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Capricorn Man In Bed – What To Expect?

For Capricorn man, love is as much important in life as eating and sleeping. You can notice from the very first meeting that this lustful man will look for a woman who will satisfy his wishes. In the bedroom, he is passionate and sensual. So, the Capricorn man in bed wants a woman that will show the same passion as him.

This guy views each woman’s sexuality as something greater than just the woman involved. He often feels attracted to partners who are younger than himself.

When he is in a romantic relationship, he wants to feel that he is loved. Yes, Capricorn males will demand a lot. But he wants to fully bind people to him. Once you encourage his ego, you will have him on a chain. Capricorn man is faithful and doesn’t roam like other men. His thinking is “why do you need other women when you have found the right one”?

This guy is happy to belong to one woman alone. But that happens only when he finds the right one.

Capricorn Man Personality Traits


To understand Capricorn’s man in bed, we have to look at his personality traits. He is practical, self-reliant, and independent. With that in mind, here are some positive and negative traits.

Positive Capricorn Traits


When you first meet the Capricorn guy, he might seem cold and uncompassionate. But that is only the surface. Deep down, this guy is loyal, dependable, and devoted. He just has high walls that you need to bring them down. Yes, it might take a while for him to open up and show his emotions.


This guy is famous for his self-control and ability to successfully ignore his urges. Capricorn man will not allow the temptation to ruin his career, healthy relationship, or friendship.


A Capricorn man might not be the most romantic person. But he is loyal and generous. And most importantly, he is always supportive and willing to help others. He shows his love and gratitude through gifts and acts of service.

Negative Capricorn Traits


Capricorn is an Earth sign. Because of that, he is hard-working and striving to learn more. He is always learning. But with time, this guy will become a bit condescending and act like a know-it-all. Capricorn man might hold you to an extremely high standard.


Stubbornness is not something we usually associate with Capricorn. But this guy will be stubborn and unforgiving to those who have wronged him.


We said before that this guy works a lot and tries to learn a lot. And because of that, he can become somewhat materialistic. He enjoys buying new things that make him feel successful. In a relationship, he might try to buy your love with gifts, not emotions.

How Does Capricorn Man Behave In Relationship?


When it comes to a romantic relationship, this guy wants to take things slowly. It takes him a while to feel secure and open up. And it takes him time to decide on a love relationship with you. He shows his love through actions, not words.

The good thing is that he is fully committed to your committed relationship. He is loyal and will not try to change you for any other woman when he feels in love.

When it comes to intimacy and the bedroom, he is sensual and passionate. In the bedroom, he doesn’t want to feel as if he is wasting his time with you. No, that doesn’t mean he will be in a hurry to finish. It means he wants to be intimate with someone who can match his personality.

We have to stress it, he values loyalty above else. So make sure, to be honest with this guy.

How To Attract Him?

So, how can you create sexual interest and sexual desire in a Capricorn man? Well, you can arouse him if you understand what motivates him. Once he allows you into his life, it means he has developed some intimate feelings and romantic feelings for you.

Now, you should consider what makes him happy. Treat him delicately, and wants to see your support and commitment to the relationship.

When he is with you, allow him to show his manly nature. He wants to be in charge and tries to give directions and set the pace.

Patience is the key

Speaking about setting the pace, patience is the key with this guy. For him, patience is a virtue. He takes things slowly in the relationship, and that applies to sex as well.

Do not be shy

If you want to attract Capricorn’s partner, try to be more open and express what you want of him. Let him know everything you want, including how to touch you and how to kiss you.

Go natural

Capricorn male is a practical guy. He likes your natural look. Do not try to impress him with glamorous makeup, new hairstyle, expensive perfume, and similar things. He is already impressed by your smile. It is all you need.

How To Turn Him On?


Now that you have taken things to the bedroom, it is time to turn him on even more. How to please him? How to turn him on? Do you want to make him scream and come back for more? Well, apply these things.

Take the charge

Yes, a Capricorn sexual partner loves to be dominant and give directions. But in the bedroom, he wants you to be in charge every now and then. He is a bit more reserved and cautious than other signs. So, take control and show him what you want.

Stay elegant

This guy is not much impressed with dirty talk and women who put it all out there. Stay classy, not trashy. That also means taking care of your body. Take care of your hair in intimate spots.

Innocent roleplay

When it comes to roleplay with Capricorn man in bed, it is all about being innocent and naïve. Try to be a bit submissive and use your playful side to let him take charge. He loves to teach you new things.

How Good Is Capricorn Lover In Bed?

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You are probably wondering how good is this Zodiac sign in the bedroom? Well, we talked about how to attract him and turn him on, but what about his side. How good is he?

In the bedroom, Capricorn’s partner is playful and adventurous. It is something you might not expect from Capricornians. On the outside, he has a façade of being a well-composed person. But when he is in the bedroom and completely comfortable with you, he gets excited to try new things.

On the flip side, he might over-analyze things before making a decision. Do not expect a spontaneous lover. This guy wants everything to go exactly as he has planned. He is a creature of habit.

The good news is that he is practical. He doesn’t need anything fancy to arouse him. You can skip the sensual body oil and candles.

And the most important part? He yearns for dominance. He is a natural leader in every aspect of life.

Capricorn Compatibility

Let’s talk about Capricorn man’s sexual compatibility. This guy is mostly compatible with fellow Earth signs like Virgo, Taurus, and another Capricorn. They speak the same emotional language. He can also create a good connection with water signs like Cancer and Pisces.

Capricorn Man Taurus Woman

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The best part about this relationship is that the Taurus woman loves everything that seems stiff and cold in Capricorn. She finds it to be intriguing. Capricorn man, on the other hand, finds everything lazy and static in Taurus to be a challenge to move.

Capricorn Man Cancer Woman

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These two signs represent the axis of family, genetics, and belief questioning. They have a strong desire to be together. It can be hard to control because they reflect the love and attraction of their ancestors.

Capricorn Man Virgo Woman

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These two signs love the depth of everything in life. And that applies to their healthy relationship as well. They can relax, take a breath, and dive into their committed relationship.

Capricorn Man Capricorn Woman

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When you have a relationship with two Capricorn partners, things can get either boring or extremely interesting. They do understand each other, but the problem is they need someone more emotional to drive the relationship. If one of the partners can be the emotional partner, it can work.

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