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Scorpio Man In Love – Personality Traits, Love Compatibility And More

People born between October 23 and November 22 fall into the Scorpio Zodiac sign. Ruled by planets Mars and Pluto, Scorpio man is a special character. Mars is the planet of aggression and action, while Pluto is the planet of transformation and power. Scorpio man in love tends to be fiery and passionate, but also secretive.

Scorpio is a fixed sign. That means he adheres to traditions, but he is a bit rigid and fights for what he believes in. On the other side, as a Water sign, Scorpio is deeply emotional and intuitive. Women will love that this romantic partner has a wild imagination.

As a passionate individual, this guy can be jealous and secretive, but also compassionate and loving. You never know what you get with him. For one girl, that might be amazing and adventurous. But for another girlfriend, a Scorpio partner will drive her crazy.

Scorpio Man Personality Traits

Scorpio male has the personality of being the bad boy of the Zodiac. He is generally thought of as a brooding loner who loves to play in a band, ride a motorcycle, practice some form of dark magic, or all of the above.

But not all male Scorpio meet these criteria and fit this mold. Many will surprise you with their easy warmth. Yet, we have to note, it is hard to meet a Scorpio guy who doesn’t rebel in some form against society and its norms.

Known for his intense personality, Scorpio man has piercing eyes that will look right through you. He will hang out on the sidelines, watch what everyone is doing, and plot his own plan.

The fun fact is they do not even know what they are planning. But they have to do it. Life is like a giant chessboard for this guy.

But don’t let his reticence trick into thinking he is not paying attention. He will notice even the smallest details and use them later on if he has an interest in you.


Scorpio Man In Love And Relationships

When you deal with a Scorpio male, the darkest aspects of human sexuality and love come to reality. He loves to go into your deepest fears and secret desires and find ways to make them appear. He might use these fears and desires to make you more vulnerable.

Within moments of meeting this guy, you might find yourself talking about your deepest secrets. When he is in love, a Scorpio guy is notoriously jealous and possessive. He might even display stalker-like tendencies.

There is no casual dating and meaningless relationship with this guy. He is not into it. Instead, Scorpio man loves to find a fiercely devoted and all-consuming girlfriend.

And once you commit to his heart, he will love you and treat you like royalty.

But be careful, when he is displeased, he can be extremely severe. In this case, he might say things that feel unnecessarily harsh and painful.

Signs He Is In Love

Who to recognize Scorpio man in love? Well, do not worry, while he tries to keep it inside, there are signs that give him away. With that in mind, here are some things you should pay attention to. These signs reveal Scorpio male in love.

Keeps An Eye On You In A Caring And Protective Way

There is a fine line between protective and possessive. And this guy rarely knows the difference. But if he loves you, he will glance over at you during a party or an event, or in the office, you work together. He has a protective behavior he cannot control. It comes naturally to him.

Once he is in love, he is drawn to the person of his interest.

He Pursues You

You do not have to worry about a Scorpio guy not showing his affection. When he wants you, he will pursue you. It makes it easy to know when he has fallen for you. He will not be reserved.

When he falls for you, he will put in the effort to pursue you and get you. So, do not worry, you won’t be the one putting in all the effort.

He Can Act Possessive

We said before that Scorpio men do not know the difference between possessive and protective. His protective personality makes him a great partner. But at times, it is a bit challenging to control and manage. The problem is this guy wants you all to himself. He will give you all of his time and attention, but he wants full time back.

And that can be a problem sometimes.


Displays Jealousy

Jealousy is a key Scorpio personality trait. There is no running away from it. They are protective of their love interest. Expect sourness and jealousy when he sees you close to other prospects.

He Wants To Know What Is On Your Mind

Scorpio men are intrigued by your thought process. They are curious to guess what you might be thinking. He will often ask you the question “what is on your mind”.

He Wants To Know The Real You

We mentioned before that a Scorpio guy will try to reveal your deepest secrets. This guy wants to get inside your body and head as much as possible. He is not a surface-level lover. He wants to dig deep.

If he wants to have you, this guy will make an effort to know you better and learn all your small quirks, habits, tastes, and preferences.

He Wants A One-On-One Date

Scorpio guy is not much into social gatherings with his love interest. We said he feels jealous and protective in a healthy relationship. Because of that, he prefers to hang out just the two of you. He might not say anything when you hang out with your friends.

But he wants to sit alone with you as much as possible.

Intensive Eye Contact

When he makes up his mind for you, he starts looking more and more confident around you. And he is upfront about it. He will not act shy. Instead, this guy will take charge, starting with intense eye contact and bold maneuvers.

He Opens Up In Front Of You

While this guy can be quite reserved in the get-to-know-you initial phase, he will start sharing more once you are together. As his feeling and emotion for you increase, he will trust you more. This is an encouraging sign. Take it as a clear indicator that you have won his trust.

Moon in Scorpio

You Have His Full Attention

As we said before, this guy will give you his full attention during conversations. That is if he has feelings for you. The problem is he expects the same of you.

Compliments You

Scorpio guy is observant and will notice how you dress, what dress you wear, and even if you have a new haircut. And he won’t be shy of giving you compliments and praises.

Touches You Affectionately

Scorpio is an affectionate person. When he considers someone close, he is not afraid to show his love. Expect gentle touches. Hugs come naturally to this guy.

Scorpio Man Compatibility

Now that you know how Scorpio man in love looks, let’s talk about some love compatibility. Which signs fit perfectly with Scorpio man? Let’s take a look.

Scorpio Man Taurus Woman

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This Taurus Scorpio combination might be a tough and challenging one. But if you can make it work, it will last for a long time.

Scorpio man and Taurus woman are pole opposites. This can make them fascinated or frustrated by each other. It depends on how much effort you put into the relationship.

But one thing is certain, they are highly passionate and emotional partners.

Scorpio Man Cancer Woman

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These two signs are highly emotional, possessive, emotional, and intuitive. This Zodiac pairing is a whirlwind romance where both partners value commitment above everything else. It is one of the best love compatibility in the Zodiac.

Scorpio Man Virgo Woman

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Their personalities are very diverse. Virgo can be reserved and timid. And with his strong personality, Scorpio guy can feel and look intimidating to a Virgo female. But as long as Virgo allows his Scorpio male to hold the reigns of the relationship, it will be great.

Scorpio Man Capricorn Woman

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In this Zodiac pairing, values and ambitions are on the same level. We talk about two hard-working and driven signs that value security.

The problem might arise because Capricorn female is emotionally less available. And we said Scorpio wants full attention. Yet, if these two can manage to let their feelings be known, they will have great communication and a healthy relationship.

Scorpio Man Pisces Woman

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Many will say this is a perfect match in the Zodiac. The pairing can work amazingly. They will even make others around them jealous of their relationship. Scorpio and Pisces connect on a very deep and satisfying level.

Yes, both are possessive, but that can strengthen their loving relationship.

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