Baxter Neal Helson -Net Worth, Marriage, Life After Divorce

Real Name:Baxter Neal Helson
Birthday:December 1966
Net Worth:$600,000
Height:167 cm
Occupation:American Drummer, Ex-husband to Leticia “Tish” Cyrus

Baxter Neal Helson was born in December 1966, in Ashland, Kentucky, USA, and is of white ethnicity. He is a good-looking drummer who spent a greater part of his childhood in his hometown.

There is little information regarding his early childhood and family background; the identity of his parents and siblings are also unknown. Hopefully, with time these details will emerge someday. He is a talented drummer who works for himself. He grew up, lived, and still living in the United States all his life.

Growing up he developed an unflinching love and passion for music. His love for drums is undoubtedly inspiring. He performed in Kentucky for years before he came to the limelight. Playing drums remained his most favorite skill.

Baxter was not a celebrity within the entertainment circle, but he came to the limelight when he started a romantic relationship with Tish, (a revered actress who is celebrated both in Hollywood and beyond), which later led to marriage and subsequent divorce .


Little is known about his academic pursuits. It is obvious he went to school in the United States, but the exact institution and education he received have remained quite vague. However, while growing up, some sources claimed he had lots of musical background.

Net Worth / Earning Income

Various sources confirmed that Baxter’s cash flow is well over $600,000 since 2019. Little is known about his current salary or earning power. He is no longer on any social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and doesn’t share his bio online.

Thus, making it difficult to retrieve any personal information about his salary, and current occupation after the divorce. Many of his fans believe he is living a low key life.


Baxter and Leticia ‘Tish’ Cyrus met at a local party they attended when they were young, and they began dating almost immediately. Their love grew stronger afterward. The duo got married in 1986, but their marriage did not last long. It crashed after 3 years precisely in 1989. Their marital union produced 2 children; musician Trace and actress Brandi Helson (well-known celebrities) who were later adopted by Billy Ray Cyrus, Tish’s second husband.

Tish got pregnant from Baxter at the age of 19 and gave birth to their first child, Brandi Glenn Helson in 1987, now called Cyrus. Brandi is a popular actress, pop star, and DJ. Their marriage was blissful till shortly after the birth of their second child, a son Neil Timothy Helson, now called Trace Cyrus, a professional and highly sought after guitarist.

Initially, they were living happily as married couples, however, a few months after Neil’s birth, they lost grip of their love life and this led to a divorce in 1989.

Lost Custody of the Children

Following their divorce, a custody battle ensued between them as both wanted to take the kids along with them. They had a series of court appearances in this regard. Finally, he failed to secure the custody of their two children; instead, the court gave the custody of their 2 children to Tish Cyrus, while Baxter received only limited visitation rights and occasional phone conversations with the children.

This was also short-lived because Tish filed another lawsuit stating her children’s unwillingness to meet or speak with him again. After a lengthy hearing, her request was graciously granted by the court. Today, it is believed he is no longer in contact with the children any further.

Life after Divorce

After their divorce, the duo went their separate ways. Baxter dropped out of media limelight. He opted to stay out of media attention, enjoying his life in his own way, low-key lifestyle.

In 1991, Tish found love again when she started dating and eventually got pregnant for Billy Ray Cyrus, a very famous American songwriter, singer, and actor. And in 1992, she gave birth to their first child, Miley Cyrus, who is today a controversial Hollywood singer. The couple got married the same year.

A few months afterward, they separated for some time to give each other space to reflect on their marriage. After a few months of separation, they renewed their relationship, but finally divorced in 2010 after about 17 years of marriage.

During their marriage, Billy Ray Cyrus happily adopted the two children Tish had with Baxter. Today, they are bearing his last name. Baxter now lives in Phoenix, Arizona. But, nothing is known about his present earning power, whether he is playing drums in local restaurants, bars, or clubs and making a living out of it.

Baxter is not dating any woman presently. He neither remarried nor had other children. He prefers to stay out of media limelight.

Personal Info


Baxter is 5 feet 6 inches.


There is no available information about his weight on the internet.

Sexual Orientation

From the available information, Baxter has not commented on his current sexual orientation. Although there was a controversial report that appeared in the press earlier that Baxter might be gay, this report has not been confirmed yet.


Since Baxter is not active on any social media site, and rarely present in Hollywood life, there is no specific information about his present emotional attachment of any kind or any affairs he might have been involved in.

Body Measurement

Baxter has blonde hair and a sparkling pair of brown eyes.


He has not won an award in his career.


Baxter Neal Helson is simply a quiet person who doesn’t find pleasure in putting so much information about himself or a career in the media. The only time his life got media attention was when he got married and eventually divorced Tish Cyrus.

He was a loving father to his children and a dedicated husband to his wife before their marriage lost its salty taste. He is a good-looking American drummer with class. Currently, he enjoys his life in his own terms, in a low-key lifestyle.

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