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Scorpio Man In Bed – How To Turn Him On?

So, are you on the hunt for a Scorpio man? Do you want to understand how to get him, how to attract him, how to turn him on sexually? And of course, how good is Scorpio man in bed? Well, do not worry, we have the answers to your questions.

Today, we will talk about the good personality traits, bad Scorpio personality traits, and what turns him on sexually.

Let’s get going.

Scorpio Man Personality Traits


Before you talk about Scorpio man in bed, you have to understand Scorpio’s personality traits. For starters, Scorpio is a fixed sign, which means he has strong opinions. Do not try to change him unless you can produce much more arguments to the contrary. In the bedroom, this guy thinks his way is the best way. So, with that in mind, here are some Scorpio man personality traits.

Positive Scorpio Traits


This guy will not leave you. If it is up to him, once he sets his mind on you, he will stay forever. This is one of the best things about a fixed sign.

He sticks to what he knows best, and in this case, it is your love and affection.


They say sex with Scorpio is the best sex you will get. Well, one reason for that is Scorpio sexual partner is passionate. He will shower you with affection in the bedroom and the sexual relationship and try to make your wishes come true.

High sexual energy

Speaking about the bedroom, the Scorpio guy wants it anytime and anywhere. He is always ready for some sexual activity. If you are not ready to satisfy his needs, you might be in trouble.

Negative Scorpio Traits


This guy thinks everything revolves around him. He is so focused on you, that sometimes he might forget you. Yes, he is passionate. But he is also self-focused. Sometimes, he might focus too much on his pleasure and emotion and put you on the sidelines.

Overly sensitive

Remember, Scorpio is a water sign. Many people forget that about the passionate Scorpio. As a water sign, emotions are his Achilles heel. He might be too sensitive to some issues and topics. Be careful not to offend him, that is when his emotions go crazy.

If you toy with his emotions, he might become sarcastic. And his sarcasm really stings. This guy might say anything just to hurt you in the heat of the moment.

How Does Scorpio Man Behave In Relationship?

One thing about a Scorpio man, he is mysterious and confused. It is highly challenging to understand his emotional nature and mysterious side. For some people, it is confusing to date a Scorpio man.

The best way to understand him is he values his emotional and spiritual connection on a deep level more than the physical connection. Yes, he is full of sexual energy. But if you do not connect on a deeper emotional level, no sex.

In a romantic relationship, he is known to do what he wants as soon as he wants it. Sometimes, his desires and emotions overcome his ability to think clearly. This makes it difficult for people outside and even inside of the healthy relationship to read him and understand him.

Sometimes, it looks like he is acting without thinking of the possible results and consequences.

How To Attract Him?


If you want to seduce a Scorpio man or even attract him, there are things you want to keep secret because of his confusing secret. Here are some things you can do to attract a Scorpio partner.

Be ready for an adventure

By nature, this guy is very adventurous and spontaneous. He loves going on adventures, and often, he looks for a partner that can follow him.

If you are not up for an adventure, you will not attract him. It is as simple as that. You need to make him feel alive.

Expect to do things you haven’t even considered before. He will always plan an adventure, but it doesn’t hurt to make an effort and plan something as well.

Challenge him

One thing about a Scorpio male. He thinks his way is the best way. But if you want to attract him, challenge him now and then. But make sure to have arguments. He loves a partner that will challenge his intellect and try to connect on a deeper level.

Just do not be overly dominant. This might put him off. So challenge him just to a degree. Try to maintain the excitement in your relationship. This guy loves a confident woman.

Do not be too easy

We said he loves a challenge, right? When he is in a relationship, and even during the flirting phase, he loves a woman that he can chase. He loves when you play hard to get. Flirt with him as much as possible and mess up his head.

Even in a relationship, try to come up with new games that will make him the chaser, and you the prey.

