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Libra Man in Bed – What to Expect?

Libra is an air sign. As such, he loves spending time around people. He is cooperative and fair-minded and believes in the power of social connection. Many will tell you, Libras are some of the most interesting people to spend time with. They definitely have a lot to offer. But what about Libra man in bed? What can you expect?

Well, if you find yourself with a Libra man, you will find out he is just as charming in bed as he is on the streets. One of his strengths is finding ways to say the right things at the right time. And that will make you feel a tingle in your stomach.

What are some of the positive Libra traits?

Let’s take a look at some of the common Libra traits. That will help you understand how a Libra man in bed acts.


He is a natural peacemaker, and great at playing tactfully in the relationship. He also shows tactics and strategy in groups as well. Libra chooses his words carefully and aims to find common ground.


He has a strong sense of justice. He wants to help everyone get their voice heard. And he is also passionate about balance in things.


He always looks on the bright side. And he can see the best in people in all situations. Libra has great intentions and thinks the best of everything.


Witty, smart, and excellent in conversation, he has active imaginations. Libras are quick on their feet. That is why he can solve almost any problem.


What are the negative traits of Libra?

Every sign has its pros and cons. The same applies to Libra. Here are some of his negative aspects.


His love of balance can get in his way. Sometimes, he might spend hours weighing on the pros and cons of a situation.


This is one of his biggest weaknesses. He is a bit self-absorbed, and when things do not go perfect, they blame themselves. He rarely sees the bigger picture in times of strife.


His love for beautiful things includes himself as well. He might take selfies everywhere he goes. And he spends a lot of time on pampering and appearance.

How does a Libra man behave in a relationship?

Now that we know some of the common personality traits of Libra, let’s talk about his romantic side. How does he behave in a relationship?


To put it simply, he has a “love of love”. They get easily love drunk. And when they are in love, they love to show their romantic side.


Leadership comes naturally to Libra, and they show it in everything. That includes their relationship as well. They love to get surrounded by people good at taking direction and getting things done. So, if he says something, he expects you to follow it.

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How good is a Libra man in bed?

Libra man is fun, romantic, and passionate in bed. Sex will feel like an affair, but a lighthearted one. He will help you balance out the seriousness of life.

He values beauty, balance, and romance in the relationship and sex. He might not act like a masculine man and will take more of a submissive role. He doesn’t prefer bold actions of expressing his affection. Libra man sticks to subtle gestures.

On the positive side, his charm is endearing. He will amaze you and charm you easily. Expect a lot of gestures like candlelight jazz music, roses in bed, cashmere blankets, lingerie gifts, and so on.

And because of his diplomatic side, he will ensure a balance between giving and taking.

At the end of the day, if you want lighthearted fun with no strings attached, you can have a good time with Libra man.

How to attract him sexually?

For Libras, every encounter is an energy exchange. But he must get balance, he wants to get both yin and yang energies. Because of their feminine side, he gets attracted to women who lead the way and take on a more dominant role.

He loves fiery and passionate women. Sometimes, that means a mildly aggressive woman. After all, they want fire, and they can play with it.

This is why he works wonderfully with fire signs, Leo for example. The fire signs balance their romantic sense of harmony with a direct and bold personality.

How to turn him on?

If you want to please him in bed, get loose. It is that simple. Get adventurous. He appreciates a good dose of playfulness.

He has a casual and lighthearted approach to sex and relationship. That might feel like a safe prescription for anyone getting involved with a Libra. But he can get intimidated and overwhelmed by heavy and deep emotions.

Remember, you can never go wrong with bringing beauty into the bedroom. And it can come in any shape or form. Most importantly, he loves getting words of appreciation and affirmation from you. Yes, you might need to give him compliments in bed. And that will only make him better.

Libra man and Leo woman deliver the best match. He appreciates her fire, passion, drive, and initiative.


Libra’s sexual style

Libra man likes imaginative, slow, and passionate prelude. He wants to discover and explore new parts of the body. He will not stop.

He knows what he does, and he can go for a long time. Expect a Libra man to last longer in the bedroom. Unlike other signs, Libra doesn’t view sex as superficial and quick. He likes to play with his mouth and hands and take his time.

If you want to feel relaxed and enjoy playfulness in the bedroom, go with a Libra man. But if you do not want to spend too much time with the foreplay, just take control. He will gladly follow you. Just make sure to subtly take control. He doesn’t want someone to tell him what to do in bed.

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