Why Do Guys Hook Up With The Same Girl?

It happens all the time. Guys keep on hooking up with the same girl over and over again. And there are also guys who say they have no interest in hooking up with the same girl. Fun fact: Barney Stinson in HIMYM famously said “new is always better”. But even he hooked up with Robin again and again. So, why do guys hook up with the same girl?

What is the reason behind this sexual behavior? Maybe you want to know whether the guy friend you hooked up with has continued sexual interest in you. Will he come back? Do you like him? Or maybe you want to know whether he has feelings for you. Well, we have several answers to the above question. Let’s see why guys hook up with the same girl again and again.

High Level Of Excitement In The First Hookup

Usually, when a guy is excited and thrilled about the first hookup, he will come back for more. How a guy felt while hooking up with you decides whether he will ask you again or not.

Chances are if he was thrilled he will crave to experience that thrill again. It is like a drug. Guys crave the same thrill and excitement.

He Feels You Were The Most Beautiful Hookup

Men are visual creatures. And if your body is what got him in the first time, it will get him in again. When they find a particular woman beautiful, guys lust for her and want to hook up again.

Fair warning: different guys find different women sexy. That means you might not look attractive to one guy, but another man might find your body irresistible. But physical attraction is a huge reason a straight man wants to have a sexual relationship with you.


There Is No Emotional Drama

Emotional drama is the X factor whether your guy comes back again or not. When there is no emotional drama involved, guys have no problem hooking up again. He is probably looking for a casual sex romance without any strings attached.

Ask yourself whether you are fine with this friends with benefits relationship or not. If you start acting serious and add drama to the equation, he will be gone. The more he feels comfortable, the more he believes he can have a hookup with you.

The Sex Was Amazing

Yes, men want good sex. Who doesn’t? A good orgasm will work like a magnet in this scenario. No matter where he goes, he will come back for that great orgasm he felt.

If you banged like it is the end of the world he will come back. Do not worry. Even though he wanted a one-time thing, he will come back for more.

Looks For A Long-term Friends-with-benefits Relationship

We touched on this before. Some guys just want a friend with benefits long term relationship. They do not want a one-time fling. They prefer continued sexual involvement.

But the trick is setting up rules that this is a relationship about sex and not about commitment. If you want to be part of it, keep your romantic expectations low. It might turn into a committed relationship, but it might not.

He Wants To De-stress

We live in a stressful world. Stress is a big part of our life. And what is one of the best ways to de-stress? Enjoy sex, of course. Sexual intercourse is a great way to reduce stress. You take all the frustration out in the bed.

Even science has proved that. Ejaculation and sexual intercourse help your body release dopamine. And that is a chemical associated with pleasure. So, get ready to have your sexual desires fulfilled thanks to stress.


You Have Good Chemistry Together

Sometimes, even when you are looking for someone to hook up with, you have great chemistry. The sexual interaction and sexual relationship feel natural. And that might be the case here.

It is hard to find sexual compatibility. So when a man finds his chemistry in sex, he wants more of it.

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He Starts Developing Feelings For You

Here is one question women often ask. Can a man sleep with a woman without developing feelings? Well, it depends. You can easily determine. If he is calling you only when he is horny, it is all about sexual interest.

But if he starts developing feelings for you, expect him to call more often.

He Cannot Find A New Hookup

Yes, men are desperate for sex. Some are even more desperate. So when he has no one else to hook up with, he might go back to what he considers safe sex and sure sex. He might not have any other option.

If this is what happens, we recommend treating him like your personal sex toy.

It Is Convenient For Him

We all fall into routines and comfort. And if you are the one providing the space (house or apartment), it is convenient for him. It is another potential cause for recurring hookups.

After all, hotels are expensive.


You Are That Good

Some men cannot get enough of your skill. For example, you are great in bed or you give mind-blowing oral pleasure. It is quite attractive to men.

For example, you might be the only one who swallows. And he wants that experience again. Every man has a weakness, and if you satisfy that weakness, he will come back over and over again.

Does Hooking up With A Guy More Than Once Actually Mean Anything?

Yes, it is possible that you develop romantic feelings for a guy you frequently hook up with. You can have sex without feelings for only a limited amount of time. Eventually, one of you will develop feelings.

But if it is something you struggle with, you should take some space. Try to clear your mind.

Do Guys Develop Feelings After A Hookup?

This is another thing we have to address. Casual hookup can be exhilarating, right? But they are not as simple as most of us think. Sometimes, we can get emotionally attached to someone we had no intentions to have feelings for.

And if you sleep with that said person, sex can cloud your judgment. Usually, women are labeled as clingy and emotionally dependent. Many people think women cannot have sex with no strings attached. Well, men are the same as well. The reality is that men catch feelings after hooking up as well.

Why is that? Well, science has a simple answer. When we experience physical intimacy with a sexual partner, our brain releases oxytocin. It is a powerful hormone many call the love hormone. Some would say it is a love molecule. This is why people experience an emotional high during and after sex.

Men and women report similar experiences when it feels to an attachment after sexual intimacy. The difference is how they express their feelings. Men usually become much less emotionally uninhibited for a short time. Women, however, seem to hold a kind of emotional steady state.

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