When A Guy Finishes Fast What Does It Mean – The Truth Revealed

Let’s start with a sad, but true fact. According to statistics, around 30% of men are dissatisfied with how long they last in the bedroom. The study, published by the Journal of Sexual Medicine, reports that 376 out of 1,200 participants said they ejaculated sooner than they wanted to. With that in mind, when a guy finishes fast what does it mean?

Is it a medical problem? Or it is a psychological problem? What goes through his mind? Should you worry as a female participant in sexual intercourse? What are some of the solutions to the problem?

We will try to find answers to most of your questions.

He Hasn’t Had Sex For A While

If you are dating a man who hasn’t had sex in a while, expect him to ejaculate fast the first time you have sex. He needs to build up some stamina in the bedroom.

But it is not something you should worry about. After all, it is a sign that he doesn’t sleep with anything that moves. And if you can go past that one hiccup, he will get better and stay committed to you.

Some guys are even upfront afterward, and they apologize for their quick finish.

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Compliment To You

Some women take coming too fast as a compliment to how a man is attracted to them. And that is true in some cases. Guys really love having sex with a woman they love. And unlike women, they cannot hold it in their pants for a long period.

Chances are, he started thinking about getting you into bed the moment you kissed for the first time. And when the sexual activity finally happens, he is overly excited and cannot control his emotions and blood flow.

The good news is that the problem will not last long. After you spend some time together, he will start to improve in bed. But if he doesn’t, it is a sign of some other problem.

He Might Have A Medical Condition

We will talk about medical conditions that cause premature ejaculation later on. But for now, let’s just leave it at that. There are some conditions that can cause rapid ejaculation.

Talk with your partner and encourage him to seek help if it is a medical problem.

You Might Be The Problem

This might sound weird, but you might be pleasuring him too much. It is a sign you are that good. No matter if it is foreplay or oral sex, you might need to slow down.

Give your man some time and do not over the top with teasing and pleasuring before penetrative sex. At least until you get closer in the relationship and see each other for a while.

When a man reaches an orgasm, he lets go of his control and emotions. If you want him focused and make sex last longer, take your hand off the ignition and slow the thing down.

He Is Selfish

Sometimes this is the case, and there is nothing you can do about it. Just move on and find a different partner. One that pays attention to your needs as well.

The reality is that not all men care if their partner comes as well. They do not care if you, their girlfriend, has a good time in bed.

It is the reality of sleeping with someone who doesn’t care for you on an emotional level. He just wants to satisfy his needs.

You can easily tell a selfish lover. They pay little to no attention to the foreplay. He will move right into his favorite position and preferred sex play.

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He Lacks Experience

Let’s be honest, experience plays a role in sex. And for men, that holds even more ground. Men need experience in the sack to develop their skills and find techniques to last longer.

Over time, men find ways to distract themselves and slow down everything. But ejaculatory control takes time. And if you are handling an inexperienced partner in the bedroom, give him time. If he learns the ins and outs with you, he will appreciate you even more.

Walk him through everything you want in the bedroom. And he will follow you.

Sticking To A Single Position

Sex is all about versatility and playing. If you stick to a single position for vaginal penetration, your man will come. Try changing sex positions often during intercourse.

Chancing sex positions is a fun way to make things better in the bedroom. And receive more pleasure in the process.

For men, though, this is a necessary change to ensure they last longer. Why? Because when they change position it gives them a chance to catch a break and calm down. And then they can continue.

Bonus: changing positions makes sex even more exciting for both of you.

He Lacks Self-Control

Stamina comes from self-control. Your man has to stop himself from finishing until you are ready as well. And that is the reality and basis of everything.

Sadly, not all men have the same self-control to get there and get you there. While some men learn it eventually, others never develop the self-control to make sex last longer.

He Doesn’t Know How To Pace Himself

When a guy finishes fast what does it mean? Well, it means he cannot pace himself. Some guys look at sex like a sprint race. And that means finishing as faster as possible. Others, view it as a marathon race.

Ideally, you want something in between. You do not want to be stuck in the bedroom without him coming for hours.

The reality is it takes women longer to get to their climax. And that is inconvenient for men who do not know how to pace themselves.

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Medical Issues That Can Cause Premature Ejaculation

We talked in the beginning that sometimes, the answer to your when a guy finishes fast what does it mean question is medical problems.

And that is the reality. There are many medical issues that can cause erectile dysfunction. For example, performance anxiety and concerns about erectile dysfunction will cause your man to finish fast. Performance anxiety is a real thing and many men struggle with it.

Generalized anxiety is another medical and mental health issue that people often forget about. But it can have serious effects on men. Usually, for men, anxiety causes issues in the bedroom. Sometimes it is coming too fast and sometimes it is not getting it up at all. And the sad part is premature ejaculation causes even more anxiety. It is a vicious cycle.

Issues within the relationship are another problem that you have to address. If the relationship is in conflict it can cause tension in the bedroom. And when your man doesn’t know where you both stand in the relationship will cause problems with his orgasm and pleasure.

Speaking about more serious medical issues, abnormal hormone or neurotransmitter levels can make a man’s body function differently.

For some men, premature ejaculation is a symptom of thyroid-related diseases. He might need to get his thyroid checked. Chronic pelvic pain syndrome and prostatitis are two other medical conditions that can cause your man to come fast. Prostatitis is swelling of the prostate gland and sometimes goes away on its own.

The last two conditions that can cause your man to ejaculate quickly are diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Sadly, these two are common among men. Diabetes leads to nerve damage and impacts sexual function.

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