Is He My Soulmate? Your Questions Answered

Let’s start with a simple question, is there a man in your life with who you’d like to spend the rest of your days. And while you consider him your Prince Charming and your perfect boyfriend, you want to know if he is your soulmate. Does he feel the same way? Does he love me as much as I do? Is he my soulmate?

Those are all legitimate questions. And you can answer most of them on your own. You just have to go through a relationship quiz and answer some questions about your romantic relationship.

Spiritual Aspect

When we talk about soulmates, we have to talk about spiritual meaning as well. Spiritually speaking, before you were born, the name of your spiritual half has been determined. And each soul has a perfect match.

Most people think of a soul mate as a perfect harmonious union of bliss. But the true soulmate is someone who helps you complete yourself.

With that in mind, it is something we all want. And that is to be in an honest, sincere, and committed soulmate relationship. This type of true love helps us become a better person.

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The Soulmate Quiz

As we said before, you can easily find out is he my soulmate. You just have to answer the questions in this quiz, and you will see if he is your soulmate.

Answer the following questions with 1. Yes, all the time (everything) 2. Yes, sometimes (some things) or 3. No.

Here are the questions.

  • Does he make you feel good about yourself?
  • Do you feel comfortable sharing your personal information with him?
  • Does he appreciate you?
  • Do the two of you share common interests?
  • Does he try to take interest in your hobbies?
  • Do you think about him when he is not around?
  • Do you see a future in your romantic relationship?
  • Does he ask you how you spend your day?
  • Do you feel comfortable when you are with him?

If you answer more than half of the questions with Yes, always, and Yes, everything, then chances are he is the right guy and life partner for you.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some 100% sure signs you found your karmic soulmate.

Signs He Is Your Soulmate

You Can Be Honest With Him

We all want someone we can be honest with. Does he judge you when you are honest? When do you tell him some of the unpopular secrets about you?

Can you tell him everything? Including things you haven’t shared with your family? If you feel comfortable telling him everything without being judged, he is the guy for you.

soul mate

You Have Chemistry

Chemistry is one of the most important parts of a romantic soulmate relationship. Without chemistry, you have nothing. It is that electricity going through your body that makes you feel wanted and sexy.

And we are not talking just about sexual chemistry. We also have to include intellectual, emotional, soul connection, and spiritual chemistry.

He Challenges You

The right guy will challenge you to be better and grow together. Yes, he might see some areas where you can improve. And he is not looking for your flaws. He is just pushing you to be a better person.

You Miss Him When He Is Not Around

Of course, you will miss someone you love. And we are not talking about someone you miss when he is far away traveling. We are talking about someone you miss dealing with everyday challenges in life. You want your romantic partner to be part of everything you do.

soul mate5

You Are Happy

Happiness is the best sign you feel loved and appreciated. And if you can be happy year-round, you are lucky. Because you have found a great boyfriend.

You Can Be Yourself

This is one underrated aspect of a healthy relationship. We want to be ourselves with our life partner. If you can show your true self, then it is something that has a future. Life gets hard, and we cannot be fine every moment of the day. And when you go through a rough patch, that is when you see whether your partner is there for the long run.

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You Feel Happy Doing Nothing

Happy couples can sit in the park in the grass, and just stay quiet and calm. They do not feel the need to do something to make them happy. They are happy just being in each other’s company.

He Knows How To Calm You Down

An important part of the perfect boyfriend script is someone who can calm you down. We, women, have our moments. And at that point, we need someone who can take a deep breath and calm us down.

You Complement Each Other

Does he complete you? Do you feel like he is the part you were missing your entire life? Is he your other half? The ying to your yang? That is the best sign you two are soulmates.

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You Have Mutual Respect For One Another

Any great love story starts with chemistry but needs respect to make it in the long run. Respect is a critical part of a healthy relationship. Healthy marriage or healthy partnership cannot go far without respect.

You Have Planned Your Future Together

Do you already have a picture in your head of how your future looks? Have you made plans for the future? That is a sign you have found the one. And if both of you share the same vision for the future, it is just easy to picture a life with him.

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You Cannot Remember Life Before Him

Usually, when we find someone special, we see life as before and after him/her. In this case, you cannot remember what happened in your life before him. It seems like everything makes sense now.

You Support Each Other

We talked about respect, but support is another key ingredient for a healthy marriage. This great guy supports you in your hopes, dreams, aspirations, and everything else in life.

soul mate8

You Do Not Get Jealous

When you are with your true soul mate, you can feel safe when he is not around. You feel safe because you know YOU are the ONE he WANTS. And that is a great thing. You feel relieved that no matter what happens through the day, he will be there at the end with you. There is no need for jealousy.

You Finish Each Other’s Sentences

We know this from the movies. The best sign about finding your true soulmate is someone who finishes your sentences. And you finish his.

You Listen To Each Other

Think about it. Do you truly listen to what your partner has to say? Does he truly listen to you as well? That is a sign of a great relationship.

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You Work Through The Hard Times

There will be hard times in every relationship. And usually, those with a great partner make it to the end of the tunnel. These relationships grow together through ups and downs.

You Share Core Values

In life, it is important that we find someone we share the same or even similar core values. You do not want something to come up and break your karmic relationship.

He Understands Your Weird And Silly Things

You have finally found someone you can be weird with. And he understands why you do it. If this is the case, you can answer yes to “is he my soulmate”. You two just have matching souls.

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Everything Feels Easy

Let’s finish off with one of the best soulmate signs you two have a healthy relationship. Things feel easy. You do not have to put a lot of effort and work hard to make him happy. And he makes you happy in an instant.

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