Cancer Man in Bed – What Do You Need to Know?

How is sex with a Cancer man? How do you handle him? Is it that much different than any other sex? Well, we have the answers to the questions, bare facts, and turn-ons for Cancer man. The first rule is you need to encourage Cancer man always. If you support him, he will be one of your greatest lovers. Cancer man in bed is an educator. Let him teach you and explain to you his lovemaking tricks.

Do not worry, Cancer man in bed will patiently tell you what is he doing and why is he doing it. Most importantly, never interrupt his performance. He can be gentle and bold.

What Makes Cancer Man Special?

Love is never a bad thing. Women want to find love. And sex is an essential part of love. Women want to please their man in bed. And they want to get satisfaction as well. To bring the best out of your man, you have to please him.

Dealing with a typical cancer man is challenging. You need to put extra effort and try harder. This guy has some specific needs. You cannot find them in other men. And if you need tips on how to get the satisfaction you need and want, we have you covered.

The Cancer Man in Bed

Let’s start from the beginning. And where else can you start? Cancer is a sensitive sign. But he lacks security. He needs encouragement at all times. Support him enough and he will be a fantastic lover.

In bed, Cancer wants to take the lead. And he wants to teach you his language of love. You need to follow his lovemaking tricks.

Most importantly, never interrupt his performance. He is intuitive and can sense when you feel it too or not. He can sense what you want and will offer it to you.

Cancer men put emphasis on the relationship more than anything else. Cancers are feelers. After all, look at the cancer sign. It has two pincers/claws, and the man uses them for touch. Nothing can happen with Cancer without emotional connection.

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Start Good from the Get-Go

If you want to get along with Cancer man, put extra attention on foreplay. Forget vulgar and impatient. Cancer man idealizes a woman that is patient and sensitive. If you disappoint him from the get-go, the sex will be awful.

Cancer man wants to make a strong emotional connection with his partner. Kisses, hugs, and similar foreplay actions can bring the best out of him. If you hurt him or bore him, he will retreat into his shell. And that is it.

Cancer man doesn’t begin the foreplay in bed. You can start on the table or against the wall. He knows how to perform orally, and it is one of his favorite techniques. You could play with him and his genitalia for a while before finally getting to the sexual intercourse.

Tips for Handing Cancer Man in Bed

The most prominent trait of Cancer is his mysteriousness. And there lies the secret to a good sexual journey and intercourse. So, let’s take a look at some tips to keep him interested, turn him on, and enjoy the night together.

Talking is important

Cancer loves to talk. And he talks a lot. Verbal communication is crucial to good intercourse. If you are the silent type, this approach will not work with Cancer male.

One of the biggest turn-ons for Cancer is talking. They want to know you are into it.

Eye contact

We said before Cancers are intuitive. They look into your eyes and see your emotions. Because they are empaths, they can sense what you feel inside. Think of your eyes as the emotional portal to your soul.

You do not have to stare at Cancer man. But offer a gaze every now and then, specifically during moments of passion.

Show affection

Shower Cancer man with affection and he will return it three times. But show affection outside of the bedroom as well. Cook his favorite dish, and he will know you love him. And when you are in bed, tell him you love him.

Be calm in bed

Cancers are calm in bed. This doesn’t happen always, but from time to time. And he expects the same from you. Just do not mistake his calmness as a refusal to have intercourse. Do not force him into lovemaking. Just be patient and calm, and wait for him to take over.

Be gentle

Cancer man is a shy one. He cannot express his inner feelings easily. When you try to seduce him for the first time, do not act aggressively. Be gentle. This way, you can bring him comfort. And the moment he feels secure with you, he will go to the next level.

Open mind

A relationship with Cancer man is always fantastic. The more you get to know him, the more incredible and attractive he is. That is because he is open-minded. And if you are open-minded as well, it is a win-win scenario. He gets excited when trying something new and exciting. If he feels secure with you, he will try anything you suggest.

Be spontaneous and unpredictable

If you want to have a successful relationship with Cancer, you need to be unpredictable. This is a skill you can learn. Cancer is the most intuitive sign in the zodiac. He is great at reading people. But the good news is you can still fly under the radar. He feels captivated when he doesn’t know what you plan to do.

Cancer loves people that are hard to read. They present a challenge. The mystery makes him crave hopping in bed with you.

Are You Two Compatible?

Cancer man is not the type for one-night stands. He just doesn’t like it. He might get occasional hookups, but do not expect him to do it regularly. Cancer makes love only with a woman he feels emotionally involved with. In bed, he is caring, intuitive, and open. Clingy partners turn him off instantly.

Taurus woman is the best pairing with Cancer man. She is a sweet and tender lover. And their mutual sensitivity and passion is irreplaceable. Taurus women approach the sexual experience with studiousness, they want to feel every inch of the man’s body. She will also make her Cancer man feel secure and relax. The result is trust and sexual passion.

Next on the list is Pisces woman. These two often end up in romantic love. Their sex is mostly emotional. There is not much lust here, but pure emotional lovemaking. Pisces woman can bring out creativity and fantasy in Cancer man.

Last on the list is Scorpio woman. Only a Cancer man can touch the deepest emotions of Scorpio woman. And this woman will share her darkest sex fantasies and desires with Cancer partners. The sexual relationship will bring satisfaction to both partners. And the intimacy is incomparable to anything else.

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