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Leo Man In Bed – How To Please The Lion?

Are you wondering what a Leo man in bed is like? Are you dating a Leo man? Or do you want to hook up with someone? Well, a Leo man is always a good option.

Leo is a fire sign, making him quite passionate and intense in the sack. With that in mind, we have to look at his personality traits to find out how he behaves in the bedroom.

Leo Man Personality Traits

Positive Leo Traits

You will be quite happy with a Leo man in bed. He is usually happy and upbeat like no other male. Leo tends to gravitate towards people with a positive attitude and those who share his enthusiasm. Because of his high self-confidence, Leo man is confident in the bedroom. If you crave power and attention, Leo lover is your pick.

Regal and royal are his qualities. You will feel like you are in bed with a king. He walks and acts with pride.

He is also a caring and chivalrous person. In the bedroom, he is protective, warm, helpful, generous, and loyal. He is always there to help others.

But most importantly, this Leo partner is responsible.


Negative Leo Traits

We have to understand that Leo is a perfectionist. And that can sometimes apply to people around him. So in this spirit, you have to bring you’re a game.

On the dark side, he can also be jealous and possessive. He always wants to be first at any cost. This possessiveness can make Leo paranoid and insecure about losing his sexual partner.

This guy also possesses a fragile ego. He can get hurt easily even by the smallest gesture of disrespect. Handle with care.

How Does Leo Man Behave In Relationship?

When you fall in love with a Leo male, you can expect a happy and healthy relationship. This is a warm and cuddly guy.

He enjoys building your confidence up. So expect to get a boost after falling in love with Leo. You will enjoy the chase between the two.

Leo finds difficulty in letting go of an outdated relationship. He is that loyal. This guy will try to revive even a dead relationship.

When they find their ideal romantic partner, they show how powerful, gallant, and confident they are. It is their style to impress the woman they want to date. In a romantic relationship, Leo loves to show off and crack jokes. He has that hero instinct and tries to be a superhero. Leo is one of the few signs that try to be Prince Charming for his loved one.

How To Attract Him?

How to attract Leo man? Well, if you have set your sight on a lion, there are some tricks you can employ to win his heart.

Show Your Vitality

We said this guy is intense and passionate. And Leo male loves to see your passion as well, both in personal life and workspace. Talk about things you are passionate about and he will fall in love with you.

Stand Out From The Crowd

To get Leo’s attention, you have to stand out from the crowd. He is the King of the Jungle. And he wants his Queen and Princess. This guy gets attracted to a person who is bold and not afraid of chasing goals and dreams.

Stay Mysterious

Last, but not least, Leo loves the thrill of the chase. And if you remain mysterious, he will chase you forever. Try to stay as unpredictable as well. Do not reveal all your secrets. Leave some mystery for later on. This makes Leo curious and excited.


How To Turn Him On?

Once you attract Leo man, you have to take him to the bedroom. There, he feels you have a joint kingdom. And you have to rule as much as he rules. What are some of the biggest turn-ons for Leo? We have them here.

Touch Him

Leo loves being touched. This guy prefers a good buildup before getting to the finish line. So, touch him in various places and let him touch you as well. Do you know his erogenous zones? Simple, his back and chest. Pet him in these areas to make him submissive.

Let Them Chase You

We said that Leo man loves the buildup and foreplay. He loves to play the cat and mouse game. This guy will not drop his pants in a heartbeat. He needs more excitement, and that means chasing you.

He Loves To Dominate

After all, he is the King of the Jungle, right? Leo’s lover dominates the sex life. He loves to dominate during sexual intercourse.

He has to be the one who initiates everything. That is just his style.

Worship Hip

This is another way to turn on Leo’s partner. It goes hand in hand with the dominance thing. This guy vibes out masculine energy. And he loves to be worshiped, even more in the bedroom. Show him somebody’s adoration as part of your intimacy.

Fantasy Play Is Great

Any scenario where Leo man is in charge works for the bedroom. For example, the King of the Castle or any authority figure. If you are into foreplay, always come up with a scenario where your Leo lover is the authority figure. He just has to exert his dominance.

Dirty Talk Is Fine

Leo men dig dirty talk. But it is important how you deliver the words. Remember, with a Leo it is all about dominance. So, you have to let him initiate it. And then, follow his lead. He will give you subtle signs and hints to tell you the time is now.

Touch His Ears

Have you seen lions in nature? Have you seen the female lion nibbling on the ears of the male lion? And that happens just before they get it on? Well, there is a reason for all this. Ears are Leo’s weakness. Just one soft kiss on them and they will get going.

How Good Is Leo Man In Bed?


Leo man is passionate and lusty. He draws women to him with relative ease. And it is not uncommon for him to have sex multiple times per day. Usually, ask any Leo male, and he will tell you three to four times per week is the suitable number.

For Leo, sex can be sacred. He rules over the heart and shows sexual impulses around him. He is capable of holding out on sex for a while.

He is one of the most comfortable signs initiating sexual activity. His sexual desire is strong, but only with a suitable mate. He is quite composed when moving into the delicate phase of going to the bedroom.

Speaking about the act itself, this guy prefers sex that lasts between 20 minutes and one hour. And yes, there is a sweet spot, 45 minutes. Leo is an active fire sign. That is why sometimes, he prefers a quickie session over marathon sex.

But even though he enjoys quickies, he is not into casual sex. This guy is too passionate and emotionally driven to enjoy casual sex. When his heart is not in it, he prefers to leave you and then have casual sex.

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Leo Man Sexual Style

Let’s finish off our article with Leo man’s sexual style. He loves to show off and because of his massive ego, he enjoys getting applauded for his performance.

This guy has a great desire and enjoys compliments from his woman.

His style is patiently waiting for the act. You should wait patiently for him to kiss you and initiate sexual intercourse. He might even ask you to do some striptease for him.

Leo Compatibility

Not every sign can work out with Leo. This guy loves being coddled and having his ego stroked. So, that is why a flirtatious and romantic Libra woman is a great love match for Leo.

Another great match is Aries, a vibrant and unique woman who will bring passion and intensity to the bedroom. Aries man and Leo woman is also a good pairing. But we are talking about Leo man secrets in bed here.

Fellow fire sign Sagittarius woman brings a spontaneous and adventurous spirit that is super attractive for Leo.

And last, but not least, Virgo and her realism will balance Leo’s ego and bring him down to earth.

The worst matches for Leo include Taurus and Scorpio. Any combination of Leo man Taurus woman, Leo woman Taurus man, Leo man Scorpio woman, and Leo woman Scorpio man will not work. Taurus and Leo are stubborn signs, and they cannot find compromise in a healthy relationship.

As for the Scorpio, this sign is mysterious and doesn’t love the spotlight like Leo.

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