Alison Victoria and Luke Harding – Net Worth, Awards And Career

Real Name:Alison Victoria Gramenos
Birthday:October 31, 1981
Net Worth:$3 million
Height:152 cm
Occupation:American TV Personality, Interior Designer, Businesswoman

Alison Victoria was born on 31 October 1981, in Chicago Illinois, United States. She is a television personality and phenomenal interior designer who has successfully carved a niche in the mainstream media by hosting the popular show, Kitchen Crashers. She is someone that puts her mind and heart into whatever she does, and she executes them diligently without excuses. She is charming, elegant, multi-talented, and exceptionally beautiful.

Alison has been deeply involved with myriads of business ventures and had subsequently recorded impressive success stories. At different times, she has shared awesome memories of her childhood experiences on the 46th floor of the John Hancock building. Not so much is known about her parents and family background.  However, she has not failed to confirm that she grew up in the company of her three other siblings.

She found her boyfriend-turned soul mate, Luke Harding in a dating site, in 2012. After stretching their online dating experience for a while, they went on a blind date, one faithful day. By 1st June 2013, they were happily reciting their wedding vows before an ordained minister.

Their marriage produced an adorable daughter, whom Alison flashes all over her Instagram account. Her husband is a private person; he is not a celebrity and hasn’t made any headline with his name on it. Luke owns an insurance firm that provides for himself and his family.

Before hosting Kitchen Crashers, she was an ordinary girl and graduate from college who was passionately optimistic to pursue a career in interior design. She joined Christopher Homes where she honed her skills for 2 years and was celebrated as the youngest female interior designer in the firm.

Some of the things she does in her show DIY Network’s Kitchen Crashers include the ultimate crashing of a yard, bath, house, and lots more. In July 2017, she appeared several in HGTV’s showWindy City Rehab’. Here, she buys old homes and recreates it into new, modern forms. This is what she calls giving it ‘Victoria Alison’s touch’.

The Kitchen Crasher’s host also earned a Bachelor’s degree in design from the University of Nevada. She was a creative director at Silverton Casino Hotel in Las Vegas. Her work enabled a turnover of a whopping sum of $160 million during her service. She delivered this project in a bold, courageous and professional manner, and was awarded the Rising star award for Business.

Net Worth / Earning Income

Presently, Alison has a fortune of $3 million; wealth she shares with her beloved spouse, Luke Harding. She made this fortune from a wide range of activities including interior design and television hosting. As a television personality, Alison receives an annual salary of $57,756, which substantially contributes to her cash flow.

Currently, she is living in Wicker Park mansion, which was acquired at $315,000. The current value of the property is $1.5 million, possibly this contributes to her fortune.


In 2011, she received Rising Stars of Business Awards from Las Vegas Business Press.


After garnering some wealth of experiences and funding from Kitchen Crashers, she started her consulting career in Chicago (where she grew up) and Las Vegas (where she got her education). She also invested in a modern luxury furniture line, by launching ‘Victoria Interiors’,  a medium she is successfully using to serve a wide range of clients comprising of high-end residences, resorts, spas, hotels, and boutiques.

As a television personality, she made fortunes from high-end commercials and brand endorsements including Gevalia, a coffee company. Her rare contributions to the business world are undoubtedly satisfactory.

Part of the reason Alison prefers Chicago as the location of her business was that she is familiar with the town. Among other strong reasons, she grew up there. She is a consummate interior designer; it has been her passion right from her childhood. That was why she embraced it with open arms when the opportunity came knocking. She is a force to be reckoned with, and she achieved some of her successes with the full support of her husband, Luke Harding.

Most of her fans seem to adore her simply because of her beauty, charm, aura, and elegance rather than her shows, and creative skills. She is also celebrated in different circles as a bundle of talents and fabulous interior designer.

Besides her work as a television personality, she works for animal causes and is deeply connected with Chicago child charities. She actively blogs and have massive followership on various social networking sites.

Luke Harding

Luke Harding is an insurance agent. He runs a successful insurance company. He is not a celebrity unlike his wife, Alison Victoria. They met at a web-based dating site, They fell in love almost immediately and eventually got married after dating for a while. During their dating history, their love grew stronger to the extent that the television star had to buy a house near him, so as to be steadily closer to him.

He proposed to Alison in Paris, at a midnight picnic on the 34th wedding anniversary of his parents. A sign that he wanted their marriage to last long like that of his parents. They had a low key wedding at the Drake Hotel with about 120 guests on the big day including family, friends, and fans.

They had a daughter together. But little is known about their daughter, as Alison would prefer more information about her family to remain as private as possible. However, she shares her photograph on Instagram sparingly.

Ever since their marriage, the duo has been enjoying a blissful union without any divorce or separation issues. Despite their busy schedule, they have been able to maintain an amazing relationship.

They have a dual home both in Chicago and Las Vegas and shuttles between them. He is not a socially active person. He only came to limelight after tying the knot with the television star. He is a loving father to his beautiful daughter and a caring husband to his darling wife, Alison. He supports his wife in her professional career.


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