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Why Are Scorpios So Good In Bed – Best Lover In The Zodiac

Many people often say that they had their best sex with Scorpio. Why is that? Well, for starters, Scorpios love to go as deep as possible sexually. Ruled by the element of water, they tend to veer toward the emotional side of sex. Combine that with their passion for love-making, and you have amazing intensity. Why are Scorpios so good in bed? Well, let’s find out.

The first thing you need to understand is that extreme sex is the best sex for Scorpio. This guy or girl is a force to be reckoned with intimately.

Scorpio Personality Traits


The best way to understand why are Scorpios so good in bed is to look at personality traits. As a fixed sign, Scorpios love stability. But in the bedroom, they go wild. Their energy is sometimes calm on the outside, but it is intense underneath the surface.

Famously discreet and with an air of mystery around them, they deliver that same energy in the bedroom. Some of their personality traits include being creative, determined, mysterious, mystical, and passionate. Here is how they apply to the bedroom.

Positive Scorpio Traits


One of the most well-known Scorpio traits, this sign goes for what he wants. Scorpio man or Scorpio woman will not hold back. Nothing can stop Scorpio once he sets his mind on something.


Another personality trait that applies to the bedroom is that he will go into danger without a second thought. He is always ready for difficult tasks. Even more when it means pleasing his sexual partner.


When this guy or girl is committed, he sticks with it. It is hard to earn the trust of Scorpio, but once you get it, it is yours.


Known to be fierce, this guy is always trying to achieve his goals. And Scorpios set their goals high. There is no limit to what they can achieve. Nothing is impossible.

Negative Scorpio Traits


It might be hard to find out what this Zodiac sign wants in bed. He doesn’t display any vulnerability. Instead, he prefers to keep his feelings to himself.


Scorpio men and Scorpio women love to be in control. Their fierceness and intensity work only when they are in control. Why? Because they think they know what is best.


In some cases, stubbornness can be a helpful trait. But in this case, it means this person will stand his ground and stick to his principles.

Why Are Scorpios So Good In Bed?


Now let’s take a look at a typical Scorpio in love. He is passionate, sexual, and deep. This Zodiac sign is always looking for someone to really explore new territory with. For example, a partner they can travel the world with. Or a partner they can explore sexual desire together.

Speaking about a romantic relationship, Scorpio prefers a long-term relationship to quick and casual sex. In the bedroom, they have powerful and continuous libido. Here are some reasons why you will love sex with Scorpio.

Endless Sex Drive

No matter their gender, they have a libido of a perverted teenager. This man or woman will be willing to take you anywhere and anytime.

They Understand You

Scorpio partner will pick up cues immediately. No matter if they are flirty signals or emotional signals. And because they can pick up things and understand you, they know what you like in bed.

Incredibly Magnetic

There is no reason to resist. With this sexual partner, resistance is futile. Scorpios have undeniable magnetism around them. And when they want you, they will get you. And you will want them back for sure.

They Can Take Cues Well

Some would say that Scorpios have a sixth sense about what you want at the moment. They know even your deepest carnal desires.

They Take Sexual Encounters Seriously

Here is one great reason to have sex with Scorpio. They have an incredible sex drive. And at the same time, they take every sexual encounter seriously. They do not get into the bedroom just to have sex. They want to make sure you enjoy every second of it.

They Go Deep

When it comes to male Scorpio, he is not afraid to really dive in. He is one of the deepest signs of the zodiac. As a water sign, this guy can dive with precision and perfection. He goes as far as possible in every sexual position.

They Rule The Genitals

Once you have sex with Scorpio, you will know it. While every Zodiac sign has its body part of perfection, Scorpios have their genitals.

They Do Not Kiss And Tell

Here is a great reason to get into bed with Scorpio. No matter what you do between the bedsheets, nobody will know it. This Zodiac sign is fiercely private. Discretion is guaranteed here.

They Come Prepared

Scorpio woman or Scorpio man is always ready and prepared for sex. You cannot catch them without protection. Scorpio woman is always ready with sexy lingerie for sex.

No Taboo

There is absolutely no limit or taboo for Scorpio. You can try anything you like. You can experiment with sexual positions, sex toys, or anything else. They will not reject any of your ideas.

How To Have Great Sex With Scorpio?

We can tell you one thing for sure. Sex with Scorpio is the best you will ever have. Nothing compares to it. Obsessed with sex, this sign in many ways is the master of the bedroom.

Just do not expect friends with benefits situation with Scorpio. While they enjoy sex, they do not work in such an arrangement. They will either get too obsessive or their partner will.

They are not the type of people to indulge in sexual infidelity. Scorpios look for deep emotional connection and security. They seek commitment in a healthy relationship.

Scorpio Sexual Compatibility

Let’s finish off with some Zodiac compatibility in sex for Scorpio. They work perfectly with some signs, and not so great with others.

Scorpio And Cancer

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Both of these signs speak the same emotional language. They are known as some of the most emotional signs in the Zodiac. And they are both Water signs. Crabs and Scorpios work perfectly in the bedroom and a romantic relationship.

Scorpio And Capricorn

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Capricorn is an Earth sign. And the reason why it works with a Scorpio male or Scorpio female is stability. We said before that Scorpio seeks security and stability in relationships. Capricorn partner can provide that.

Scorpio And Pisces

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Same as with Cancer, Pisces work great with Scorpio because both have an emotional side. Again, in most sexual compatibility charts, signs of the same element work the best. That applies here as well.

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