Try new things together

We talked about how this guy loves adventure. But he loves doing new things with you even more. Try communicating with him in ways you haven’t communicated with anyone else before. To keep the passion alive, suggest and be open to trying new things.

Be Mysterious

Scorpio is one of the most mysterious signs in the Zodiac. He loves a bit of mystery. The mysterious aura around him is magnetic. And while it is a challenge to understand him, make it a challenge for him as well. Do not give everything away at once. Keep some things from him and add a bit of mystery to your relationship.

For example, you can tell him about your dreams and fantasies. This will make him even more attracted to you.

How To Turn Him On?


Now that you are in a relationship with this guy, you want to know how good is Scorpio man in bed? And how to turn him on, right? Well, there are some things you can do to make sex even better with a Scorpio partner.

Take control

Scorpio male loves an independent and confident woman. Do not be afraid to take things into control now and then. Yes, he doesn’t want an overly dominant woman. But if you take things in your hands now and then, he will love it.

Assert your dominance sometimes. Seduce him with your dominant side to get him to the bedroom, and start the action. Then, you can revert to a submissive role or continue with the dominant play.

Be passionate

This guy vibes sexual energy and passion everywhere he goes. And he expects the same out of his partner as well. His passionate personality will work great with a passionate partner.

Show him your passionate side and he will fall for you even more. He will scream in the bedroom. Just remember, be passionate in and out of the bedroom.

Do not hide your emotions

We mentioned before that Scorpio is a water sign. And his emotions can sometimes get in the way. If you want to connect on a deeper level and enjoy some passionate lovemaking, do not hide your emotions.

He is emotional by nature and loves seeing your emotional and vulnerable side. He loves to know what you think and what is happening with you. Once you connect on a deeper level, your love relationship will flourish even more.

Show him you are interested

This guy is loyal. He wants someone who is invested and committed to a healthy relationship as well. You can play games to seduce him, but generally, he wants to know you are all in.

The biggest challenge when dating a Scorpio man is dosing your mysterious side. You have to be committed, yet mysterious at the same time. It sounds strange and weird, but that is the way he wants.

How Good Is Scorpio Man In Bed?


There is a reason people are attracted to Scorpio like steel to a magnet. This zodiac sign is magnetic. You might fall for him almost instantly.

He vibes so much energy to the point he is glowing. And in the bedroom, he can hardly control himself. Scorpio man can explode unexpectedly when he is with a woman he loves. He is ready to have sex anywhere and anytime.

Just do not expect a love affair with him. Scorpio man prefers a committed relationship. This type of relationship results in the maximum heights of passion.

When you are with a Scorpio man, be ready to keep the pace. You might need an extraordinary effort to keep up with his sexual energy and sexual desire.

In the bedroom, this guy is notorious for his persistence and intensity. And he doesn’t love teaching and educating others. He might also enjoy some strange practices. In life and the bedroom, a Scorpio man is adventurous and open to trying new things.

Scorpio Compatibility

Now that we talked about how to get Scorpio man in bed and turn him on, let’s talk about whether you two are compatible. Looking at the Zodiac love compatibility chart, Scorpio is most compatible with Cancer women, Virgo women, Capricorn women, and Pisces women. He doesn’t work as well with Leo women and Aquarius women. Let’s take a look at Scorpio compatibility.

Scorpio Man Cancer Woman

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There is an emotional balance in the relationship between these two. Scorpio man compatibility shows Cancer woman as one of his preferred options. Both of them love connecting on a deeper level. And when that happens, they look like a happily-ever-after couple.

Scorpio Man Virgo Woman

Photo: and

These two make an incredible couple. For starters, they are both exciting and full of energy. The sex life is just amazing. The biggest challenge is they have to keep their individual darkness away from the relationship.

If they do not manage that, the relationship might become depressing.

Scorpio Man Capricorn Woman

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This couple is capable of incredible breakthroughs. They have a deep and reliable connection and a clear focus on each other. That is why they will make it.

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