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Why Are Cancers So Good In Bed – The Secret Revealed

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People born between June 21 and July 23 fall into the Zodiac sign of Cancer. They are also known as Moon Children. Cancerians have a tough exterior, but they are some of the most attentive lovers in the Zodiac. When you look at Cancer personality traits, you understand why are cancers so good in bed. They are kind, thoughtful, and have a nurturing nature. Not to mention, extremely romantic.

The challenge with Cancer men or Cancer women is to lure them out of their shell. And you can do that by giving them time and space to come out on their own. Another way is to shower them with a healthy dose of tender loving care or TLC.

Cancer Personality Traits


The best way to understand why are cancers so good in bed is to look at Cancerian personality traits. Here are some positive and negative traits of this Zodiac sign.

Positive Cancer Traits


This sign is one of the most loyal in the zodiac. He is a die-hard loyal person. In the beginning, it might be difficult to connect with this zodiac sign. But once you fully gain their trust, you can expect unending loyalty.

This guy or girl will do whatever it takes to help his lover.


Protective of their loved ones, Cancer deeply cherishes family and close friends. He will go to extreme lengths to protect his home.


Here is one reason why the Cancer guy is great in bed. He is intuitive. The same applies to a Cancer girl. Crabs rely on their intuition. Their emotional state and ability to detect emotional changes come in handy in the bedroom. He might not be psychic, but he can read you and what you want at that particular moment.


Here is another personality trait that does wonders in the bedroom. The incredibly nurturing and caring Cancer is generous to his sexual partner.

Negative Cancer Traits

Overly Sensitive

This is the big challenge when you are dealing with a Cancerian man or a Cancerian woman in bed. They tend to be overly sensitive and cannot stand criticism. Bear that in mind when you handle them.


Another downside of their emotional state is Cancerians are moody. They can go from extremely happy to extremely sad in a matter of seconds.

Cancer In Bed


Now, let’s take a look at how Cancer lover behaves in the bedroom.


You will love to have a Cancer partner by your side. He is loyal, and when you get close to him, he will let you into his world. And he will defend you until the end.

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He Does Everything With Passion And Love

Cancer is a sensitive sign. Some would say he is the most sensitive sign of the zodiac. But there is positivity in that. This guy does everything with love in mind. He is one of the most tender lovers. This sign will take care of you in many ways others do not know-how.

They Understand You

Because of their empathy, cancers can easily step into someone else’s shoes. They understand your point of view. If you need anything, they can understand you and try to consider your points. That is, as long as you are not criticizing them.

Loves To Role Play

Cancers have a propensity for change. And that is what makes them fun and interesting lovers. They are into role-playing as long as you have some edgy games in mind. Speaking about scenarios and sexual poses, they love to be the bottom.

You can even have a bit of the aggressive side when you are having sexual intercourse with Cancer. But make sure to lay down the ground rules.

They Love Out-Of-The-Box Sex Positions

Speaking about new things, you might try a few new positions with Cancer. They can try positions that others might find downright uncomfortable.

And their favorite is crablike. They want to lie on the side with one lover curled behind the other’s back. And it works perfectly for vaginal intercourse.

Cancer Men Love Breasts

If you are dating a male Cancer, be ready for some boob praise. As a water sign, this guy is attracted to breasts. He can zoom in on this feature.

And if you are dating a female Cancer, be ready for her to wear some provocative clothes. Cancer women love drawing attention to their cleavage by wearing low-cut blouses, provocative dresses, naughty bras, and even sometimes no bra at all.

Good At Adapting

Crabs have to shed their shells and find new ones often. This is a process in nature we know as molting. This is why the Cancer crab is strong in situations of change. Unlike other Zodiac signs, this guy or girl is great at adapting to new scenarios.

Open Mind

Speaking about accepting change and new things, Cancerians are open-minded. They have an overwhelming sense of acceptance. Non-judgmental, they will meet you where you are.

Very Seductive

Sometimes people refer to the Crab as the bad boy and bad girl of the Zodiac. While they are nurturing and caring, they are pretty seductive as well. They find new ways to seduce their love partner even in a romantic relationship.

They Create Deep Emotional Bonds

For good sex, you need an emotional bond. You cannot have great sex without emotions and feelings. And Cancerian people are great at creating that emotional bond that will transfer to the bedroom as well.

Cancer Sexual Compatibility

So, now that we answered why cancers are so good in bed, let’s check their sexual compatibility. Sensitive and emotional Cancer is all about emotions in sex. You must have a good emotional connection before you can talk about love compatibility. Here are three signs that are highly compatible with Cancer.

Cancer And Cancer


This is a great Zodiac pairing. Who better to take care of Cancer than another Crab? When these two meet, they have a love fest of romantic gestures, sweet moments, and everything else. And in the bedroom, they have an emotional connection that can sometimes outweigh the physical act of lovemaking.

Cancer And Scorpio

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This Zodiac compatibility results in a deep connection. Highly intuitive, these two instinctively know what their Zodiac partner wants. They know where you want to touch them, and can go a whole night without talking to each other and still enjoy great sex. The burning intensity in the bedroom is second to none.

Cancer And Capricorn

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These two are opposite signs. But that is the beauty of an opposite sign. You are naturally drawn to each other. Sex between these two is a perfectly orchestrated tango. But it doesn’t look like that in the beginning. Initially, they like to keep things traditional. But it works for them and once they get to know each other, things escalate.

How To Have Great Sex With Cancer?

To keep this guy or girl in one bed, which is yours, it is important to know how to appreciate them. Cancer people love to be constantly reassured they are appreciated.

If you are a partner who will criticize them and berate them, sex might be good for a short period, but it will not result in a healthy relationship.

Cancer has an elusive nature. He will not verbalize his sexual desire to his partner. That is why to have great sex, you have to know what turns on your partner.

How About Casual Sex?

If you are into casual sex, forget this Zodiac sign. You cannot have casual sex with Cancerians because they are heavy on emotions. This zodiac sign is all about romance and conversation. Without a great emotional connection, this sign will not indulge in sexual intercourse.

Yes, they might have an affair or two, but that is because of their seductive nature. But do not expect a Cancer person to go from one sexual partner to another.

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