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Best Match For Virgo Woman – Zodiac And Love Compatibility

So you have set your eyes on Virgo woman. It is an interesting decision. But remember, dating Virgo female is not a joke. These women are perfectionists. And they want a partner who is as perfectionist as they are. But on the good side, when this lady is by your side, she will express her love in ways you haven’t seen before. Who is the best match for Virgo woman? Do you fit the criteria?

Virgo lady is someone you can build an empire with. Of course, as long as you take her seriously. Ruled by planet Mercury, Virgo women act like they are experiencing, preparing for, or recovering from a metaphorical earthquake. As a mutable Earth sign, this woman is analytical, judgmental, and serving.

Virgo Woman Personality Traits

Before we go and check Zodiac compatibility, let’s talk about Virgo personality traits. This woman is the ultimate combination of brains and beauty. You get the best of the two worlds.

Virgo female has the organizational skills for daily routine and daily tasks, and a dedicated work ethic that will ensure everything runs smoothly. Combine that with her brilliance and talent, and you have a perfect woman.

Virgo women make things happen. She will talk the talk but also walk the walk. Ruled by the planet Mercury, this woman is a passionate intellectual with a deeply creative streak. And as an Earth sign, she shines when creating something from her inspiration.

Virgo women seem shy on the surface, but they work behind the scene. She is a go-getter, there is no better way to explain her.

One thing that some people love about Virgo lady and others hate is her daily planning. She never goes without her daily planner. She has to be organized to the smallest details and have every second of the day planned.


Virgo Woman In love

When you talk about Virgo woman in love, she is poetry in motion. She is a deeply romantic sign that will give you her heart. But she wants things to last forever. This lady is not someone who will play the modern dating game. Do not expect casual flings and one-night stands from her.

This woman dedicates a lot of her time and energy to her career and alone time. So, she seeks a partner who will compliment her, not someone who will bitch about her work habits and time. In that spirit, she wants someone she can be cozy at home with. Ideally, she and her partner are curled up in a comfy chair and read.

Picky when choosing a lover, Virgo ladies stay alone for a longer period. They do not just get into a relationship to be in one.

But the best thing about dating a Virgo woman is she is the sexy secret of the Zodiac. Deep down inside, she hides lust, high libido, and love for sex that her serious demeanor doesn’t show.


Sex With A Virgo Woman

Speaking about sex with Virgo lady, is a mystical act. It is like a Beyonce song. She comes off as shy and serious. Why? Because this lady knows the world is watching and she has to be careful. Virgo woman has to be present herself in a proper manner.

But once you get behind closed doors that is when the magic happens. It is a completely different story. Open-minded and lustful, this lady wants to try lots of things in the bedroom.

And once you get her in her comfort zone, expect spontaneous acts and flamboyant attire to show up.

Best Match for Virgo Woman

Now, let’s talk about relationship compatibility. Who is Virgo woman compatible with? Who are some of her best and worst matches? Let’s take a look.

Virgo Woman Taurus Man

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This is an excellent Virgo compatibility pairing. Love and marriage work wonderfully for Virgo and Taurus. Why? Because Taurus man is stable and will soothe her worrying character. She will gladly proceed to follow his rules, step by step.

These two also have the same approach to sex and romance. They are willing to wait until everything is right and they can unleash their sexual desire.

Virgo Woman Capricorn Man

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These two fall under the Earth sign. That makes for a wonderful love match. Virgo appreciates Capricorn and his serious and hardworking mindset toward work. Because Capricorn man loves to plan for the future and has a long-term view on things, Virgo can enjoy and lower her fears.

As lovers, these two find it easy to communicate their sexual needs. Thanks to their mutual trust, sexual intercourse is fulfilling for both partners.

The only challenge is they can often forget to nurture their romance and romantic relationship. Busy with their work, these two forget about love.

Virgo Woman Cancer Man

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Unlike the previous two Zodiac pairing options, Cancer is a water sign. But water and earth pair well. While Virgo is rational, Cancer is emotional. He is willing to listen to her reason. With her calm and gentle voice, Virgo can help the Cancerian man.

And Virgo will love the love, attention, and nurture she gets from the Cancer guy. These two appreciate one another and take their time to get into a relationship.

When they are in love, these two stay together in e healthy relationship for a while. Eager to please their partner, these two traditional romantics will do anything for love.

Virgo Woman Pisces Man

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Sometimes, opposites do attract. That is the case here. Pisces is on the opposite side of the Zodiac. Pisces is everything Virgo likes. And more importantly, this man is free and unburdened by the traditional rules of life. This makes Virgo lust for him and his way of life.

The best way to explain this relationship is the doer and the dreamer. Virgo gets the job done while Pisces dreams for something. And because they are opposites, they can learn a lot from one another.

Worst Match for Virgo Woman

Now let’s talk about some bad Virgo compatibility. There are signs that just do not work together.

Virgo Woman Virgo Man

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While this looks like an intelligent and analytical love pairing, it doesn’t work. Two perfectionists and workaholics cannot find time for themselves. They are methodical and practical. This pairing works amazingly in business. But do not count on it as a love pairing.

Virgo Woman Aries Man

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Yes, Virgo will feel attracted to Aries man. But this thing will not last. Aries is someone who prides himself in everything. And he will not tolerate the nagging and criticism Virgo sends his way.

These two are very different. For this to work, the relationship needs a lot of understanding, compromise, and adjustments.

Virgo Woman Leo Man


Similar to the previous two pairings, this one can work, but it will not happen. Leo man is flamboyant. Virgo lady is humble. Same as Aries, Leo has great pride and cannot tolerate the critical side of Virgo. And his domineering personality will annoy his Virgo partner.

Virgo Woman Sagittarius Man

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Here is another guy that will not work with Virgo. While she is productive and reserved, he is carefree, spontaneous, and even reckless. Yes, we saw how Virgo can make it with Pisces. But that is a different story.

While they are social, flexible, and adaptable people, Virgo and Sagittarius have different personalities that will clash daily.

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