend a bit of circumspection for those sensitive to themes of adolescent turmoil and danger.

Customer Reviews

In our experience, “16 and Missing” is a thought-provoking film that certainly gets people talking. Although there are no reviews currently listed, it’s worth noting that a movie’s impact can often be seen beyond online comments. From our collective viewings, we found that the suspense was well-crafted, making the film engaging throughout. The performances were solid, especially considering the film’s delicate subject matter. However, some might find the pacing a bit slow in parts, and certain plot points felt predictable. The lack of reviews might initially seem concerning, but we believe it also means there’s an opportunity for viewers to form their own unbiased opinions. So, if you’re in the mood for a dramatic thriller that tackles real-world issues, this might be worth your time.


After spending quality time with “16 and Missing,” we’ve gathered a well-rounded perspective on this film. This thriller aims to grip its viewers with its suspense-driven plot. The storytelling can be engaging, especially for fans of the genre who appreciate a fast-paced narrative. However, it’s important to mention that some viewers might find the character development lacking depth, potentially affecting the emotional investment in the story. The production quality is decent for a movie of its class, making it a valid pick for a casual movie night. While it doesn’t break new ground in cinematic storytelling, “16 and Missing” holds its own as an entertaining watch that can stir up discussions and keep you guessing until the end.

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