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Signs A Cancer Man Is Playing You – Recognize The Signs And Stop The Game

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You and a Cancer man have a great relationship. And suddenly, out of nowhere, and “poof”. He is gone from your life. What happened? Why did that happen? Was he only playing you? Do you want to know the signs a Cancer man is playing you?

If your goal is to get him to stop playing and get down on one knee, you have to know the secret path to his mind, desires, and heart. And for that, you have to notice the physical signs and emotional signs and try to get him to play in your favor. We have some Cancer man secrets to unveil.

Cancer Man Personality Traits

Cancerian man is full of contradictions. On one hand, he is soft, loving, considerate, and nurturing. But remember, his celestial animal is the crab. He has a hard shell to protect his vulnerable persona and pincers to protect himself when someone attacks him.

Cancer male is often in touch with his emotion and can take on many roles. For example, romance and parenting. Chivalry is not dead with this sentimental sign. But you only have to make your knight in shining armor take off his armor.

While he is sensitive, а Cancer guy is also easily wounded. And he might not give you more than one chance once you hurt him.

Cancer Man In Love

In a love relationship and healthy relationship, this guy is a dedicated lover. He is a dream come true for many who love affection. He can come off as the ultimate Prince Charming. Expect Cancer male to give you professions of adoration and even write a love letter or two.

The problem is, once he feels cozy and comfortable in a committed relationship, he can become too cozy. This water sign will make it a habit to cook dinner and watch Netflix together. That becomes his idea of a romantic night.

The biggest problem with this otherwise great guy is his connection with his mother. He is a mama’s boy and will gladly meet you with his parents.

And remember, men born under this water sign are more attached to a romantic ideal than to reality. If you meet him online, he will be much different in real life.

Signs A Cancer Man Is Playing You

Now let’s talk about your healthy relationship with a Cancer man. You might feel like you have an incredible connection. But that doesn’t keep him from ghosting you. These guys are loving and gentle, but they also love to play games from time to time. And when he turns into a player, it is because this Zodiac sign was hurt by someone in a previous relationship. Pay attention to these signs a cancer man is playing you.

He Suddenly Drops The Boyfriend Act

Here is the trick. Over the weekend, this perfect guy will do everything you love and like. He will be genuinely sweet and as boyfriend material, as you can get. He looks like he wants to be with you all the time.

And then, after doing tons of romantic stuff over the weekend, he will disappear. And he will make a ton of excuses.


You Know Nothing About His Friends And Family

If your Cancer boyfriend keeps you away from the rest of his friends and family, something is fishy. He might go out with you in public, but he doesn’t have you anywhere near his friends. It is a big red flag.

If a Cancer partner is serious about you, he will love to introduce you to his friends and see how you mesh with his life.

He Checks His Phone All The Time

When this Cancer guy wants to be with you, he will give you 110% of his attention. And that applies to any date you go. He can be intense and keeps an eye on everything about you. So, when he checks his phone and keeps his attention away from you, he is not serious about a committed relationship.

He just doesn’t want to take things further with you.

He Is Very Elusive

Another thing about a Cancer man in love. When he wants to be with you, he will move mountains to do it. He will do any and all romantic gestures in his power to get you on a date. But if you see him evasive when making plans, it is a red flag that things are not working out.

The crab does it when he doesn’t see the relationship going anywhere. This is when he never answers questions about meeting up directly and tries to escape the situation.

Everything Is On His Terms

Male Cancerian is someone who wants to lead in the relationship. So, do you only see him when he wants to? And he is never available when you ask him to hang out? When he is in complete control, he focuses only on his own desires. And you are just a tool in that.

Doesn’t Keep His Commitments

One of the Cancer personality traits is that he cares for other people’s feelings. The only time he doesn’t care is when he doesn’t see a future with that said person. And this is when he says he will call you, but never does.

And even worse, he might be a no-show without any warning.


He Makes Plans But Cancels Them

This can happen to all of us. But with Cancer man, this can be just a game. And he does it repeatedly. Why? Because he wants to have complete control in the relationship and play with you.

The problem is he will always have a good reason for canceling. And that is what makes this Zodiac sign confusing.

He Jumps Right Into Bed

This is the thing about a Cancer boyfriend. He is the relationship type. He is rarely a one-night stand. This guy rarely does it. But if you end up in bed the first night, you probably do not pass the one-night-stand category.

For this guy, a one-night stands do not have the potential to develop into a healthy relationship. It is just physical, and that is fine.

You Do Not Talk About The Relationship

As you can see by now, if male Cancer shows the complete opposite of his personality traits, it means he is playing with you. Cancerian man loves to talk about his feeling, emotional connection, and the relationship.

But when you rarely hear him make any reference about what is happening between the two of you, it is a bad sign.

He Tells You Outright He Doesn’t See A Future With You

Once Cancer man confesses his love for you, he will talk “we” all the time. He uses “we” when talking about his future. It is a sure sign he wants to be with you. But if that doesn’t happen, he is clearly giving you an idea of what kind of future he sees.

Doesn’t Kiss You In Public

When you are in a serious relationship with Cancer, he will try to show off his emotions everywhere and anywhere. Affection is an essential part of a healthy relationship for this boy.

But if you notice he doesn’t hold your hand, doesn’t kiss you in public, or doesn’t put his arm around you, the romantic relationship has no future.


He Talks About Other Women

Do you need any better telltale sign than this one? Do not think he is trying to make you jealous. It is an honest confession that he might be into someone else. He will casually mention meeting other women.

Remember: this Cardinal sign is blind to every other woman when he is in love.

He Is Not Hungry

We often say that the road to a man’s heart is through his stomach. And this is very true about Cancer. He loves delicious and comfort food. And he is great at cooking and preparing his food. When he cooks for you, it is a sure sign he wants a romantic relationship.

Yet, if you hang out with a Cancer partner who doesn’t want to eat often, run away. Or he will ditch you. He probably ate with some other woman.

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