Heather Helm – Net Worth, Early Life, Personal Life And Career

Real Name:Heather A Helm a.k.a Heather Lillard
Birthday:30 November, 1971
Net Worth:N/A
Height:168 cm
Occupation:American Realtor, wife of Matthew Lillard

In the world of celebrity and show business, many spouses have become famous because of their marriage to their popular other half. Their professional career stays very much unknown or completely unknown to the public.

Heather Helm is one of those people whose spouse’s fame has rubbed off slightly on them and also overshadowed their personal lives. You have most likely heard of her husband even if you haven’t heard of her. It’s okay if you don’t know much or if you know nothing at all about Heather Helm. We will be providing you with some interesting information about her briefly.

Heather Helm is best known as the wife of a famous Hollywood actor, Mathew Lillard. His role as Shaggy in the Scooby-Doo movies is his most movie role yet, so if you have seen any of those action mystery movies, then you certainly know Mathew Lillard.

However, in terms of her professional career, Heather has been successful in making a name for herself in Hollywood. She is an American realtor with a rich career. Like we said earlier, you are going to learn a lot more about the life of Heather Helm at the end of this article.

Early Life

Heater Helm was born in 1971 in Pasadena, California, and she spent her childhood there. Details like where she comes from, where she was born are not known, and there is no information available to the public about her parents or siblings.

Heather attended Canada High School, and she graduated with a degree in 1989. After high school, she went on to study at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and earned herself a bachelor’s degree. These are unfortunately all the available information about Heather’s early life at the moment, but we will update this section as soon as we have new information.

Personal Life

In 1998, Heather Helm met her husband, Matthew Lillard, for the first time at an event for celebrities. The duo usually recalls the event as love at first sight. Two years later, in 2000, they got married in a wedding that attracted a lot of media attention. Let us talk a little about Heather’s husband, Matthew.

Matthew Lillard is a popular American actor born in Lansing, Michigan in 1970. He is a popular American actor that has made a name for himself through a couple of comedy roles. Apart from his most popular role as Shaggy Rogers in the iconic Scooby-Doo movies, Lillard has appeared in movies like She’s All that (1991), The 13 Ghosts (2001), and more recently he has appeared in a popular TV show called Twin Peaks.

They have now been married for more than 15 years, and they have been blessed with three children. Their first daughter, Addison Grace Lillard, was born in 2002. Their second daughter was born in 2004 and was named Mercy Lyn Lillard. The third child and only son, Liam Lillard was born in 2008. Their family and marriage have been very quiet and stable. They try as much as they can to spend every moment together, and they go to most places together, whether it is a movie premiere or any other important event.

Heather Helm and her family live happily and peacefully in their home at Pasadena today. In previous years, they used to live in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles.

In terms of social network interactions, Heather rarely uses them or doesn’t use them at all. She doesn’t share the details of her private life to the public. Her husband, on the other hand, is active on social media, and occasionally posts her pictures and other details from her private life on his Twitter account.


Heather Helm’s career is not as popular as her husband’s, but she works hard to be successful, and she gives her best to the entertainment world. However, there is often some confusion when it comes to Heather’s profession. There are a lot of people that think that Heather Helm is an actress, but she isn’t.

Heather Helm is an active real estate agent, and she is also known as a special event marketing director, as well as a worker at a popular Walt Disney company. In her role, she has successfully organized a lot of campaigns, premieres, and other important social and entertainment events.

She works with famous actors and other celebrities in her line of work, and it was at one of the events she organizes that she met her husband, Matthew Lillard.

2011 was an important landmark in Heather Helm’s career, as she signed a contract with a real estate agency located in Pasadena. It was a major boost for fame, and she started to deal with major amounts of money. Heather has become very famous and successful at her job, and today, she is often referred to as one of the most successful real estate agents in the U.S.

Net Worth

Heather Helm’s estimated assets are unknown, but it is speculated to be a couple of million dollars. Like we mentioned earlier, she is one of the most successful real estate agents in the business, which means that she is responsible for expensive transactions in the tune of hundreds of thousands in American dollars. However, her husband’s official fortune is $1.5 million.

Quick Summary

Heather Helm is a successful American realtor and is also known as the wife of the popular actor Matthew Lillard.

She was born in 1971. She is happily married and has been blessed with three children with Matthew Lillard. They are a private and closely-knit family that attends movie premieres, and other events together. Her relationship with other celebrities also makes her a famous figure in Hollywood.

Her exact cash flow is unknown, but the nature of her career allows us to speculate that it is a couple of million dollars. Although there isn’t so much detail about Heather Helm available, we hope we have been able to shed some light on some details of her life.

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