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Sagittarius Man In Bed – What Turns Him On?

Sagittarians are born between November 22 and December 21. They belong to the Fire element of the Zodiac along with signs like Leo and Aries. As with any Fire sign, Sagittarius has a larger-than-life character with a big ego and big heart. He is lovable but infuriating. How does Sagittarius man in bed act?

Remember, Sagittarius is a mutable sign, and it means he is born at the end of a season. This placement his him the ability to adapt and adjust to any situation. He can also move on easily. To understand a Sagittarius man in bed, you need to look at his personality traits.

Sagittarius Man Personality Traits

Positive Sagittarius Traits

This guy is honest, he says what he truly thinks. If you want an honest opinion, just ask any Sagittarius. But be ready to receive the whole and unvarnished truth from him. Some would say he is tactless, but that is just his way of living.

This guy is also adventurous and loves to get the wind in his fur. There is always a new horizon on the map. It is all about fun with Sagittarius males. But he needs freedom at all costs. He is the perfect travel companion.

Although he is warm and loving Sagittarian is independent. He is consistently marching to his own beat and can go alone in life. If you do not want a clingy boyfriend, Sagittarius is your guy.


Negative Sagittarius Traits

Many would say this fire sign is naive. His default setting is turned on trust and belief. This reluctance to err away from positivity can often make this sign come off as naïve.

While he looks like a passionate party animal, deep down, he is a deep thinker. Sometimes, his overly philosophical thinking can make him look as cold. He is a philosopher at heart.

How Does Sagittarius Man Behave In A Relationship?

Typical Sag seeks emotional and physical thrill. He is always ready to learn something new about you. In a romantic relationship, the adventurous Sagittarius looks for a travel companion and travel buddy. They want someone who can find higher meaning on the road with.

In a romantic relationship, a Sagittarian male is not afraid to leave his comfort zone. He is ready to explore new things with his partner.

This guy also sometimes idealizes his partners and can become disappointed after the thrill is gone. He can easily get crazy in a monogamous relationship.

How To Attract Him?

This is one guy who doesn’t want too much left to the imagination. The more he can see, the better. You do not need to wear lingerie that leaves too much to the imagination.

If you want to attract Sagittarius males, wear cut-outs and similar clothing. To seduce him, tell him in plain language that you want him. And then accidentally flash him with what is under your clothes.

How To Turn Him On?

Remember Sag man is a high-energy guy. He is also very physical. Here are some Sagittarius man secrets that turn him on.


High Sex Drive

For Sagittarius guys, sex is an athletic event for him. He likes to enjoy it often and with a partner who can keep up with him. High sex drive and sexual desire are the biggest turn-ons.


As a fire sign, this guy is also a dominant person who wants a confident sexual partner. If you show confidence, he will love you. He wants someone who knows what to expect from life.

Fun Attitude

Sagittarius is turned on by fun and excitable energy. While sex for him is intense, it is not broody. So, a partner who keeps sex light and heavy on laughs are great.


Mental agility is a potent aphrodisiac to the Sagittarius guy. If you can match his mental prowess, expect great sexual intercourse.

Surprise Him

Anything spontaneous and adventurous will excite your Sagittarius man. Introduce a new position, pull him aside at a party, or do anything that will come unexpectedly.

Encourage His Dominant Side

This works great when you are comfortable being sexually submissive. Let him know that and you will enjoy the sexual adventure. But he also appreciates the strength and initiative of a woman. So, now and then put on your dominant persona.

Let Him Pleasure You

If you want to enjoy sex, let him go as long as he wants. You are in for a treat. Sagittarius person is a giver. He gets more sexual satisfaction from making you feel good and bringing you to orgasm again and again.

Talk Dirty

This guy is not vocal on his own. But that doesn’t mean he will stop you from talking. If you start the dirty talk session, he will gladly follow you.

Try Phone Sex

You can easily turn on any Sagittarius guy by playing out a fantasy over the phone. Let him “do” anything he wants with you. And you can be sure he will come soon for an in-person experience.

Try Doggy Style

When it comes to sex positions, Sagittarius is a reverse cowgirl and doggy-style guy. He loves your butt. For him, it is a thing of beauty. And he will love worshiping your butt while you embark on a sexual journey.

How Good Is Sagittarius Man In Bed?

Do you want to know how satisfying this sign is? Well, the sexual taste is subjective, but there is something about fire signs. This guy likes to act fast and bring physical intensity to the bedroom. If you are into adventurous and passionate sex, ride with the Sagittarius. Just do not expect some empathetic sharing and emotional depth during sex.

Sagittarius man loves to change things up. Sex is never boring with this guy. And remember, as we said before, he is dominant. He prefers to lead and give you directions.

Sometimes, he can be overconfident. This is the reality for all fire signs. But there is one thing you will love about sex with Sagittarius. He has a great aim. He is great at finding your pleasure spot. After all, his Zodiac symbol is the archer.


Sagittarius Man Sexual Style

Fun fact: Sagittarius men are freaky. Expect some kinky things in the bedroom. He loves to try a little bit of everything.

Because of his dominant personality, you can expect some bedroom proclivities. Any power play will turn him on and give him extra energy in the bedroom.

Speaking about sexual positions, Sagittarius man enjoys athletic positions. And those that put his position of authority.

Sagittarius Man Compatibility

Every Zodiac sign has its love compatibility. Who are the best and worst matches? Well, when we talk about Zodiac compatibility and Sagittarius compatibility, we have to mention fellow fire signs.

But the flirtatious and romantic Libra is the best match for the Sagittarius. It is a pairing where both partners love attention and can learn a lot from each other.

Next is the Aries woman, the first sign of the Zodiac and the cardinal fire sign. These two have one of the most natural, pleasurable, and lovable romantic relationships. It is one of the best matches and pairings in the Zodiac.

We also have to mention Gemini, an opposite sign. Because opposites often attract, these two have a free-spirited and adventure-loving relationship. Yes, they are with differences and challenges. But they can make it work.

Some of the worst matches for Sagittarius men include Pisces women, Taurus women, Virgo women, and Scorpio women.

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