Aries Facts – The Hooligan of the Zodiac

Aries is a fire sign. People born between March 21 and April 20 belong to Aries. The sign is part of the fire elements in the zodiac along with Sagittarius and Leo. Many consider Aries the hooligans of the stars. He is bold, brash, outspoken, passionate, and will often act before he thinks. What are some other Aries facts?

Let’s start with the fact Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, or, the baby. Mars rules over him, representing war and conflict. Simply put, you should never get into a competition with Aries. He can transform in a matter of seconds, from a cute and cuddling to a Battle Royale. Most importantly, Aries will rather die than yield.

So, now that we know Aries dates, let’s talk more about the Aries facts.

Aries in a nutshell

Aries is natural born leader. He is a problem solver, focused, and strong-minded individual. In love, he is romantic, loyal, and kind-hearted. Be careful, if you provoke him, he is dangerous and will retaliate. His biggest problem is anger. The Ram doesn’t know how to control it.

Aries loves trust, loyalty, and respect. He enjoys adventures and acting like the boss. But he will get frustrated when he needs to explain things to other people over and over again. That is the thing he hates the most. Repeat the same thing. And when you ignore him, he will talk even louder.

As an adventurist, Aries compatibility works best with Leo. Aries men in relationship are thoughtful and romantic. They love playing romantic songs.

Myths and Facts

Myth No.1 Aries is a rude sign

Often Aries comes across as rude and arrogant. That is because of his honest nature. He doesn’t sugarcoats anything. He doesn’t spare your feelings. But one you get to know him, you understand him. Aries is honest with you because he means you good, and wants you to grow.

People who understand the Aries honesty know he is considerate. Lying is a disservice. And Aries will never lie to you.

Myth No.2 – Aries cares more about winning than your feelings

If you ever argued with Aries, you might think this as well. Aries needs to be first in everything. His drive is very strong, but he will not hurt your feelings to get there. But it is hard for him to hold back on his opinion.

Myth No.3 – Aries has no self-control

Aries has an unbelievable short fuse. He is short-tempered, and often impatient. But he has self-control. His determination and courage makes him a master of self-control. He will not complain about the need to lose weight. Instead, he will do something about it.

Fact No.1 – He is always honest

If you want honesty, talk with Aries. He is the most honest zodiac sign. His honesty can sometimes come across as brutality and arrogance. Do not ask his opinion unless you are ready for harsh truth.

Some consider the honest Aries nature to be his downfall. Many people cannot handle the truth. They would rather go for a “keep it to yourself” attitude. But honesty is a rarity. Only those who want a true friend can handle Aries.

Some people can adjust. You will see Aries sit back in quiet. That is when he considers his honest response to make matters worse.

Fact No.2 – He has a short fuse

Well, he is a passionate individual. That often results in a short fuse. You can poke him a few times, but he will quickly yell at you.

Because of his confident nature and short fuse Aries doesn’t take crap from anyone. If he doesn’t feel you treat him properly, you will hear about it. Or, he will just leave and that is it. Avoid hot-button topics with Aries, unless you are ready for it.

Fact No.3 – Aries will inspire you

This is what makes understanding the Aries woman challenging. She can be harsh and truthful, but also inspiring. Aries is optimistic and enthusiastic. His determination will outweigh any challenges. And that has to inspire you. Aries radiate confidence, and their confidence is contagious.

Aries inspires people by walking the walk. He refuses to give up, no matter how hard the challenge is. He loves positive energy, and will try to share it with others.

Personality Traits

Aries woman and Aries man have slightly different personality. They possess the same qualities, but display them in a different manner. But let’s take a look at the general Aries personality traits.


Aries wants to show his bravery. And he is not afraid to show it. Often, he might enter risky situations just to show off. He acts first and thinks later. Some might consider this reckless behavior.


You do not want to get into a competition with Aries. Pick any game, he needs and wants to win. He does it in even harmless pub quizzes. For Aries, any challenge is a battle to the death.


We said before that Aries is honest in everything. He doesn’t sugarcoat anything. Ask him anything, and he will give you his honest opinion. And he has one for anything.


Aries wants to succeed and get to the top. He wants to win at life. Usually, he is a go-getter. Sometimes, they need to chill and laid back. But that is not in their nature.


Aries is giving and generous person. These people are warm and love making others smile. He wants to see people around him happy. He often gives gifts to people. Don’t take it as the signs Aries man is in love with you. He might be just friendly.

What is he into?

Aries excel in sports. He can either play it, watch it, or bet on it. Sport is the most competitive thing in the world. And Aries loves it. He also wants to volunteer. This is his generous nature and generosity. He takes interest in people and helps them.

And most importantly, he wants to be in the show business. Aries thrives when is in the center of attention.

Quick Aries Facts

  • He will not let you face challenges and problems alone
  • He becomes heartless when you betray his trust
  • Aries doesn’t care about having a lot of friends, he wants only a few genuine friends
  • He tells you how he sees it without any filters
  • Aries looks at your actions, not at your words
  • He has an overprotective side
  • Do not mess with someone Aries loves
  • He is not afraid to do something he believes in
  • If you tell him he cannot do something, he will go over his head to prove you wrong
  • Aries hates sneaky people
  • He doesn’t know how to deal with anger
  • He might come across as independent, but he screams for help on the inside
  • Aries is a hyperactive sign
  • He has vivid and intense dreams
  • Aries has a crazy sense of humor
  • He believes you in when you do not believe in yourself
  • He wants you, but he doesn’t need you
  • Aries personality is intimidating
  • You cannot change his mind
  • He will see through your lies
  • He appears younger than his age
  • Aries has a childlike spirit
  • Common Aries traits: snap at one minute and calm the next second
  • He takes love very seriously
  • He will go for something he loves with or without you
  • Aries doesn’t stick around if he is not interested
  • Let Aries know you want him in public
  • He wakes up in a good mood
  • An Aries friend is like a warrior bodyguard next to you
  • His weakness is caring too much
  • He has a perfect romance song when he is in love
  • But he also has the perfect rage song
  • You cannot tell him “keep calm”
  • He can be hard to handle, but inside, he is a warm person with a huge heart
  • Music plays a large role in his life
  • He will remember every detail, moment, and memories

Aries Eminent Personalities

Let’s take a look at some of the popular celebrities born under the Aries sign. Their Zodiac will help you understand them better. And you will have a better idea of the Aries facts and personality traits.

  • Lady Gaga
  • Robert Downey Jr.
  • Akon
  • Sarah Jessica Parker
  • Hugh Hefner
  • Vince Vaughn
  • Reese Witherspoon
  • Kate Hudson
  • Robert Frost
  • Maria Sharapova
  • Elton John
  • Larry Page
  • Charlie Chaplin
  • Ronaldinho
  • Marlon Brando
  • Emma Watson
  • Celine Dion
  • Ayrton Senna
  • Peyton Manning
  • Kyrie Irving
  • Rivaldo

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