Aries Man In Love – How To Know He Loves You?

Are you in love with Aries male? Do you wish to know if he loves you back? You only know that he is Aries, born between March 20 and April 21. You two communicate, but you cannot define whether he likes you or not. Well, do not worry, we have the signs that reveal Aries man in love.

To better understand this Zodiac sign, you have to look at his personality traits. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac. As such, he is extremely confident, energetic, and optimistic. His celestial animal is the powerful Ram. Aries guy is usually too confident. He has to be Number in everything. But he loves the thrill of chasing. So, you can sit back and enjoy the ride.

Aries Man Personality Traits

We said you need to better understand Aries personality traits before you can jump into a relationship with this guy. As the first sign of the Zodiac, he is always number one. You should get used to his need for lots of attention.

Because of his self-absorption, Aries is often looked at as a narcissistic person. But that is not the case. It comes from the honest self-assurance of his capability and awesomeness. Aries male knows how good he is.

But behind that bravado person, lies a shy person. Do not be surprised when his private persona reveals more vulnerability than you thought before. He might behave like a Number 1 man in the world, but he is a childlike boy that can often end up with hurt feelings. Usually, he masks those feelings with humor.

Stubborn as his celestial animal Ram, Aries man is a warrior who fights for what he believes in. He is driven, passionate, and courageous. Ruled by the planet Mars, this fire sign bursts with energy.

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Aries Man In love

Aries man is hot both physically and emotionally. He might not be the most handsome guy, but he has a bravado personality and raw sexuality that oozes off of him. That makes him as attractive as ever.

The biggest reason for his sexiness is his confidence. This guy walks like he has conquered the world. He knows he is good and has no reason to feel ashamed of anything.

When he falls in love, this guy gets possessed by his temper that can flare up unexpectedly. He might get mad easily in a romantic relationship. But he doesn’t stay mad for a long time.

Sex with Aries guy is an athletic affair. Expect lots of sweat pouring down your body. Acrobatic positions, consensual rough play, a bit of perversion, and lots of steam. That is his idea of sexual intercourse.

With this guy, you get extreme personality. He falls in one of the extremes. There is no middle ground. You either ride with him or not.

How To Recognize Aries Man In love?

As we said in the beginning, there are many signs that you guy has fallen for you. Here is how to recognize if Aries guy is chasing you.

He Agrees With What You Have To Say

While Aries considers himself Number 1, he is a people pleaser. He often gets his way. The only exception is when he is in love. That is when he agrees with almost anything you have to say. He doesn’t want to risk upsetting you.

Makes You His Priority

When it comes to priorities in life, Aries men know it all too well. They know their lady is Number 1. This guy is not afraid of following his lady anywhere. If you call him and invite him to lunch, he will leave everything and come join you.

He will rush to make you happy no matter the cost.

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He Will Act Like A Gentleman

Aries guy in love will try to impress you. He will become a true gentleman (some of them already are). He wants you to fall for him as much as he has fallen for you. Expect him to open doors, dress up in his best clothes, or even talk in a low baritone.

He Wants Your Opinion

Aries man is completely honest when it comes to opinions. He is willing to accept your opinion because he loves you. When he is in a healthy relationship, Aries male asks his partner for everything from money investing, lunch, restaurant, health, and even clothing.

Writes Long Texts

When he falls in love, Aries man can become a true poet. He will write you long and mushy texts. Even after a couple of years together, this guy will never stop writing and expressing his feeling and emotion. You have unlocked his heart and now you can reap the benefits of that.

Be Protective

This guy has a Ram as a celestial animal. He is very protective. He is one of the few in the world who likes taking responsibility. Aries partner believes it is his job to keep you away from bad things in the world.

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He Will Talk To You For Hours

Most Aries men are usually quiet and shy. He is more of a listener. But when he falls in love, he changes completely. You can see him talking endlessly about everything on his mind. This guy will share every detail of his life. He trusts you.

There is no playing with Aries guy. Soon after you start a romantic relationship, you will know everything about him and his life.

Introduce You To Close People In His Life

When this guy is confident about you and knows he wants to be in a committed relationship with you, he will introduce you to the people close in his life. That can include his mother, sister, brother, and close friends. He doesn’t hesitate to tell others about you.

Keeps Away From Physical Contact Until You Initiate

This is hard to believe. But the person with huge confidence doesn’t have an urge for physical contact in a relationship. He will give you space and make you completely comfortable. This guy wants your full consent before you can move from an emotional relationship to a physical relationship.

Aries Man Compatibility

Let’s talk a bit about Aries compatibility. Who is this guy compatible with? What is the best Zodiac compatibility for Aries? Here are three good matches and then three bad matches.

Leo Woman

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The most compatible sign with Aries is Leo. That is why Aries man Leo woman and Aries woman Leo man relationships work so well. This is one Zodiac sign that Aries cannot dominate. That is what makes it attractive and appealing to Aries.

This guy finds the bold and regal nature of Leo female irresistible. This combination works great no matter the pairing. If you want an ideal love match, this is it.

Sagittarius Woman

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This is another great love match for Aries man. Sagittarius woman is a Fire sign, making it a true fire combination. These two will bring out the adventurous spirit in each other. You can guarantee this couple will spend lots of time traveling the world.

The good thing about this Zodiac pairing is that Sagittarius can absorb the combativeness of Aries with her easy-going nature. And if there is a conflict that arises, it usually ends up with great sex.

Libra Woman

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These two are opposite signs. But it is hard to find more polarizing signs that work. Maybe that is what makes them a perfect match. Libra Woman and Aries man provide balance in each other’s life.

He is a warrior and she is a peacemaker. They are very different, they think differently, but they have great chemistry.

The balance is helpful in social occasions. For people outside, it looks like Aries is the dominant personality in the relationship. But Libra woman gets her way.

Worst Matches For Aries Man

Here are some pairings that simply do not work. They have potential, but it requires a lot of effort, adjustments, compromise, and sacrifice. You cannot expect that from Aries guy.

Taurus Woman

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These two have nothing in common. It is hard for them to build any life together or a relationship. Aries loves life with adventures and opportunities where he can display his courage. Taurus, on the other hand, cherishes comfort and peace.

Aries find Taurus female boring and dull. And she views life with him as exhausting.

Cancer Woman

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The combination of Cancer and Aries is the most volatile pairing in the Zodiac. They bring out the worst of them. You cannot find a worse pairing. When they get together, they enter a vicious cycle of conflict.

Aries Woman

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Sometimes, pairing between Aries man and Aries woman can work. But it is hard to imagine. Both of them enjoy a good fight. They will often try to one-up another and assert their dominance in the relationship. And that simply cannot work. The only good thing is their sexual desire and sexual chemistry.

But sex doesn’t last a lifetime.

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