How To Be Sexy? Learn The Secrets To Attractive Appeal

We all want to be sexy, right? Well, it is possible. How exactly do you do it? Does being sexy means spending hours every day at the gym? Does it mean putting on lots of makeup? Well, spoiler alert. You do not have to wear tight-fitting clothes and lots of makeup. How to be sexy? Read on to find the secrets.

Most of the things that help you be attractive will not cost you a dime. And it doesn’t take long to master them.

Science has tried to measure what makes one person more appealing. But you cannot put attractiveness into algorithms. Real sexiness is in the eye of the beholder.

Elements of Attraction

Before we get to how to be sexy, let’s talk about the 3 vital elements of attraction. Yes, some of them will not cost you a penny. But some will require extra work and money.

The three vital elements of attraction are:

  • Physical attractiveness
  • Mental and behavioral attractiveness
  • Psychological attractiveness

Let’s try and define them all.

Physical Attractiveness


This is the obvious element of being sexy and looking sexy. It is the visual appeal, looks. It is what gets that instant “Wow” when you enter a room. The bad news? Physical attractiveness is short-term and lasts only while you wear a sexy dress. Without the other elements, this one doesn’t work.

Aspects of physical attractiveness include fitness and taking care of your body, eating healthy meals, working out regularly, fashion sense for mixing and matching clothes, and your personal grooming.

Let’s just say it, if you want to be sexy, you do have to take care of your personal grooming. Remember this: grooming is about respecting yourself, not about impressing others.

Mental And Behavioral Attractiveness


This is what you need for keeping attention on yourself. Yes, you can attract people with your physical appeal. But your mind and behavior will do the trick later on. Intelligence is sexy and attractive no matter how you look.

Mental and behavioral attractiveness is about proving to others there is more than meets the eye. Aspects of mental attractiveness include your sexual confidence, how you treat people around you, how you flirt with people around you, how you trigger points that turn on men, your intelligence, your interests, and social behavior.

Psychological Attractiveness


This is something a lot of people struggle with. It is not easy to master, we can tell you that for sure. But psychological attractiveness plays a big part in sex appeal. This is where you learn to play the game and do it the right way.

It can make the difference between falling into the friendzone and making your crush run to catch you. It is partly conscious, but also partly subconscious. It operates on levels we do not fully understand and recognize.

For example, one of the biggest aspects of psychological attractiveness is your body language. Do you know there is a whole separate conversation happening on a subconscious level between your bodies? And that is non-verbal communication.

And the second part is your pace. We know what pace means in music and sports. In sexiness, it means the speed and rate at which you reveal yourself. To create an aura of attraction is about playing the game, meaning you cannot reveal everything on the first date. To keep your date wanting more, you have to slow down the pace.

How To Be Sexy – Top Tips

Now let’s go over some tips for how to look sexy. You can easily increase your sex appeal and sexual desire from others with just a few tips.

Wear Red


Yes, it is that simple. It might sound superficial and shallow, but red is the color we get attracted to. It puts men in a lusty state of mind. And science proves it. Every man is hardwired to respond to the hue because back in Ancient times red was used in lip color and blush to mimic the red flush we get when are turned on.

So, put on a red dress and let those primal instincts kick on.

Choose The Right Perfume

We cannot tell you which perfume to wear. But we can tell you the sexiest notes. Those are lush flowers, vanilla, amber, and powdery notes. Any scent that has these notes will do the trick.

Make Eye Contact

If you have been to any workshop about speaking in public, you know this. Making eye contact is the most important part of connecting with the audience. And in a romantic relationship or sexual relationship, it is key to attraction. With eye contact you can boost your confidence and connect on levels you haven’t before with the right person. But do not stare.



We are all drawn to a smile. It is the sexiest accessory you can wear. Smiling more will make you look sexier than ever. Take this into consideration, a friendly and approachable confident woman seems more sexually interested.

Use Your Brain

You have a brain so put it to good use. A sharp and healthy mind boosts your confidence, makes you seem smarter, and as a result, sexier. So, when you are outside, indulge in some challenging conversations and expressing interest in new things.

Books are sexy and they can help you find new topics for conversation.

Humor Helps

We said before, a smile can help you a lot. Humor as well. Wittiness is something you can learn. Let’s be honest, not all of us are blessed with being truly funny all the time. But we can all learn to not look and be serious at all times.

Get Your Hair Blown Out


Yes, some of the aspects of sexiness include your physical looks. So, get your hair blown out. No more bad hair day. That is the key to a sexy woman look.

Expose Your Wrists

If you think your wrists are attractive, it has nothing to do with that. It is all about chemistry and science. Glands in the wrists emit pheromones which trigger feelings of attraction.

Animate Your Face

We talked about smiling before. But it is not the only thing you can do with your face. Animating your face includes much more. For example, blinking, nodding, shaking your head, and so on. It might be weird, but these face animations make you more attractive.

Improve your closet

We are talking about your clothing closet here. Find a good tailor and start wearing clothes that make you look sexy. No need to wear tight clothes all the time. But a well-fitting dress is better than boxy and long clothes.

Wear Heels


Yes, it is superficial. But heels are one of the quickest ways to make you feel and look sexier. Slip on a pair of heels. They will give you a boost and confidence.

Play Up Your Best Features

We all have certain attributes that we like better than others. So emphasize them. Play to your strengths.

Slow Down

This might surprise you. But science backs it up. One study showed that slowing down your movement and speech by 10% will make you sexier. What does that mean in real life? Well, instead of rushing down the hallway, slow down and accentuate your movements.

When you speak and try to make a point, do not wave your arms quickly. Slowly and calmly explain your point.

How To Feel Sexy

If you want to be a sexy woman, it is all about looks and feelings. Feeling sexy is all about you. And you can easily up your confidence in your sex appeal. Here are some ideas.

  • Wear special sexy lingerie on a normal day, not only when you know you are going to get laid
  • Sign up for a workout class to feel sexier and improve your body image
  • Splurge for a massage to boost your inner sexiness. Massage helps with releasing oxytocin hormone and stress reduction
  • Speaking of touching, touch yourself, it can be as simple as slowly brushing your hair or gently rubbing lotion all over your body
  • Go a step further and masturbate, it is a great way to connect into your own fantasy sex life and sense of eroticism
  • Walk around your place naked on a regular basis for at least a few minutes to feel connected to your body
  • Dance around your home to connect with parts of your body that you do not exercise regularly
  • Last, but not least, unplug from your phone, TV, computer, and everything for a set period of time to reduce stress

Written by Steven

Steven is a young student from San Francisco who is obsessed with computers.

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