Scorpio Facts – The Most Passionate and Powerful Zodiac Sign

When you look at Scorpio personality, you might confuse the sign. For starters, Scorpio has incredible passion and power. So, some people might think he is a fire sign. But that is not true. Scorpio is a water sign. He derives his strength from the psychic and emotional realm. One of the Scorpio facts is that Scorpio is intuitive and clairvoyant.

Scorpio is the eighth astrological sign. The Scorpio horoscope starts from October 23 and lasts until November 21. The sign is quite similar to the scorpion. You feel the sting of scorpion intensely. In the same way, you feel the presence of Scorpio personalities.

Scorpio in a nutshell

Scorpio is a very mysterious individual. He has a strong will power and can turn the tables around at any moment. And he does that in the way he desires. You can easily notice Scorpio. He has a distinct outer appearance, and his charisma will win you over.

Scorpio is very questioning, and he cannot stand treachery. At the slightest hint of treachery, he will retaliate. But his magnetic charm will smite you.

In love, Scorpio is faithful. But he can be deeply possessive. Some Scorpios make very jealous partners. Do not play with their jealousy.

The negative Scorpio nature is his dominant nature. He can be possessive, impatient, cunning, brutal, and unable to forget and forgive.

His positive qualities are bravery, faithfulness, power, and focused person. His self-assurance is at the highest level.

What about Scorpio compatibility? Well, Scorpio works best with Taurus, Cancer, and Libra.

Myths and Facts

Myth No.1 You Cannot Trust Scorpio

Scorpio keeps his private life to himself. That is why many think you cannot trust them with your secrets. But the opposite is the truth. Scorpio respects your privacy and personal feelings. Put your trust in him and your secrets are safe.

But remember, they expect the same treatment.

Myth No.2 Scorpio is emotionless

Scorpio is private. He is secretive and mythical. This can come as emotionless and heartless for the public. But that is not true. The reality is Scorpio is in touch with his emotions. But it will take him time to trust you with his feelings.

Myth No.3 Scorpio is selfish

You might hear one of these Scorpio quotes. The defining Scorpio trait is the selfishness. But they are only self-aware. The reality is Scorpio has a soft core. Kindness is important to Scorpio. They will take time off to help those in need.

Fact No.1 Honesty is very important

Scorpio will never sugarcoat the truth. He will tell you how it is. And they expect the same treatment in return. If you cannot give him an honest opinion, Scorpio will leave you. He doesn’t want to be around people without honest opinions.

Scorpio hates liars. Do not try to fake it. If you have to lie, try to cover your tracks as much as you can. But in most cases, he will find out.

Fact No.2 Scorpio is mysterious

We said before, Scorpio keeps his feelings to himself. They need a lot of time to get comfortable with somebody. They do not let you in easily. This is why many think of Scorpio as a mysterious individual. And that is true. No one truly knows how Scorpio feels.

Fact No.3 They are very passionate

You might hear this: Scorpio is great in bed. And that is because Scorpio woman and Scorpio man in bed are very passionate. While on the outside, Scorpio is calm, on the inside, he is fiery. This makes them so attractive. For Scorpio, the relationship is all about passion. They are intense lovers. And you will reap the benefits of that.

Personality traits

You will hear this a lot: nobody can really understand Scorpio. He is one of the most mythical and mysterious individuals. He doesn’t give too much information. Scorpio has admirable qualities, and we will explain them.


If Scorpio is into you, you will now it. He wants to know everything about you. What you think, what you believe in, and more. He is very physical in the bed, and do not do casual sex. For Scorpio, sex is super-intense.

Sometimes, their fiery side can come as controlling. But that is because he wants to protect you. And Scorpio always believes he knows better.


Scorpio doesn’t quit. He is relentless. Nothing can stop Scorpio. For them, there is no such thing as a lack of confidence or self-doubt. Scorpio knows what he wants and he thinks he has the right to get it. When faced with troubles, his intellect can create flexible and outside-of-the-box solutions.


For Scorpio, every day is a mission. He is on point, focused, and ready to do everything he needs to do. Think of Scorpio as a predator. He parades around and prepares his strategy on how to attack. You never know what is coming. Scorpio never shares his goals or thoughts.

Some say there is a hidden agenda with an agenda. And that is very true.


For all their “bad” and “feared” traits, Scorpio is the most loyal partner and friend. If you are going to a battle, you want Scorpio by your side. He is protective and loyal to his friends and loved ones.

Scorpio quick facts

We talked about Scorpio myths, Scorpio personality traits, and other Scorpio facts. But let’s give you close to 100 facts about Scorpio.

  • They love to travel
  • Scorpio never forgets his first love
  • They love to be with their friends
  • Scorpio has a high sex drive
  • They are the most passionate lovers
  • Nothing scares Scorpio
  • They do not do drama
  • Scorpio doesn’t believe in self-doubt
  • They do not know how to be fake
  • They are easy-going
  • Scorpio deals with stress by being on top of it
  • They stand by people in the time of need
  • They can be overly protective and controlling of the people they love
  • You cannot beat or control Scorpio
  • They hate liars
  • Their confidence makes them attractive and sexy
  • Scorpio never shows his cards
  • They have a high intelligence
  • Scorpio is very intuitive and intelligent
  • When they get mad, they might break things
  • They love to sleep with soothing music
  • Scorpio woman might try to manipulate you
  • He always tells the truth
  • Scorpio wants the world to be happy
  • He will bring out the best in you
  • Do not repeat things to Scorpio
  • You cannot get away with playing Scorpio
  • Stay on their good side, or you will be sorry
  • Mystery surrounds Scorpio
  • Scorpio is a leader, not a follower
  • Memories never die
  • They pay close attention to details
  • He might be sitting still, but his mind works
  • They love the chase more than the conquest
  • He has a habit of getting lost in his thoughts
  • They commit to only one person physically at a time
  • Confidence turns them on
  • They love to take risks
  • Scorpio can be sarcastic and cynical at times

Eminent Scorpio Personalities

Here are some of the most famous Scorpio personalities. Some of them are Hollywood celebrities, others are great leaders.

  • Leonardo Di Caprio
  • Katy Perry
  • Ryan Gosling
  • Michael Strahan
  • Bill Gates
  • Emma Stone
  • Anne Hathaway
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Pablo Picasso
  • Julia Roberts
  • Marie Curie
  • Tim Cook
  • Condoleezza Rice
  • Caitlyn Jenner

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