Amy Nelson a.k.a. Peebles – Net Worth, Career Ups And Downs

Real Name:Amy Nelson
Birthday:May 21, 1994
Net Worth:$400,000
Height:163 cm
Occupation:American Youtube Persnality, Graphic Designer and Animator

Amy Nelson is a semi-famous Internet personality. Most people know her as the girlfriend/wife of YouTube sensation Mark Fiashbach, Markiplier. But she has her decent career as well. Born in 1994 in Cincinnati, Amy is a member of Graphic Designer. Her online nickname is Peebles. How much is Amy Nelson’s cash flow?

The young internet personality always lived in the digital world. She worked as a graphic artist and animator. And since her relationship with Markiplier, she serves as the person behind the camera. The two met during a gaming conversation in Cincinnati. Let’s take a look at Amy Nelson’s fortune so far.

Career Ups and Downs

We don’t know much about Amy’s private and personal life. She keeps it secret and mysterious. We know that she spent her childhood in Cincinnati. Born in Cincinnati in 1994, she now lives in Los Angeles.

Before dating Markiplier, she led a private and quiet life. Amy worked as a graphic artist and animator. And that is how she got her gig at Graphic Designer, a crew of artists.

The two started dating in 2015. They met during a gaming conversation in Cincinnati, and things hit on from there. They dated for one year before going public. The two had their first public appearance at VidCon in 2016. There, she accompanied Mark and that started the speculations. Amy, later on, confirmed on Twitter with a picture of her and Mark, captioned “oh jeez”.

Since the beginning of the relationship, Amy helps Mark with his YouTube videos. She serves as the person behind the camera. Nelson made her official appearance on Markplier’s channel in the Don’t Laugh Challenge #5 video. Since then, she often appears in live-action videos. She and her friend Kathryn Knutsen serve as the official judges on his live-action series, Markiplier Makes.

Amy spends most of the time behind the camera for live-action videos. She also serves as his editing partner. Amy also works as an editor on the Unus Annus videos. That is a channel created by Markiplier with fellow YouTuber CrankGameplays. The channel will work for only one year. After that, the content and all of the merch will cease to exist.

Net Worth

Markiplier is one of the richest YouTubers in the world. He has a fortune of more than $20 million. But how much is Amy Nelson’s cash flow? Well, some would say half of his wealth. But that is not the case. That might happen if the two get a divorce and she gets 50% of his money.

As of September 2020, Amy Nelson’s cash flow is more than $400,000. That is a small amount compared to her husband. But unlike Markiplier, Nelson doesn’t have a big YouTube presence. Markiplier is the 22nd most followed YouTuber.

She, on the other hand, has a little over 70,000 followers on her YouTube channel. And she doesn’t upload content on Planet Peebles often. In fact, there is no content on the channel until now.

Her relationship with Markiplier helped her gain some media presence. She does have more than 83k followers on Twitter and more than 224k followers on Instagram.

Amy Nelson, or Peebles, lives her entire life in the electronic and digital world. She previously worked as a digital artist and animator. Now, she serves as the editor for Markiplier’s YouTube videos. As of September 2020, Amy Nelson’s cash flow is a little over $400,000. That is pennies compared to Markiplier’s fortune of $22 million. But hey, they live together and she can spend his money too.

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