Why Do Men Like Boobs? The Science Behind Breasts Obsession

“You know what blows my mind? Women can see breasts any time they want. You just look down and there they are. How you get any work done is beyond me”. That is Joey Tribianni speaking in the name of all men. That guy reflected the thoughts of many, many men around the world. So, why do men like boobs?

Straight men devote so much time and headspace to these bulbous bags of fat drooping from women’s chests. Science has never found any satisfactory reason why men are so curious about women’s breasts. What is with that breast fixation?

But it all goes back to the old days. Science tells us that mammary glands are a defining feature of mammals. But humans are unique in granting mammaries a large sexual role. Yes, the interest in nipples is common in the animal kingdom.

In the book “Biological exuberance: Animal homosexuality and natural diversity”, Canadian biologist Bruce Bagemihl noted that a couple of primate species have been seen stimulating their own nipples while masturbating. Researchers have long speculated that humans evolved the fatty deposits around the female mammary glands for sexual reasons.

And today, we will look at all those reasons why do men like female breasts.

What Does The Science Say?


Let’s go back to science for a while. Remember, men are biologically predisposed to like breasts. To every heterosexual man on the planet, breasts are simply naturally appealing. Straight men are born to like them. They see them, they appreciate them, and they get aroused by boobs.

Studies show that women’s body shape, including the hip-to-waist ratio and breast size influence desirability. One study even found that women with large breasts and narrow hips were considered the most attractive.

There is an evolutionary reason why do men like breasts. Evolutionary biologists note that women with fuller breasts were more attractive or desirable. That was a signal they stored needed fat and were in good health to have children and raise a family.

Take a look at Paleolithic cave art. You will notice that naked women were drawn with large hips and breasts. Evolution has made men believe that the bigger the breasts, the greater the reproductive success.

Back in the day, women with large breasts also were believed to have reliable access to food. That increased the survival odds for themselves, their baby, and their future family.

Science also shows that being a dad changes how a man is attracted to boobs. Men who didn’t have kids but wanted a family lusted after larger boobs. On the other hand, guys who didn’t intend to start a family were content with small boobs.

Men And Boob Size

News flash: most guys love average boob size. Yes, women usually think men fantasize about big breasts. But the reality is that most of them prefer medium-sized boobs. Men are attracted to C-cup-sized breasts.

There are also other factors. How much money you make influences boob preferences. In that spirit, a guy who likes small boobs is probably wealthy. On the other hand, men with less financial stability prefer large boobs.

And whatever you do, do not look at boobs on an empty stomach. When men are satiated, they are less drawn to huge breasts.

Top Reasons Why do Men Love Boobs

Now let’s talk about the main point of the article. Why do men like boobs? Well, here are some of the top reasons for that boob fixation.


They Are Boobs

Sometimes, the answer to the question is simple. The sheer amazing enthusiasm of men talking about boobs is more than enough to answer the question. Breasts are a mound of marvel. Women can look at them every day. They get used to boobs.

But for men, breasts are a piece of marvel. They love them like crazy.

Makes Sex More Enjoyable

No matter whether you touch them with clothes on or off, boobs have an invigorating power to make sex more pleasurable and enjoyable. Just the nakedness of the titties makes you jump to the final act without any foreplay. Nothing else has that kind of power.

A Place Where You Initiate Orgasm

Not all men know this. But you can actually stimulate and initiate orgasm by touching your woman’s boobs. Have you heard of the nipplegasm? The sensitive nipple area is a great erogenous zone. It shoots up a feeling of pleasure. So, do not ignore that titty.

With enough nipple stimulation, you can help your girlfriend achieve a mind-blowing orgasm. And do that without any genital stimulation.

Another fun fact: a woman’s breasts do not get bigger when touched by a male. But the nipples become more prominent when a man touches them during sexual intercourse.

Constant Tease

Women know this all too well. If you want to distract a man, simply leave your bra at home. No matter the size of your breasts, be it large breasts or small breasts, they are a constant tease.

The enormous thrill of spotting the outline of someone’s areola or the push against the clothing that reveals the breasts shape will get a man aroused.


They Look Good And Feel Even Better

Men cannot wait to touch your big boobs. They are first and foremost, incredible to look at. But the feel in your hands during sex, before sex, or after sex? That is even more incredible sexual arousal. And there are two of them.

After Sex Pillow

Here is one reason why men love breasts. When you finish sexual interaction, and you have no more juices to flow, breasts make up for a great pillow to rest your head. And it is the best pillow in the world. There is nothing more therapeutic than resting your face between the breasts.

Boobs Reduce Stress

There have been many studies that prove this. Seeing breasts after a challenging and stressful day is enough to lift a man’s mood.

Women’s breasts give men something to be happy about. Touching breasts is a stress reliever. Women, please do not be astonished when a man lays his head on your breasts. They are energizers and stress relievers.

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Breasts add so much mystery to women. And it goes back to childhood. When we were kids, girls used to play with the boys. And then puberty happened, and girls were taught not to get close to boys. So, that creates a natural curiosity and mystery.

Even in cultures where women freely expose their breasts, they are always trying to cover the nipples. Why? Because it leaves still a bit of mystery behind. Any man would love to unravel the mystery surrounding the beautiful boobs.

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