Capricorn Facts – Time and Responsibility

Capricorn is a master of self-control. Capricorn nature is very serious. He is often traditional and represents time and responsibility. The tenth astrological sign in the Zodiac can be of great help. He is very sympathetic, and will always be there to help you. At the same time, Capricorn is independent and rarely trusts others to finish the job. So, what are some common Capricorn facts?

Well, let’s start with the basic one, and that is Capricorn dates. Born between December 22 and January 20, Capricorn is an Earth zodiac sign. Taurus and Virgo are two signs in the same element. He is incredibly compatible with those two signs, both on a personal and romantic level.

Capricorn in a nutshell

You can say Capricorn is the most determined sign in the Zodiac. He is ambitious, determined, practical, but also conservative. He can be a great team leader and organizer. The best quality of Capricorn is his single-minded focus on the work. He has a sense of responsibility and sincerity, and time is of the essence.

People often think of Capricorns as workaholics and detached. But that is not true. Deep inside, Capricorn has a humble heart. His hard outer shell is there to protect him against hurt and rejection.

Positive qualities of Capricorn include responsibility, sincerity, determination, and great self-control. On the flip side, he can be shy and pessimistic. In social gatherings, Capricorns come across as awkward, detached, and self-centered.

You should never try to put his focus away from work. While he appreciates you, Capricorn considers work sacred. It is his sanctuary. And yes, they often put work ahead of their friends and loved ones. This is why Capricorn often suffers from arthritis, rheumatism, and similar health issues.

Myths and Facts

Myth No.1 – Capricorn is controlling

Capricorn has an amazing sense of self-control. It is easy to assume he wants to control everything else around him. And everyone else. But that is not true. He might give you an advice or two, but he wants the best for you. Capricorn cars about family and friends, and always do the best for them.

Myth No.2 – They don’t like change

As a conservative and traditionalist, Capricorn has a hard time accepting change. But while he sticks to his work routines, he can adjust to changes. For Capricorn, change often doesn’t make sense. Why change something that works perfectly?

Myth No.3 – Capricorn is boring

We have to admit, nobody likes hearing all about work. Capricorn will buckle down and get to work. But he knows how to cut loose. Capricorn is actually hilarious, and he will always tell stories of fun activities.

Myth No.4 – He will do anything to get his way

Capricorn is a driven personality and goal-oriented. That is one of his best attributes. But do not turn it into something negative. Capricorn will not run over people to get the job done. Other signs might do that. He cares about reaching his goals, but also about his loved ones.

Fact No.1 – He is true to his word

If you need a friend to help you move, call a Capricorn. If he says he will do it, he will do it. Capricorn is the most dedicated sign to his commitment. He will never leave a friend hanging. Not many people will go as far as Capricorn. Cherish your Capricorn friends.

Fact No.2 – You do not want to get on his bad side

Scorned Capricorn is dangerous. He puts a lot of work and effort into every relationship. And he expects the same. If you wrong him, a simple apology will not work. Capricorn doesn’t let people slide. He will cut you off in a second and never look back.

Fact No.3 – He has a high standard

You might think this is picky and rude. But that is how Capricorn works. He wants the best of everything. And his high standard goes beyond clothing and shoes. He craves high-quality friendships and experiences. Simply put, Capricorn wants to live life to the fullest.

Fact No.3 – He is resilient

You can knock a Capricorn 100 times, and he will get up 101 times. He will get back up swinging. Some say they are stubborn, but they are actually resilient and strong. His commitment is above else. He will never quit.

Personality Traits

So, after all the myths and facts, let’s go to some Capricorn personality traits. They are the same for Capricorn woman and Capricorn man. We want to try and remove speculation around Capricorns. Their common traits ambition and drive. But there is so much to uncover.

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Let’s start with the most popular of the common Capricorn traits. He has a relentless need to complete a goal. He never lets himself off the hook. Capricorn has a determination to show people what he can do . We also have to stress he has an obsession with status.


While he is not the fastest or the cleverest, Capricorn will get the job done. What he lacks in talent he makes up in persistence. Think of him as the turtle from the story. Hard work beats talent every time. No matter how talented you are, you have to work hard. Capricorns lack talent, but they are persistent and work hard.


Capricorn is perceptive and he sees everything around him. Sometimes, he can come across as pessimistic. But in reality, he is realistic. His feet are firmly on the ground. The problem is, he often focuses on the negatives, not on the possibilities.


Capricorn doesn’t dream of new worlds. He wants to make things better in the real world. He is smart and intuitive about how things work. Instead of dreaming of big things, he tries to make most of what he has.


He has zero tolerance for people trying to make fun of him. Capricorn doesn’t let you let mock you. He will never forget that sin. So, be careful.


If you ask a Capricorn to sit home or in a laboratory for one year doing nothing, he will do it. Probably most Koreans, Japanese, and Chinese are Capricorns. If you give them a purpose for doing something, they will do it in the most disciplined way possible.

What are they into?

Capricorns love puzzles and games. And the more difficult the game, the more they enjoy it. Tasks that stimulate their intelligence are the best. Capricorn also loves DIY and gardening. He loves to stay at home. Most of the time, he will spend time doing something useful and practical.

Quick Capricorn Facts

  • He will never ask you do something he wouldn’t do himself
  • His smile is a defense against haters
  • He turns from the sweetest person to the worst when you piss him off
  • Loyalty is everything for Capricorn
  • Capricorn mood can change in the blink of an eye
  • Capricorn can read your mind
  • He falls slowly and deeply in love
  • But when he is in love, it takes him years to let go
  • Have your facts straight before you question Capricorn
  • He is hard to understand but easy to get along with
  • You can comfort Capricorn by listening to him
  • He keeps a low-profile and doesn’t draw attention
  • He takes everything personally
  • Capricorn hardly reveals intimate about himself
  • Capricorn prefers to work beneath the surface
  • He gives people more chances than they deserve
  • The most loyal Zodiac sign is Capricorn
  • Capricorn observes everything around him
  • He stands up for friends he believes in
  • He makes quick decisions
  • Capricorn stays away from ugly things
  • His life is in a constant state of action and renewal
  • He worries a lot about himself
  • He is a perfect combination of tough, bossy, sarcastic, softie, and funny
  • If you want real advice, ask a Capricorn
  • Deep down, he is afraid he doesn’t measure up
  • He is extremely goofy and hilarious
  • Capricorn wants to make others happy
  • Tone your voice down when you are around a Capricorn
  • He is very protective of the people he loves
  • Capricorns relax when they read and listen to music
  • He can sit in silence and enjoy the solitude
  • Capricorns feel the weight of the world on their shoulders
  • You will never know if he is nervous or not
  • He will let you keep talking if you are lying to him
  • He is the master of silence
  • Capricorn will work non-stop without a break
  • His motto is simple: if you do not like me, that is your problem

Capricorn eminent personalities

When we talk about Capricorn personality, it is best that we mention some famous people. You will understand their personality traits better.

  • Tiger Woods
  • Stephen Hawking
  • Jim Carey
  • Elvis Presley
  • Bradley Cooper
  • Isaac Newton
  • Muhammad Ali
  • Mel Gibson
  • Ben Kingsley
  • Lebron James
  • Ben Johnson

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