Libra Facts – What Kind of Person is Libra?

Looking at the Libra horoscope dates, it is the 7th sign in the Zodiac. People born between September 23 and October 23 are under the Libra zodiac sign. Libra is a balanced and peaceful sign. Libra differs from other Air signs like Gemini and Aquarius. For example, Gemini has a dual personality, Aquarius has a unique personality, but Libra has a dual mind. What are some Libra facts? Let’s take a look.

Libra in a nutshell

Libra is a balanced sign, crazy and clever at the same time, and very quick to admit. They are smooth negotiators and extremely observant.

The biggest problem of Libra is to say no when someone asks for a favor. You will always take care of the people around you. Sometimes, it gets frustrating for others and for you as well.

Libra hates unnecessary conflict. They also cannot stand selfish and inconsiderate people. Libra craves balance and harmony, especially in their relationships. They work perfectly with Scorpio.

And when Libra is angry, she will not listen to anything or anyone. They get hostile when someone is going after their belongings.

The best thing Libra can do is stay neutral in any situation, and sniff out unwanted things.

Myths and Facts

Myth No.1 – Libra wants to be alone

One of the Libra facts is that the sign avoids confrontations. So, a lot of people think that Libra prefers solitude. But that is far from the truth. Libra cannot stand to be alone. They love to make plans and love to care for the people.

Myth No.2 – They do not like to stand out

Libra is all about diplomacy and balance. You might assume they are conformists. But they dislike that. Libra wants to remain peaceful, but stay unique as well. Uniforms are frustrating to Libra. They appreciate their individuality. Even more for Libra personality female.

Fact No.1 – They love the outdoors

Libra appreciates any time spent outdoors. They love to be outside and among nature. This makes Libra horoscope personality an outdoor character. They are happy when outside.

When a Libra feels down, she can just go outside. That will lift her mood.

Fact No.2 – Libra is an air sign

This means more than you understand. Air signs have a strong intellectual connection with the world around them. Libra is inventive, and she always looks for new ideas. Libra loves discovering and creating amazing things.

Personality traits

Each zodiac sign has specific personality traits, strengths, and weaknesses. Looking at Libra characteristics, they manifest most in relationships.

Libra is very popular because she has likable qualities. It is easy to get along with them. Here are some personality traits and Libra facts.


Libra wants everything to be smooth. They crave for smooth-sailing and plain sea. They can mend fences and build bridges like the best diplomats. If all world leaders are Libra, we would live in peace and harmony. Fun fact: Vladimir Putin is a Libra, born on October 7.

This personality comes with a downside. Their empathy and listening can sometimes lower their opinion. Often, Libra’s opinion gets lost in the chaos.

Great Listener

If you want someone who will listen to you, find a Libra. No matter if it is a Libra man or Libra woman, they are great listeners. Libra soaks up the world around them like a sponge. She loves information, news, and education. But this also comes with a precautionary sign. They love to gossip. As much as they love getting information, Libras can also share information.

Follow the law

Libras love the law. They can deconstruct any situation into a legal discussion. Sometimes, they favor their right. For example, you might find a Libra explaining to you why she deserves the bigger room.


Some say Libra lives in her own world. And that might be true. Libras do not accept the reality of the world sometimes. They believe they can create perfect pathways through life. They want the best experience and believe they can get through logic and rational analysis.

Loves shopping

Libra facts female say they love shopping. Libra loves buying new shoes, skin care products, candles, underwear, or anything else. This is instant happiness for Libra. She also has an impeccable taste and will go for elegant and good quality pieces. She definitely loves to show off.

Quick Libra Facts

We talked about Libra personality traits, Libra compatibility, some myths, and facts. Let’s finish off with some quick facts about this calm and balanced air sign.

  • Everything seems impossible until Libra does it
  • They hate texting first
  • They can alternate between busy and sleeping in bed all-day
  • Libra keeps her standards high
  • Do not cheat on a Libra, you will regret it
  • Libra man in bed has a sense of adventure and knows the places he wants to go
  • When Libra is in a bad mood, she comes across as aggressive
  • They can see both sides of a story, but they cannot pick a side
  • Libra facts male: he is not rude, he is honest
  • Potato chips are their favorite comforting food
  • She can get stubborn when people do not take her seriously
  • She is confident she can please you, and she will do it
  • Libra doesn’t get into trouble for lying, she is always honest
  • Libra man compatibility is a woman who is busy and productive
  • She can adapt to any situation
  • She likes to gain control and recognition
  • Libra can hold grudges for a long time
  • You cannot attract a Libra if you are a loser
  • Their intuition works great when someone has foul intent to use them
  • Libra will never refuse an exciting and creative project
  • Libra understands human nature
  • She will support you until the end
  • They are great lovers and can please your dirty needs
  • They can deal with setbacks
  • Libra doesn’t mind attention after hard work
  • They can cry over the same thing over and over again
  • They love to be around fun people
  • When a Libra falls in love, it is real
  • They love stability and dislike disruption
  • The best thing you can tell to Libra is the truth
  • Libra is sensitive, she can become irritated
  • She will pull away when irritated
  • Maturity suits Libra perfectly
  • You cannot stop her from loving you
  • They take care of you, protect you, and show physical affection when in love
  • There is not a better sign for mental stimulation than Libra
  • They give without remembering
  • She moves at her own pace, not yours
  • Do not try to force things on her, she either wants it or not

Eminent Libra Personalities

There are a lot of famous people born under the Libra sign. For example, Mahatma Gandhi is a Libra.

Here are the others:

  • Horatio Nelson
  • John Lennon
  • Serena Williams
  • Kim Kardashian
  • Vladimir Putin
  • Eminem
  • Will Smith
  • Margaret Thatcher
  • Mario Puzo
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Kate Winslet
  • Oscar Wilde

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