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How To Attract An Aries Man? Learn His Secrets!

So, you have stumbled upon Aries man. And you want to know how to catch him. Well, Aries men are some of the most interesting guys in the Zodiac. And if you want to win his affection, we have the Aries man secrets to his heart. How to attract an Aries man? Simple, let him chase you.

While you might think your Aries guy is not interested in you, that is probably because you are chasing him. This guy loves to be the hunter, and if you want to win his heart, you will have to change the game.

Aries Man Personality Traits

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac. He is always Number One. And that is something any potential sexual partner has to remember and get used to it. Understanding Aries men starts with his self-confidence.

Aries has the type of self-absorption that doesn’t come from a narcissistic place. Instead, his confidence and ego come from his honest self-assurance of his capability and all-around awesomeness.

Mars rules Aries men and they are good at what they do. And they are not shy about standing in the spotlight.

But here is the secret. While they look like bravado in public, their private persona reveals more vulnerability.

Speaking about their personality traits, Aries are stubborn as they come. The Ram is their celestial animal, making the typical Aries man a warrior for what he believes. He is driven, passionate, and courageous. You can hardly meet a shy Aries. But at the same time, subtlety is their strongest personality trait.

In the bedroom, Aries man is hot, hot, and hot. And that applies to both physical and emotional traits. These guys have a special kind of bravado and raw sexuality that will make you go wild in the sack. Sex life with Aries boyfriend is always fun and dynamic.

When they are in love, they flare up unexpectedly. But do not worry, they do not stay mad for long. Simply put, Aries personality is extreme. There is no middle of the road with this guy. Be ready for some big ups and downs.

In both love, relationship, work, and home, he knows what he wants immediately. And then he goes after it without any hesitation. He is a leaper off of high cliffs and doesn’t look to see what lies down.


How To Know If Aries Man Loves You?

Aries is one of the most straightforward Zodiac signs. If this guy wants you or has any interest in you, do not worry. You will know it. This Zodiac sign has no problem taking action or making his intentions clear.

Ironically, one of the complaints about them is that they are too direct and honest about their feelings. Remember, this is not a guy who leaves subtle clues and sits around. He goes for it instantly.

How To Attract An Aries Man?

Now let’s get to the most important part of this article. And that is how to get an Aries man? Well, as we said before, the main thing is to let him chase you. But let’s elaborate more on other ways you can attract him.

Let Him Chase You

Aries men love to be the hunter. This guy loves the chase. Do not let him catch you too soon. While there is no hurt in taking home a guy on the first date, Aries is not that kind of guy. He loves to come up with ways to win your heart.

At the same time, he looks for a girlfriend who is independent, self-confident, and takes care of herself. If you have those qualities, this guy will start chasing you.

As for the chase, this guy will brag to your children years later about how he won your heart.

Make Him Laugh

If you make Aries man laugh, you have finished most of the work. He will then start to chase you. While having a laugh with your partner is essential to any love relationship, it applies even more with male Aries.

Why? Because to win him, you need to play hard to get. But at the same time, you need to make him chuckle and enjoy the ride. It is a fine line. But if you walk it perfectly, you will have one of the best Zodiac signs as your partner.

Flirt And Flirt Some More

Yes, you have to let him chase you. But that doesn’t mean you should do nothing. He needs a good dose of physical attraction to get his motor going. So, to get him interested, flirt a bit.

Build up that tension and then let him play. He loves to play and will love your flirting.


Let Him Protect You

Remember, this guy is a fire sign. And he is someone who has Ram as a celestial animal. All those qualities make him a great protector. He wants to chase you, but also protect you from everything that happens around you.

You will enjoy his ways of trying to protect you. And if you are a strong and independent woman, do not worry, he will not take away your independence.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

For this guy, what you do is what matters. He expects you to behave in a certain way. And in terms of actions, he wants a partner who can keep up with his mental and physical activities. These include hiking, sports, and cycling.

But he also loves listening to classical music and drinking wine in an elegant restaurant.

Do Not Play Games With Him

We talked about flirting before. But that doesn’t mean you should play games with him. If you play games, do not expect the romantic relationship to move far.

This is because he can tell very quickly if you are only faking romance or trying to get him. Deep down, he wants a genuine love story. He craves that happily ever after.

Do Not Try To Lie To Him

This Zodiac guy is down-to-earth. He knows what he wants and will go after it. And at the same time, he expects honesty from the other side. Aries guy doesn’t like rude, coarse, and insincere people. This guy will show zero tolerance for people faking.

Satisfy His Sexual Appetite

When the love relationship gets to the next level, you will have a lot of work to do. This guy loves sex and enjoys it to its fullest. He has a tremendous sexual appetite. And if you want to attract him and have him for the long run, you have to be willing to try new sexual experiences.

And most importantly, in the bedroom, tell him how he makes you feel. Compliment him and watch him go even further and harder. Every word raises his confidence and makes him want you to satisfy you more.


How To Keep An Aries Man?

So now that you have won the heart of your male Aries, the question is how to keep him in the long run. We touched a bit on this topic before. But for a long-term relationship, you have to be honest, willing to flirt, sexually adventurous, confident, and independent.

He prefers feminine over girly women. Ideally, he wants an intelligent but straightforward woman. And you should not be overly ambitious or bossy.

He appreciates fine things, especially sexy clothes and underwear. But most importantly, you have to feed his intelligent side. He enjoys good conversations and without a strong mental connection, he will not stay forever.

As for Aries compatibility, the best matches are Gemini woman, Leo woman, and Sagittarius woman. He doesn’t work so well with Taurus woman, Capricorn woman, and Libra woman.

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